How to flip your sales strategy and double your blog income?

How to flip your sales strategy and double your blog income?

Unconventional way!

You must be thinking like that.

But now in this stereotyped world unconventional ways do work well.

The results of an unconventional sales strategy are more likely to be higher than average.

As you know most of the selling methods are already overused.

People have a set methods of selling online.

They first build a sales funnel and then fully exploit it to make more money online.

For this purpose they build a blog on strong foundation. Buy hosting and premium blog template and finally publish very engaging contents to convert more and more readers.

Once they have a huge list of email subscribers they sell their products and affiliate products and that’s all.

sales strategyWhat is conventional sales strategy?

You must be following the above method while selling on your blog. This is called a conventional sales strategy where you first try to sell the low-priced products.

You believe that you recently have built trust on your blog readers so it is not wise to test their trust. So you recommend them to buy best products at low rates.

It is a known fact that low-priced products could be good but does not have that much high quality as the high-priced products have. So their users’ satisfaction could also be not same as that of users of costly products.

It is an old saying that buyer of costly product becomes sad at the time of payment. While buyer of a cheap product becomes sad whenever he pays for the repair or replacement of that product.

So instead of avoiding to test the trust of your readers you are actually testing their trust in another way. By selling them a cheap product that maybe doesn’t satisfy them as they want to.

Follow an unconventional strategy

With this point in mind as the key reason to reverse your sales strategy try to sell high-priced products of high quality first. Pick such products from the market either online or offline and then sell them first.

You may argue how they would buy such costly products on your recommendation. Its answer is simple. Either they trust you or don’t trust you.

There is nothing between trust and no trust. There is no any kind of thing which you call lesser trust. Especially in money matters people trust you or don’t trust you. Money is money either it is one dollar or million dollars.

So reverse your sales strategy and see how you will easily achieve same level of success or even more.

Either you get more success or of same level one thing is damn clear. By selling costly products first you would earn money more in the beginning and could invest it for further growth of your blog. Eventually your income would keep rising and you need not to be contented on whatever you are earning.

What you must have to reverse your sales strategy?

sales strategyWin-win situation of reversing your sales strategy

If you reverse your sales strategy you would earn in the very beginning handsome amount of money with a few sales of high priced-products. On the contrary you can’t earn more than a few bucks in the beginning if you sell low-priced products.

How you found this idea of reversing your sales strategy? Do you see any risk while doing so? Also how is your strategy to sell on your blog? Share your views below to make us learn more because we learn with exchange of ideas.

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How to flip your sales strategy and double your blog income?

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