How to Make Money Blogging by Absolutely Ignoring These 5 Myths

How to Make Money Blogging by Absolutely Ignoring These 5 Myths

Make Money Blogging 5 #ContentMarketing Tips debunked

5 Content Marketing Myths You Should Not Believe

By Taranpreet Singh

Whether it is related to grow businesses online or improving the reach of blogs to a larger audience, content marketing has its significant role in both aspects. There are bloggers and blogging influencers from several different niches who make use of advanced content marketing skills to market their blogs.

It will not be wrong to address that they have their incomes in five or six figures using effecting blogging and marketing principles.

Repurposing content for a relaunch, creating highly engaging infographics and blog posts, these are all the common tasks a blogger performs. But believing in the myths about content marketing can minimize the effect and will lead to no result.

The key to success in blogging is to learn all the way from the very start and keep on modifying your blogging and blog marketing strategies.

What are the most common content marketing myths you should stop believing in? Here are the top five of them:

  • You Don’t Need to Follow Content Marketing Once You Become an Expert

While you may have been blogging for a great number of years and have reached the pinnacle of success in your niche of blogging, you will not survive if content marketing fails.

Even the influencers are accepting the fact that this myth should be debunked.

Blogs are mainly marketed through content. And if you stop doing that, you just cannot survive the competition.

As a next step of starting a blog, everyone thinks about blog monetization. There will be no sales or profit if the content is not marketed well.

Reaching the top is half the battle won. The rest is about maintaining that top position in your niche of blogging with content marketing.

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  • Social Media Marketing Is Wholly Different From Blog Marketing

Do you have a page for your blog on the social media channels where you share updates? What do you mean when you get ‘likes’ on the posts you share or on the page itself?

Even on social media channels, it is the content that drives user engagement.

If you are sharing a post about your recent blog post, you are marketing your content in a different way.

If done right, integrating social media with content marketing can lead to great results in terms of blog traffic, subscribers, and online blog visibility.

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  • Content Marketing is Not For Beginners

When content is marketed, a blogger gets considerable traffic as well as subscribers. This is what a beginner expects.

An effective content marketing strategy will bring in the right readers to your blog.  It is possible to learn from the advanced content marketing guides available on the Internet.

One such guide is: The Advanced Guide of Content Marketing

As a highly recommended essential of blogging, you should learn well the different aspects of content marketing for the growth of your blog.

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  • Content Marketing Should Only Support Adsense for Blogging

A common idea why people start their own blogs is that they want to run Google Adsense campaigns on their blog sites and earn money.

Using content marketing to support the earnings is not everything you can do with effective blogging,

Adsense is just one way to make money with blogging. However, there are several other ways of blog monetization that can be used.

So, content marketing strategies should never be aligned only to support earnings through selling advertising space through Adsense.

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  • You Need a Big Budget to do Content Marketing

Just because there is the term ‘marketing’ attached to the concept of content marketing, it does not mean it will need a big budget to be spent.

It is not impossible to gain online visibility without spending a penny on paid marketing.

Publishing valuable, relatable content on your blog with fine knowledge of using White Hat SEO for blogging can lead to unexpected, positive results.

Content marketing is about letting the target audience know what you are up to with the help of content.

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The relationship you build with the readers of your blog will help in the long run to let your blog achieve great success.

Author Bio: Taranpreet Singh helps bloggers, marketers, and Bloggo-preneurs to grow their skills in the related aspects of blogging and blog marketing. He’s the founder of Connect with him on Twitter: @The-Bloggist.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

Did you read what Taranpreet wrote at the beginning of the article? “[Bloggers] have their incomes in five or six figures…” If you want to make money blogging, I’m sure that sounds appealing. I know it does to me.

How to Make Money Blogging

According to Taranpreet, you will be able to make money blogging if you do the following:

  • Follow content marketers. Subscribe to their blogs.
  • Combine content marketing with social media marketing. Don’t just focus on social media to make money blogging.
  • Start trying to make money blogging today. I regretted not starting sooner. I was waiting until I was no longer a beginner. Taranpreet explained even beginners can make money blogging because they use traffic generating strategies. The resulting traffic would help them monetize.
  • Don’t just rely on Pay Per Click ads on your blog. There are 15 other ways you can make money blogging.

Readers, did Taranpreet leave out any myths that you can share? Do you have any content marketing tips you wish to add? Have you already started monetizing? If so, how?

Many bloggers fear they will never make any money blogging. Others have dreams they will make so much money blogging they can retire from their day job. Who is correct?

I look forward to your answers in the comments section.

Please share so other bloggers can make the transformation to content marketers.

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How to Make Money Blogging by Absolutely Ignoring These 5 Myths

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