How to Make Money on Facebook Posting Viral Posts (in 2 minutes per day)

How to Make Money on Facebook Posting Viral Posts (in 2 minutes per day)


I’ve held off publishing this post for a few months to ensure that this revenue stream from Facebook pages wouldn’t wane.

This revenue stream has been a nice consistent $40 to $100 per day.  That’s $1,200 to $3,000 per month.  On average it’s about $1,700 to $2,100 per month.

Here are some revenue screenshots from 2 partners:


That’s not bad additional revenue for 30 minutes of work each week, which at $2,000 per month works out to about $1,000 per hour.  Please keep in mind that I have quite a few fans (385,000) and while my FB page isn’t the most engaging, I do have fans and they do click, like, comment and share.

Revenue depends on number of fans, engagement and the amount the partner is willing to pay per 1,000 visitors.

Here are the best parts of this simple revenue source:

  1. My FB audience likes the content.  The posts are highly engaging and interesting.  I do focus on posts relevant to the niche, but not always.  Some posts have universal appeal.
  2. It takes about 2 to 4 minutes per day.  I use MeetEdgar and load it up in there so I have a nice bank of these posts to repost in the event I forget or can’t add new posts.  And yes, reposting still generates good revenue.
  3. This is additional revenue to that generated by promoting your own website(s) from Facebook.
  4. You get paid to expand the domains to which you send traffic (i.e. you don’t always have to just promote your website).
  5. You don’t even need to have a website.  All you need is an engaged Facebook page.

What is this revenue source?

What I do is I partner with other websites who are active on Facebook.  We agree on a price per 1,000 visitors I send to their website from my Facebook page.  They provide me their best performing FB posts along with a tracking link.  In other words, I don’t have to come up with the Facebook post content. They provide their best performing posts to me.  This way I post proven posts.

I just copy and paste those posts to my FB page, sending them traffic which earns me revenue.  Because I use MeetEdgar, these posts end up in my bank so they can easily be reposted either manually or automatically (when I don’t have new posts to add).  In the long run it turns into an amazing source of income.


Does it work in any niche?

Yes and no.

There are definitely more opportunities in some niches than others.

However, 2 services I work with provide universal viral posts that pretty much anyone will like.

I think regardless which niche you’re in, this is worth trying if you have a Facebook page for you niche website(s).

Topics for which posts are provided are:

  • Animals
  • Crime
  • DIY
  • Food
  • Health
  • Home
  • Humor
  • Inspire
  • OMG
  • Politics
  • Quiz
  • Talented
  • Tragedy
  • Travel

As you can see, that’s a pretty good variety and that’s from just one partner I work with.

Another partner covers the following:

  • Food (recipes and food hacks)
  • DIY
  • Life (broad topic including beauty, marriage, relationships and more)
  • Parenting
  • Pets

The partners email me popular posts every morning or a couple times per week with tracking links provided.  I can also get popular posts for each niche so I can focus on posting topics related to my niche.

It’s literally copy and paste directly from my email into MeetEdgar (you can also just post directly to your Facebook page).

How many Facebook fans do you need?

It’s all about fan engagement.

I don’t have a terrifically high engagement Facebook page.  It’s okay, but there are others with much more engagement.

If you have 50,000 engaged fans, these posts can make a lot of money.

How many posts per day?

You don’t want to be too annoying.  I post 3 for each partner which is 6 in total each day (that’s probably getting close to annoying)… but annoying is a harsh word.  The fact is these aren’t ads or product promotions.  This is legitimate content that’s already been proven to be popular.

How much can you earn per 1,000 visitors you send to partner websites?

It varies from partner to partner, but my range is $5 to $8 per 1,000 visitors sent to their website.

While that may not seem like much, one viral post per day can earn $20 to $50 quickly.  It’s a win/win because the partners get very low cost traffic and I’m able to generate another revenue stream.

Which leads to another point and that is you can ask other pages to promote your site for $5 to $8 per 1,000 visitors.  That works out to one-half cent to 4/5ths cent per visitor.  Traffic doesn’t get cheaper than that.

Put another way, if you earn $10 RPM and you get 1.5 page views per visitor, you can profit $7 to $10 per 1,000 visitors.  That’s doubling or tripling your money.  However, it takes effort since you must provide excellent FB posts to your partners every single day.  It’s a big job, but if you can get it up and running, the potential profits are huge.  I wouldn’t go in this direction unless you have a knack at posting viral content over and over. Other Facebook pages will only want to post these types of posts if the engagement is really, really high.

What if your fans hate these posts?

Some may not like it, but then some won’t like content you post promoting your site either.

If you get a massive backlash, this may not work for you.

All I can say is to give it a shot.  Start with 1 post per day or every few days and choose posts very relevant to your niche.  Then test more frequency and different topics to see what happens.

Which partners do I work with?

I work with 2.  I’ve worked with 3 in total that have simple sign up procedures and a full backend dashboard to track earnings and performance.  In other words, it’s a proper set up.  Because there is a limit to how many of these posts I can post each day, I work with the 2 best performing partners.

I reveal these 3 partners which are available to most publishers with some Facebook fans in Niche Tycoon course (Lesson 88).

Seriously, if you have a FB page with a decent number of fans, partnering with just one website makes the course worth getting.

=> Click here for Niche Tycoon

Please note that I can’t guarantee this will work with your FB page.  There are many variables involved including number of fans, whether these types of posts liked by your audience, engagement, etc.

Also, I can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted with any of these partners.  As far as I know they welcome many partners, but I don’t know if they have any minimum thresholds or if they don’t accept certain FB pages for any reason at all (i.e. subject matter, etc.).

The point is that this has worked well for me and I know it works for other FB page owners.  It’s a win/win between me and the partner because they get low cost traffic and I can earn pretty good revenue that I otherwise wouldn’t earn with very little effort.

How to Make Money on Facebook Posting Viral Posts (in 2 minutes per day)
How to Make Money on Facebook Posting Viral Posts (in 2 minutes per day)

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