How to Increase Pinterest Traffic

How to Increase Pinterest Traffic

Increase blog traffic with Pinterest

by Julie Syl Kalungi

You’ve just started your business, blog or career and you’d really like to see it grow in the online fast. You want to know how to increase Pinterest Traffic to your online assets and when to update your boards, right?

I am sure you want the goods on how often to post to increase and maintain your audience’s engagement and how to gain more followers? Yes, yes?


The truth is…

You feel that both your business, blog and Pinterest profile wrapped together are your babies. And so, you feel this need to molly coddle, hand hold and help them through the seemingly rough, rapid-changing, fast-moving digital and internet world.


Well, the thing is, just like bringing up children, we learn by doing! There is no special recipe that can guarantee your child will be successful unless they are allowed to grow. You determine how well-educated and well-raised they will be.

The same goes for your Pinterest and other online assets. And increasing Pinterest traffic is actually so much easier to predict and get done than other social online platforms.


There is NO hard and fast rule about what or when to post on your Pinterest account. But there is everything to do with “Specializing on your blog,” if you want targeted traffic.

Like Janice here is a specialist on Blogging. This is your go to for blogging essentials and special juice, right!  

I know, you could use some special tips and strategy. Of course, you do.

I needed some when I had my first child. Heck, I needed a parenting guide. Just like you need a Pinterest traffic guide. So here I come to the rescue 😊  

Let me help you feel your way through! Yes, you are welcome!

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Posted by Julie Syl & Paul Kalungi on Monday, July 3, 2017


Did you watch the Video and Learn the hard truth about increasing Pinterest Traffic?

Well, let’s dive into some juicy details, esp. for those who may have a hearing or visual impediment!  


First things first: Create Great Online Assets, including Pinterest Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter accounts and definitely a website if you intend to build a lasting brand.

In order for you to have something to drive traffic to, update and keep up, you need to create it. You have to take a few things into consideration. (See Image Below)

How to increase Pinterest traffic


And now to get that traffic:

7 Effective Steps to Attract More Pinterest Traffic

1. Zone in on your Specialty, Niche or Interests.


Before starting to design your online assets, including Pinterest profile, Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter etc. Carefully select the theme/ subject/ area of interest. This is very important, as from this everything will follow esp. the followers, traffic, leads and sales you are looking for.


Get this right and you will determine the type and number of people who come into your experience. Your audience, the quantity of posts, your very writing style etc.

By the way, the best is a conversational storytelling type. And if you can’t tell a story that gets others to stop in their tracks and pay attention, I understand. I had the same problem until I came across this resource that helps you to write stories that sell.

That said, you want to read Ryan Biddulph’s blogs. The man has a way with words. He recently guest posted for us on Networking Tips learned in the wilds of Costa Rica. It is an experience reading it!


2. Who is your audience?

Now that you know your interests, well, it’s time to connect with all those other pinners and their people interested in the same. Your Audience or target market. You want to find the perfect audience for your niche or interests. You want to dig deep and determine who these people, are. Describe their age, interests/hobbies, gender, workplace, social class, etc. These are your followers, fans, and buyers. We call them an Avatar and you can build yours up using the banner below:


Increase Pinterest traffic with these tips

3. Select your Online platform


You should also think of the social media and online platform you wish to focus your efforts on. It could also be a blogging platform since you would be in control of what goes on that!

In this post, I focus on Pinterest.  

For our blog content, we definitely use and recommend WordPress.

This is where you will be driving your traffic, right? Otherwise, you are driving it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your company replicated site, that does very little for your brand!  


4. Optimize your Content & Pins.


Before updating your Pins from your blog or other online assets, optimize the content and pin images for 100% Pinterest SEO.

Details are in the video above. With this step, you will see an improvement in your traffic, esp. if you do monitor your actions, progress and improvement week by week.


5. Posting & Pinning frequency

As stated above, there is no fixed time to do this. It’s down to your time zone and what works for your Inbound Marketing.

We post once a week per blog and promote said 2 posts all week. We pin daily at least 10 pins per day. We automate our efforts via two resources, one free one paid. The Free resource is called PinPinterest, try it.

I go into details on automation and how to use the resources in my online course, The Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap.

This is a good starting point for anyone looking to leverage Pinterest for better traffic, optins, and sales. It doesn’t matter that the focus of your interest, it is on Pinterest!


