How to Effectively Rock Social Media Platforms

How to Effectively Rock Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms help #bloggers & #marketers

The Basics of Social Media

By Chris Morphart

In this day and age, one cannot go through the day without having to check something or communicate through social media platforms. Social media has completely changed the way we communicate with each other. For bloggers and marketers, social media plays a significant role. Most of the websites today reach their visitors through social media platforms. If you are not using social media to improve your traffic and sales, here is your chance to begin using social media for remarkable results.

  1. Social media platforms offer you a chance to engage with your potential customers to have a better understanding of what they are looking for so that you may structure your website to meet their needs. Through engagement, you are in a position to understand your target niche better as well as know how to reach them easily. [Read: This Is How to Make Engaged Readers, 10 New Ways]
  2. Social media platforms are structured to allow people with similar interests to follow each other for mutual benefits. For instance, a blogger who has created a social media account on any platform will most likely attract people who are interested in blogging just like a photography blogger will attract people who have an interest in photography.
  3. Unlike websites, social media platforms allow users to create short and precise messages for their followers. This implies that the message has to be specific and in most cases tips on how to do something depending on a niche. It can be a quote, a question or a poll.
  4. Besides, social media platforms use hashtags which act like forums on specific topics, issues, concepts and almost about anything. Contrary to the perception of many people, hashtags do not have to trend for them to be considered relevant. Think of hashtags as keywords where a hashtag will pull results from all the content based on the hashtag used.
  5. This is important for marketers and bloggers to ensure that a particular content reaches the highest number of people using that particular hashtag. If my Hashtag is #BasicsOfSocialMedia, it implies all the people looking for information about basics of social media are likely to find my content. On the other hand, if I posted my content without a hashtag then the exposure is only limited to my followers and those who follow my followers only if they will share my content. [Read: 7 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging Tip #2 offers examples of Twitter hashtags bloggers in all niches will find valuable.]
  6. Social media platforms help to increase brand awareness and visibility through sharing. If you have a great content with striking graphics, chances are that your content is going to be shared and the more the content is shared, the more it is able to reach many people. If you have 15,000 followers, the content is more likely to reach 100,000 people. This is a simple math whereby let’s say only 5000 people out of 15000 will share your content, the 5000 also have followers who will share the content with other followers and so on and so forth. This means that your content has the potential to reach as many people as possible. [Read: How to Use Visuals to Boost Engagement, 4 Ways]
  7. Social media platforms are like news feeds where content is constantly refreshed which means you need to always publish fresh content or update your account on a frequent basis. This requires you to choose a time to post content. [Read: How You Can Know When It’s Time to Blog]
  8. It is difficult to juggle between all social media accounts. Therefore, you need to select a few that you can easily manage especially if you are on a tight budget. Alternatively, you can hire a social media manager to manage your accounts. As you develop your social media pages, it is important to measure results and stick the platform that offers you maximum benefits and do away with or improve the ones that do not work for you. [Read: Are You Wasting Your Time Promoting at Social Media Sites?]
  9. Do not make a mistake of bombarding your readers with sales posts but offer your readership informative messages that are useful and adds value to their life. Instead of selling a camera, you can offer your readership advantages of using an advanced type of lens on that particular camera. If you are promoting your new ebook on running a blog, show your readers how it has benefited others rather than asking them to purchase the book. Social businesses are about trust and credibility which implies that you have to show some form of proof to engage your audience.  [Read: This Is How to Monetize Your Knowledge & Make Money Blogging]

Author Bio: Chris Mophart is an Online Media Strategist and founder of ProbloggerHub, a blogging hub that cares for the growth of blogosphere through providing strategic market insights. He did Financial Engineering at JKUAT University in Kenya and proceeded to work as an Investment Manager. Passionate about blogging, transitioning was natural. It is at this point that ProbloggerHub was born. Besides, he loves playing Table Tennis, Cycling, Networking and has authored various e-books available on his pages. Chris’s key motivation is aggressiveness.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

I find Chris’s blogging tips inspirational. For example, before I read Chris’s tips when I promoted my blogging tips ebook, I used to write, “A blogging tips ebook would make a great gift for any blogger.” After reading Chris’s tips, I tweeted, “Improve your blog traffic today” with a link to the book and a picture of the cover. Notice I changed the action: buying the book, to the result: improving your traffic.

Readers, please share, so other bloggers know the power of Chris’s tips.

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How to Effectively Rock Social Media Platforms

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