How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Without Writing New Posts

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Without Writing New Posts

Increase website traffic without writing new posts

Here is the brutal truth about blogging:

Getting traffic is no more a publish-blog-post-everyday and wait for people to find your blog.

You have to make sure every post you write gets maximum exposure, regular grooming (updating, adding fresh content), backlinks so that they rank higher on search engines and send you a consistent flow of traffic.

In this article, I’ll show you how to exactly increase your blog traffic without writing new posts. All you have to do is, empower your pre-written blog posts to boost their rankings.

The most common problem with bloggers today is, they are in such a hurry to write posts on every keyword they can find that they forget about one basic thing, giving effort to ranking those articles after publishing them.

If you’re one of those who still sees no traffic even after writing decent blog posts, this guide will help you get traffic from those without publishing new posts.

This is the exact procedure I follow to give drive traffic to my niche blogs.

On to the tips.

1) Content Relaunch

When not publishing fresh blog posts, we can do something similar and even more effective, that is a content relaunch. Content relaunch is essentially coined by Brian Dean who  used the strategy to revive old blog posts and saw a massive benefit out of this effort.

In content relaunch, you get to find out weaker content on your blog that is not performing the way you expected them to or posts that dropped off from their rankings.

Now, all you have to do is replenish these posts with more better content, upgraded screenshots, and media, fresh statistical data to strengthen your points and relaunch (republish them).

This will give your blog posts a new boost in the rankings and even help you climb up the ranking charts to drive new traffic and backlinks.

But, you don’t have to take my words for that.

Brian Dean did the same with one of his blog posts and to his surprise, he received a stunning 260.72% more organic traffic plus boosted ranks on the SERPs along with some more fresh backlinks to the blog post.

Brian dean content relaunch

See the 260.72% growth in organic traffic to Brian’s post?

How to implement content relaunch for your own blog?

  1. Use google search console to find pages that are struck in the lower half of the first page of Google or on the 2nd page.
  2. Make a list of those posts so that we relaunch them one by one.

Now, you have to give these posts a facelift so that they start to do well in the search engines. Take each of the post on the list you just made and follow the following steps:

  1. Make the content better. Use updated graphs, screenshots (if you have any tutorials) and media such as videos.
  2. See the content that is ranking above yours and try to create even better content using the skyscraper technique.
  3. Make your articles grammatically and factually correct. For grammar and punctuation, you can use a free tool called Grammarly (feel free to avail grammarly discount coupon here) and for fact checking, you can use Google scholar or set results to show only results of the past year or month.
  4. Proofread your articles and remove all errors from it. You can also split some long paragraphs into a short one and improve readability.
  5. Add a bit of storytelling. Storytelling helps your blog readers stay engaged and glued to your blog posts.
  6. Check comments of that post and see what questions and feedback your readers have left. Now, you can use this to address important questions in your blog post to rank for LSI keywords.

2) Fetch backlinks to existing content

Backlinks are still the spine of the ranking game. The more people link to your sites, the more Google sees your content as authority. This will help in ranking and thus increase in blog traffic.

Now, since you’re not writing new blog posts, you can try making more backlinks to your existing content and rank higher in a search engine to drive search engine traffic. While creating backlinks, you just need to keep in mind this quote Quality of Backlinks matters not Quantity of Backlinks”.

How to earn backlinks for your existing content?

  1. Start Guest posting on some good and high traffic blogs.
  2. Reach out to influencer bloggers and ask them to link your content on their site politely.
  3. Outreach influencers to share your relaunched content.
  4. Start commenting on others blog that is highly popular.  
  5. Create simple yet efficient infographics and submit it to sites from where you can get a lot of users using it on their blogs. You can get natural backlinks using this tactic.

3) Increase blog traffic using the power of social media

With social media being a huge channel to get visitors to your blog, you could definitely use it to promote your existing blog posts and drive traffic to it.

Paid ads always are the best to get targeted traffic to your site, but you can also use a plethora of ways to get social media traffic to your blog posts.

How to drive social media traffic to your blog?

  1. Automate your share process using tools like revive old post (that automatically retweets your content archives) or a social media scheduling tool like Buffer or HootSuite.
  2. Try using canva or any other similar tool to make Pinterest worthy images for your site so that you could get a traffic chunk from Pinterest.
  3. Outreach influencers you linked to in your blog post and ask them to reciprocate the love with a retweet. This strategy is great and you get to leverage the entire following they have.
  4. Social media responds differently to different post types, if you have a lot of variety in your blog posts, try sharing these post types to get massive traffic.
  5. Start asking questions which your old blog posts are covering and then post your blog post as the answer to those questions.
  6. You may ask your followers to comment, like and share your posts. Having a CTA boosts the action and response on social media posts.
  7. You can promote your blog posts on Facebook groups where promotion is allowed. Facebook groups are very targeted and you can easily get visitors to your blog. Some groups like blogging boost have dedicated days that allow you to promote your blog posts. Leverage these to get some traffic and subscribers. Check out the engagement in one such recent post.

Check out the high engagement on Facebook group posts.

3) Try out sending a newsletter

Email lists are very important because this they are the traffic you own. You don’t have to be dependent on a third-party platform like Google or social media sites to reach out to your readers. When not publishing blog posts, you can send newsletters to your readers/subscribers and get them back to your blog posts.

This strategy is effective because not everyone has read all your posts and when you send them your newsletters and make them aware of those blog posts.

Innovative ways to send out email newsletters:

  1. Send out weekly newsletters about the blog posts you published last week.
  2. Send a combined roundup post based on a common problem. For this, choose a category of your blog. See the most popular posts in that category and send a roundup of all the blog posts inside that email.
  3. Create a contest and ask readers to share your blog post where you choose a random winner to be featured in your next email newsletter.
  4. Have a coupon or a discount on your services or products you sell? Let your subscribers know about it.

4) Make your site accessible

One of the best things to utilize your time for your blog would be to take effort and make your site accessible to all visitors. Over time, our website grows big, sometimes laggy and we also need to follow the latest guidelines to make our sites more user-friendly and SEO optimized.

Ways to make your site accessible for everyone:

  1. Get a theme that is fast loading because fast loading themes do help you to be in the good books of Google.
  2. Add a lot of clean space, meaning you cut off the ads that are not performing and clean your sidebar widgets.
  3. Add a font that is legible and keep it at a size that is readable. They say font size 16 is the new 12 so make your font sized 16 or above.
  4. Add a free SSL to your site so that it becomes secured and SSL is a ranking factor too. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to add a free SSL to your site.


So, these were some of the best tips to drive traffic to your blog without writing new blog posts. These tips may seem basic but what will amaze you is that not many bloggers try it and those who try to get insane positive results like Brian Dean.

What do you all do to drive traffic to your blogs? Do you have any strategy that brings you traffic even without writing blog posts? Comment below and let our readers know and benefit from your tips.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Without Writing New Posts

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