How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?

How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?
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How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?

 How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?

Last Updated On September 15, 2016

Greetings to you all after a bit gap of  active blogging!

I am here again with a big bang! 🙂

Yes,  I said it  “BIG BANG”


Donna Merrill of Merrill Tribe

Though I was away for some time on a special assignment I was not fully away from the net activities, instead my presence was there!  In fact, with the help of my fellow bloggers I could keep the activities on my blog more lively.  I am so thankful to Donna Merril  of  MerrilTribe,  with her Guest Post- List building on Your Blog  in my absence.  She was very active in my blog page after publishing her post.  In fact her apt responses to each of the feedback (comments) received is really encouraging.

When I say about her

/Comments the first thing came to my mind is about my own activities on the pages of the world wide web.  Yes, my web activities started by commenting on others blog pages.

In the initial stage I started reading blog pages voraciously and could not stay

blogcommback to say something I read, so in most cases I do post my opinion blatantly though few of them do not like my outright opinion.  Many respond to my comments and those responses encouraged me to read more and comment more.  When I was doing this I was not having any blog page as my own, though I have been a member of some of the platforms.    I have mentioned more about this in one of my  recent interviews I had with Reji Stephenson of Digitaldimenions4u under the title PV Ariel A Blogger Without A Blog, Read a note in this regard on this link here:  P V Ariel A blogger without a blog! 

Comments are vital part of blogging! Bloggers eagerly look for comments after pressing the publish button! Click To Tweet

Also, please read some of the posts I wrote on this unique subject on my pages HERE

Yes, comments are vital part of blogging! And in fact, all bloggers eagerly look for comments on their pages.


The Infographer Josue

In this post I am going to introduce a wonderful post, an Infographic developed by an online friend, Jesue Valles about blog comments and some strategies on how to get more comments on your pages.

Read  what he wants to say on this subject to his readers!

If you like this post, I would like to hear from your.  Please do post a comment through the comment box below!  As I mentioned everyone wants comments on their pages!!! And your presence on my page with a comment will be warm welcomed and will be notified in these monthly series with a suitable reciprocation!

Thank you.

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Thank you for your valuable presence here again!

May you have a blessed week ahead

For Philipscom Associates


Philip Verghese Ariel


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How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?

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