How To Get Rich In Your 20s Without A College Degree

How To Get Rich In Your 20s Without A College Degree

How to Get Rich in Your 20s Without a College Degree

(Note: This is a long article. Very long. But it will change your life. So save it, print it out, or do whatever you need to do to get the information ingrained deep in your brain.)

Now, let’s get right into how to get rich in your 20s without a college degree.

To begin, allow me to make one thing clear:

It’s very unlikely a college degree will make you rich.

That alone should motivate you to take a different approach.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

But I’m glad to be the person who ultimately prevents you plenty of debt.

While a college degree won’t hurt your success, it doesn’t guarantee you ANY success.

You follow me?

After talking to many people and seeing real world examples, I’ve come to the conclusion that a college degree isn’t a good idea. (In my opinion)

The education you pay thousands of dollars for can be obtained way cheaper through self-education.

College is only necessary if you’re going into the law or medical field.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from a credited university.

However, I’ve learned FAR MORE through self-education than I ever did in a college classroom.

After doing the math, I realized I’d never get rich by working a job a college degree would get me.

The only way would be to take my success and get rich on my own terms.

How To Get Rich In Your 20s Without A College Degree

Leaving it up to someone else (a boss) wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

Working a job honestly felt like the WORST idea in the world.

You see, I wanted freedom.

And working 5 days/40 hours a week (sometimes more) isn’t exactly my definition of freedom.

…Is it yours?

So I began studying people in their 20s who’ve achieved MASSIVE success.

People who were rich, free, and didn’t have to spend their day in an office.

One by one, they appeared and taught me many different things.

And while they all differ in many ways, there’s ONE thing they have in common:

They sell something.

So how do you follow their footsteps?

What’s the real answer on how to get rich in your 20s without a college degree?

You need to create a digital product and sell it.

And the EASIEST, FASTEST, and most lucrative digital product is an eBook.

Don’t worry, it’s nowhere near as difficult as you might think.

To be honest, it’s incredibly easy.


It’s time consuming to get it done.

And in today’s day and age, things that are “time consuming” aren’t attractive to most people.

Everyone’s accustomed to instant gratification.

There’s 2 hour shipping available, instant streaming of videos, and even instant coffee.

However, this is EXCELLENT news for those who seek to get rich.

You see, people who create instant gratification for others EASILY acquire wealth.

…And boy do they do it quickly once things take off.

This is exactly what an eBook is – instant gratification.

It promises a solution to a problem which you can download instantly.

The eBook market sales have EXPLODED in the last couple of years.

And the way things are looking, sales will only continue to increase.

Fact: If you’re not selling an eBook, you’re staying far behind.

Before we get into why creating an eBook is the best option, let’s discuss why a job will never make you rich.

Since you were a kid, you’ve been told to go to college, get into debt, and find a job to pay off that debt.

Then you’re told to get into more debt by getting a mortgage which you’ll spend the next 30 years paying for.

And finally, you’re expected to retire at age 65 and live off savings/401k.

The reality is that as long as you’re in debt, you’re not rich.

You have to continue working to pay off that debt.

Even if you get a high paying job, you’re likely to be worked to the bone for each paycheck.

Most of the high earning positions in a corporation exhaust the hell out of you.

People in these positions worked 60+ hours at times.

They all look tired, stressed, and sick.

Being rich means having money, free time, and good health.

Subtract any from the equation and it’s a problem.

A job only helps you “get by” and slowly pay off your debt.

It steals all your time and can be taken from you at any moment.

If your boss decides to fire you today, many bad things take place.

Bills will be due, debt will still be there, and you’ll have no source of income.

You’ll be stuck in this situation until you find another job.

Look, man…

If all that sounds good to you, then by all means go for it.

But if you’re like me and know you deserve more out of life, keep reading.

Just know that whatever decision you make is fine.

No one has the right to tell you how to live your life.

Decide what success means to YOU and don’t stop until you get it.

Why a job will never make you richHow to Get Rich in Your 20s without a College Degree

I knew this for a long time.