Posting more times daily/weekly, increases your chances of getting more traffic, leads and sales. It’s the equivalent of active prospecting in a Passive way!

  • If it’s a “hot” news item, then post it twice a day.


  • For product-based content, special offers, giveaways, new product launch, try posting once per day to various pin boards!


  • If it’s a service-based brand, I presume you don’t change or update your service daily. You could post and pin it 3 times a week.

Keeping in mind the cross-pinning strategy, you should be attracting a ton of traffic to your sites and offers. Whether you have bazillion followers or not. On Pinterest, it is NOT about Followers.  

You don’t need to post daily, but you want to PIN Daily. Use the recommended tools above.  

What your audience wants is a balance of quality fun, inspiration, and educational content. Click To Tweet


6. Use an Editorial Calendar.

Use a content calendar esp. if you have a problem with focus and consistency.

If you chase every rabbit down a rabbit hole, this is essential. I used to have this problem, my day used to end with; “What the heck did I do today…?

Now I know what I am doing 6 weeks from today!

You can also keep track of what you post, when. Learn about an editorial calendar and download yours in our comprehensive article here.


Plan your content at least one month ahead. Then you’ll have fresh content on tap when you need to post it. So cool!

You can then outsource the visuals like pin images, banners, even content creation to Fiverr, oDesk, etc.

Get your resource links researched and sorted. Reach out to Influencers and do your pre-post promo. Great for extra traffic and growing your network too.



7. Get Social, get actively engaging

Pinterest Traffic and any other online platform traffic is both about quality and quantity i.e. frequency of posting. This is where schedulers come into their own… (Be sure to use Platform approved tools –  we don’t want you heading to blockville or banned oops.)

Thank you, Tim Ferriss. I mean, I was doing manual labor until I gave myself permission to outsource, delegate and use tools. Plus, apps and online resources to get stuff done. Phew, hello beach!  

Here is the frequency we use and you too could aim for…


Pinterest. Pin your posts and other branded content to a minimum of 10 pins a Day. Then add other relevant content you think your audience may love. I got for 15-20 pins. This alerts the owners of my interest and in turn, they could return the favor.

My aim is to get my content to the top of the Pinterest smart feed fast! Which can take up to 6 weeks. But….

Why do I love Pinterest? Because my content has a life span of years.

Let’s focus on a time frame; 3 months down the road, a Pin can go viral and never stop. By then your post on all other social platforms is long gone in the archives or wherever our content disappears to on social media or search engines! Here is the difference:

Twitter. 27 – 30 mins. If no one likes or retweets, it’s gone in less time. So how about linking your cornerstone tweet in Pinterest and retweet it via IFTTT! The alternative is to tweet your content 5 -10 times a day.

Facebook. I post 2 – 3 times a day, my Fan page posts are linked to Twitter and Pinterest via IFTTT! Your Facebook newsfeed posts start to lose traction 30 mins after you post. If nobody shows interest in it, it expires in 3 hours. Yet you want to make sure your content is seen by as many eyeballs as possible! So, aim to post in the morning, afternoon and evening! Focus on quality! One of my main daily posts is a Live Video where I engage with thousands of my followers and friends!

Google+. The only reason we still share on this platform is; the more you G+ the more search engines get pings of your content keywords which goes back to your online assets esp. blog. We post 5-10 times a week, and every G+ is automatically pinned to a board on Pinterest via IFTTT. Learn how you can use IFTTT for your social media cross promoting!



Final words on how to Increase Pinterest Traffic:

Always remember, there is no hard and fast rule on when or what to post. Posting more is better, NEVER SPAM, on any platform. Pinterest literally blocks your account and shuts you down!

I have come to learn that an engaged audience is a satisfied audience, one that shares and helps promote your brand!  Keep them informed and they learn to trust you and they become loyal to your brand. That’s your ultimate goal, right? Because happy, trusting, loyal fans are buyers!

Author Bio: Julie has a successful online business, is an entrepreneur who teaches, trains, coaches and is a mentor of her strategies to make more money more easily. Julie has two blogs, one for online coaching and one for her other niche, Travel Hub. Julie is the author of the popular book The Art of Pinterest Profits.

Readers, please share so other bloggers know how to increase Pinterest traffic to their blogs.

Note: Janice will be responding to comments as her vacation schedule and Internet connectivity allow.

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How to Increase Pinterest Traffic

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