I felt it in my gut.

No matter what job I got or how hard I worked, I’d never be rich.

It wasn’t until I read the The Millionaire Fastlane that the author, MJ DeMarco, confirmed it.

It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Working 40 years, saving money, and depending on my 401k to be rich wasn’t a smart move.

[bctt tweet=”Working 40 years, saving money, and depending on my 401k to be rich wasn’t a smart move. “]

I once worked for a Fortune 500 company.

All the employees who’d been there 20 plus years were miserable.

None of them were rich.

Sure, some of day had a nice car and home, but they weren’t FREE.

They had to trade many hours of their lives in order to have those things.

None of them appeared happy to be at work.

Every day (and I am not exaggerating here) I’d hear the same things over and over:

“Is it 5pm yet?”

“Is it Friday yet?”

“Monday, Monday! Ohhhh the weekend goes by so fast”.

I heard these things so many times that I honestly believe I became deaf to them.

It became background to me.

In other words, I probably heard them a lot more than I remember.

Hearing these things repeatedly is was convinced me that I did NOT want to be part of this.

I didn’t want to rot in a cubicle.

I wanted to travel the world now while I was young and full of energy.

…Not when I’m 65!

I want to go on vacation whenever I want, not once or twice per year how a job allows.

You know what I want to be doing when I’m 65?

Living in a peaceful lake house and fishing off my deck.


Every day I’ll smile as I think about how amazing my life was.

There will be no regrets.

No “I wish I would’ve” or “If only I”

I’ll be glad that I once sat in a corner of my room and decided to TAKE my success.

That’s what I want.

…And that’s what I’m going to have.

What do you want?

What are you going to do?

Are you going to get a job and sit in a cubicle the way a lion sits in a cage at the zoo?

Or are you going to break out of that cage, take your success, and get rich in your 20s?

If you chose the second option, then let’s get this party started!

Get ready because we’re going to move quickly!

Let’s go!

Why a digital product is the best way to get rich

An eBook barely cost anything to create.

Actually, an eBook is FREE to create.

I’ve created all of mine on Word and then converted them into a PDF file.

The only thing you pay for is hosting which runs you about $10 a month.

Hosting is what keeps your site running smoothly on the internet.

If you can’t pay $10 a month, you’re simply not serious.

Come back when you’re ready.

…But don’t take too long because time is money.

What also makes an eBook the best choice is that it’s available to the entire world.

In other words, anyone who comes to your website can buy it.

Everything is automated.

You don’t have to sit by your computer the way an employee needs to sit in a store.

Once your eBook is complete, you barely have to look at your website.

Of course you should take a look at it daily to ensure things are running smoothly.

However, 99.9% of the time everything will be OK.

Your bank account will be increasing while you’re out doing whatever you’d like.

You’ll be known as Mr. Magnetic Money.

How to Get Rich in Your 20s without a College Degree

You can also earn great money selling physical products online.

However, there are more costs involved.

You have to pay a drop-shipper or take time out of your schedule to go ship all orders.

You also have to pay for packaging materials.

An eBook is as simple as it gets.

People buy and download it instantly on their computer or mobile device.

I’ve mentioned before how I plan to sell physical products in the future.

However, I made the wise decision to take the most lucrative route and begin with eBooks.

Setting a schedule and being disciplined

Before I begin going over how to create an eBook, I first want to cover an important topic.

In order for you to be successful, you need to treat this like an actual business.

Not a hobby.

Not something you do when you’re bored.


And what’s the one thing every business has in common?

They have a schedule.

I’ve never seen a business that’s opened one day a week for 2 hours.

Have you?

You have to set a designated schedule to work on your eBook venture.

Inside Mr. $100, I explain how I’d get up earlier just to work on my blog and eBooks.

And you know what?

It wasn’t always fun.

Sometimes I wanted to throw my phone out the window when the alarm would go off.

However, after a few minutes, I’d be wide awake and get a lot of work done.

I wouldn’t take it back for anything in the world because it got me everything I have now.

I’ve been blogging since October 2014 and I absolutely 100% guarantee that I’ve made MORE money this year than most 97% of bloggers who’ve been writing longer than I have.


The answer is simple, my friend.

I put in MORE time.

You see, to the average blogger, a blog is a hobby.

Something to do on their spare time.

Something that will hopefully succeed.

To me, this blog is my life.

My soul.

The reason for waking up in the morning.

The word hopefully doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

[bctt tweet=”The word hopefully doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. “]

Having that kind of passion and fire inside is the reason I will continue to make money.

The moral of the story is not to treat this like a joke.

Make it a priority and the money will come in.

I promise.

How much time should you devote daily?

As much as possible.

Get it done so you can begin reaping the rewards.

Let’s go over creating your own product.

Creating your product

Let me start by saying this…

Creating a product and selling it online is NOT hard.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s time consuming, but easy.

I’ve created 4 eBooks and can easily create another 4.

The very first thing you need to decide is what eBook you’re going to write.

I’ve always said that picking a topic you’re passionate about is ideal.


Because people generally do well with things they like.

With that said, it’s also important that you create a product that has profit potential.

If you’re passionate about washing cars, that’s great.

However, if no one is willing to pay for that information, then it’s no good to write about.

The good news is that all that’s necessary to create a successful eBook is a little research, time, and effort.

We’ll discuss how to find a profitable topic a little later.

The secret why eBooks sell so well

People aren’t clueless. 

You’re not fooling anyone by selling them an eBook.

They know they could find the answers you’re selling by doing research themselves.


The reason people are willing to pay for eBooks is to save time and mistakes.

This is where YOU come in.

You do all the research and find them the BEST information.

You write about what works and leave out what doesn’t.

If you can save someone time and mistakes, plus help them get their desired results; they’ll beg you to take their money.

100% guaranteed.

This is why as soon as I figured out how to earn $100 per day online, I immediately wrote a book.

I knew that many, MANY people wanted and needed that information.

Seeing that it took me a LONG time to figure it out, I knew I’d benefit by writing about it.

And benefit I did.

Now it’s your turn….

How to Get Rich in Your 20s without a College Degree

How to find a profitable eBook idea

The first thing you need to do is find a topic that gets a lot of monthly searches in Google.

You’re going to do this by using the Google Keyword Tool.

This tool allows you to “test” if your product idea is a good choice.

For example, let’s say I have the idea of writing a book on the “best fish to eat”.

I’d type those same words into the keyword planner…

How to Get Rich in Your 20s without a College Degree

Ideally, you’ll want to find keywords that get at least 1,000 monthly searches and have “low competition”. (Very important)

Below you see the results for best fish to eat.

It receives 8,100 monthly searches and has low competition.

How to Get Rich in Your 20s without a College Degree

So far this in excellent choice.

But before you get excited and throw a party, there’s two more steps you must follow.

First, you must make sure that no one else has written a book with these keywords as the title.

Simply go into Google, type in the keywords, click books, and click search.

If no books come up, you’re good to go!

Now, the final step is checking to see if the domain name (website address) for those keywords is available.

This will also help you rank in Google when people search best fish to eat.

You do this by going to and typing it in the search bar.

How to Get Rich in Your 20s without a College Degree

If it’s available, you’re ready to move forward with this idea.

If not, then I highly recommend you seek another keyword.

In this case we find that this domain is available.

How to Get Rich in Your 20s without a College Degree

My friend, you’re witnessing a very lucrative opportunity here.

Whoever reads this article and takes action FIRST with the “best fish to eat” keywords will benefit.

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to write your eBook.

Writing your eBook

This is the time consuming part I was talking about.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to create the best eBook possible.


2 reasons:

1) Good word of mouth (Positive reviews)

2) Passive-income

Good word of mouth is very important.

It can be the simple reason why someone does or doesn’t buy your book.

Some companies even offer incentives to people who’ve posted a negative review so that they go back and change it.

That’s how powerful word of mouth is.

And it’s the reason why you want to make your eBook as good as possible.

Not only will people have good things to say about it, but you’ll never have to waste time making any changes.

It’ll make you money as long as you have it online.

This is where a lot of people screw up.

They get impatient, want to begin making money quickly, and put together a shitty eBook.

The result?

It doesn’t sell anywhere near as much as it could.

Do your research, find the best information, validate it, and write your book.


I’d never publish an eBook if I didn’t feel it was the best I could make it.


This approach is what allows me to work on other money making opportunities.

I get to increase my level of success while earning passive money from my completed projects.

Are you seeing how this all works?


Read my article on how to write your own eBook for free here.

Creating and optimizing your sales page to get traffic and make sales

You’re going to need two things in order to be successful.

1) A product to sell

2) A well-written sales letter that converts.

Once your product is ready to be sold, an effective sales page is what’s going to sell it.

A sales letter is what convinces the reader to buy.

This isn’t hard to do.

One of the most important things to write about are the benefits of your product.

…Not the features!


Feature “This car has air conditioning”

…OK, great. But how does that benefit me?

Benefit “This car’s premium air conditioning will keep you perfectly cool even on the hottest days of the year”.

…Now you’re talking.

Contrary to popular belief, people DO NOT CARE what your product offers.

What people want to know is what it’s going to do for them.

Take a look at my sales page for Mr. $100.

You’ll notice how I talk about what the person will learn.

Now, let’s go over optimizing your page so people find you when they search for your keywords.

In order for the Google Bots to find and scan your sales page, you’ll need to scatter your keywords throughout your letter.


Intro – I was always curious to know what the best fish to eat were.

Benefits section – the top 8 best fish to eat and why.

Closing – if you’re ready to discover the best fish to eat and how to perfectly cook them…

See what I did there?

Hit “control + F” when you’re on my sales page and search for “earn $100 per day online”.

You’ll see how I scattered the keywords throughout the page.

Again, very simple to do.

You don’t need to mention the keyword in every sentence.

That’ll make your page appear “spammy” to Google.

Just scatter it throughout.

Effective copywriting and how it makes you rich 

Copywriting is the art of writing words that persuade people to take action.

It’s so effective and important that good copywriter’s are one of the highest paid people in the world.

A sales letter with excellent copywriting will DRASTICALLY BOOST your eBook sales.

Trust me.

The fact that you can create a sales letter once and have it automatically convert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is AMAZING!

Whether you’re awake or sleeping, it simply doesn’t matter.

People will come to your sales page and be sold without any additional work on your part!

The copywriting will do ALL the work.

This is what makes getting rich so damn easy!

There are many things that go into good copywriting.

The absolute best books that will teach you the fundamentals and amazing step-by-step techniques are Triggers” and “Advertising Secrets of The Written Word”.

Both are written by the same author, Joe Sugarman.

He is a BEAST at copywriting.

The absolute best that there is.

Each book is worth every single penny.

The knowledge contained inside has allowed me to earn back every dollar I paid for each.

If you’re serious about making sales, I HIGHLY recommend you get them.

Lock yourself in your room and read them both cover to cover over the weekend.

They’ll make you rich.

You can learn basic copywriting by studying my sales letters as well as others on the internet.

But I have to be honest and admit that NOTHING will get you better results than a copywriting education.

Every product is different and you need to learn the most effective way to write specifically for your product.

Make sense?

And since I don’t know which product you’ll be creating, I can’t give you exact examples.

Design is vital

Pay close attention here because this is another area where a lot of people make mistakes.

Your eBook MUST have a high quality cover.

Ever heard “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?

Guess what?

On the internet, not many people follow that rule.

Just about everyone judges a book by the cover.

If the design doesn’t look good, people simply will not buy it.

A book cover unconsciously communicates the value contained inside.

While you’ll still generate some sales “just because”, you won’t be MAXIMIZING your profits.

And my guess is that you want to make as MUCH money as possible.


So where do you go to get a great cover?

Here are a few ideas.

Fiverr is one of the most popular places.

You can hire someone for fairly cheap to create your cover.

However, I recommend you pay more than the basic $5.

Find a seller that does good work and charges premium prices.

Ideally, a good cover will run you anywhere from $20-$100.

It all depends on the sellers you find.

Again, don’t worry.

You’re going to earn this money back once you start making sales.

Another option is to search Google for “eBook cover designers”.

Make sure whoever you chose offers you a sample before you pay any money up front.

Tell them you want your cover in HD quality.

Also ask for both a 3D and standard version.

Ex:          How To Get Rich In Your 20s Without A College Degree

The title and subtitle fonts should be easy to read on both computers and mobile devices.

Make sure your cover clearly communicates what your eBook is about.

Don’t forget to include your name.

As you see in the example above, anyone can immediately tell what my eBook is about.

Why you’ll succeed

When you have all of the following:

  • Keywords that get a lot of searches and have low competition
  • A domain name with your keywords
  • A quality product to offer people
  • A sales letter with effective copywriting

…You’re going to succeed.

Right now, I’m ranking on the 3rd page of Google for very lucrative keywords “Earn $100 per day online”.

Go into Google and search them to see for yourself.

Click on page 3 and you’ll see my website.

However, this is for more advanced bloggers.

Those keywords are very competitive to rank for because they are EXTREMELY lucrative.

Yes, I’ve made sales from being on the third page.

But if I manage to get to the second or first page…

Oh boy, it’ll be raining money NON-STOP in my bank account.

Right now, the majority of my sales come from traffic for other searches.

In other words, people that land on this site for reasons other than earning $100 per day.

I have over 260 articles which all drive traffic to my website.

And since “earning $100 per day” is something just about everyone wants, it makes it easier for me to make sales.

However, it’s best if you start with keywords that have low competition.

This way you can get experience and begin making money.

There are many, MANY highly searched keywords with low competition that have yet to be discovered.

It is extremely easy to rank on the first page of Google and make sales with a low competition keyword.

All it takes is YOU going into Google Keyword Tool and finding them.

The question is “Will you?”

Remember that all you need is a sales page with good copywriting in order to make money.

However, having a blog like mine will add to your success as it will drive you even more traffic.

In Closing

Can you guess what you should do when you’re done?

Do it all over again!

You should never stop working.

[bctt tweet=”You should never stop working. “]

As long as you continue to follow these steps and create MANY products, you have no limit on your earning potential.

If you manage to find a keyword that gets searched a LOT with low competition and the domain is available, it’ll be extremely easy to rank for it in Google and even easier to make sales.

Imagine if you sell an eBook for $10 (not a lot of money) and out of the 8,100 people who come to your website every month, only 250 of them buy.

$10 x 250 = $2,500

That means that if only 3% buy, you’ll easily make $2,500.

A highly searched product with good copywriting will EASILY sell 3%.

You don’t need me to tell you this.

It’s common sense.

Now imagine if you have two websites instead of one that bring in that same amount of money.

You think you’ll find a job that pays you anywhere near that amount without stealing all your time?

Of course, all of this sounds too good to be true.

But you know what’s interesting?

Maybe 1 out of every 100 people who read this will take action.

And it’ll be that same person who says “Wow, this really works! This is incredible!”

Things to remember:

  • Create a high quality eBook with excellent information
  • Pick a good cover
  • Learn copywriting to maximize profits
  • Take this seriously until it’s complete 

Action steps:

1) Start today

2) Find your eBook idea

3) Setup your sales page

4) Get it done

5) Make money

6) Do it all over with another topic 

7) Repeat until rich

You can thank me later.

For now, get to work!

Talk soon,


PS – Download my NEWEST book “How To Make $100 Every Day On The Internet” because it’s going to show you my ALL my proven ways to make money online.

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How To Get Rich In Your 20s Without A College Degree
How To Get Rich In Your 20s Without A College Degree

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