How to Make Money On The Internet By Improving Yourself: 10 No B.S. Steps That Actually Work

How to Make Money On The Internet By Improving Yourself: 10 No B.S. Steps That Actually Work

Making money on the internet is so EASY that it’s a JOKE!


It’s only easy if you do things right.

Do you how many people email me asking how I do what I do, and what I think they’re doing wrong?


When I look at their blog/website, I immediately see the problem.

In this article, you’ll learn the REAL reason why you’re not making money, and how to fix it. 

I’ll share the exact method I follow.

And, trust me, it works very well.

Let’s begin.

1) Patience

There’s a reason I made it number 1.

Patience is one of the main ingredients of success.

You can forget about making money on the internet without it.

If your goal is to start TODAY, and begin making money TOMORROW, stop reading now.

It’s not going to happen.

Success is a process.

Just like building a house, there are different steps to complete at different times.

Skip just one step, and everything goes wrong.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you the steps, but, they won’t help you unless you develop patience.

2) Honesty (Show your face)

Buying online is easy, selling is the hard part.

People are skeptical to share their credit card information, especially on the internet.

Showing your face is how you bypass this and earn their trust.

You must prove that you’re a REAL person with REAL answers.

Most people will perceive you as a scam artist if you don’t show your face.

Sure, you’ll still make sales.

But, to make a whole LOT of money, you MUST show your face.

The most important place to show it is on the product/service you sell. (More on this later)

I made the mistake of selling my first product without ever showing my face.

The difference in sales has been MASSIVE with my latest product, Demon Diet.

If you’re not willing to show your face, you’re not serious about making money.

End of story.

3) Move the free line

Besides showing your face to gain trust, you must move the free line.

Basically, give away as much quality information as possible.

Yes, by give away, I mean FREE.

Why does this create trust?

We’ll think about it…

If I read 10 articles on your website that teach me something valuable, how likely am I to trust and buy from you?

Very likely.

But, if there isn’t free value anywhere,what proof do I have that what you sell is worth my money?


Pay close attention to what I’m about to say next…

When you help people for FREE, it forces them to associate you as someone who can get them results.

Read that again.

Hell, read it 10 times.

That is, by far, one of my BEST discoveries with making money online.

The more free value you create, the more sales you make.

One of the main reasons why I sell so many eBooks is because this website is JAM-PACKED with 100% free, quality content.

Take a look around to see for yourself.

People are willing to risk their money with me because I help them a LOT without asking for a single penny in return.

Are you with me?

Free quality content = Trust = $$$

Anyone who can read and write can also create quality content.

All it takes is research, experimentation, and writing your story.

I promise it’s that easy.

4) Find a problem to fix

So, how are you going to make money?

The first step is finding a common problem that you can teach others to fix.

Choose something you can teach through a digital product.

The top 3 money making niches are: Fitness, money, and dating & relationship advice.

You don’t need to be an expert in any of these areas.

In fact, most people who claim to be “experts” barely know anything.

All you need to do is learn something, apply it, and teach others what you did to get results.

Money making secret: Create an eBook about improving yourself and show pictures.

This is EXACTLY what I did with my Demon Diet eBook.

People don’t give a shit about your level of expertise.

All they care about is that you HELP THEM GET WHAT THEY WANT.

This is why you show proof.

It’s confirmation that you can help them get their desired results.

Once they have proof, all they’ll be looking for next is your ‘Buy Now’ button.

Make money on the internet

I created a 28 day diet plan that burns fat FASTER than anything I’ve ever tried.

It’s a combination of things that I tried just to see what would happen.

The result?

I burned a DRASTIC amount of fat, created an eBook sharing exactly what I did, and put it for sale.

Now, I wake up to sale notifications and money in my bank account.

Am I bragging?


I’m trying to motivate YOU so you can get the same results.

Let’s pause for a second…

Do you see how much FREE value I’ve already given in this article?

Now, think about this…

At this moment, I have 339 articles.

Imagine how much FREE value this blog contains.

My success isn’t luck, my friend.

I simply put in the time and do what works.

Will you?

5) Create your product

After deciding what problem to fix, you’ll need to create your product.

We’re going to discuss creating eBooks because that’s what I have experience with.

EBooks are great because once they’re complete, they make you money on auto-pilot.

I have 3 eBooks that can make me money at any time.

That means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per days per year.


I teach you how to create eBooks in this article.

But, even though eBooks are easy to create, they should NEVER be rushed.

Again, patience.

You can’t expect to write an eBook quick, put it online, and begin making money immediately.

If you create a quality product, it’ll make you money FOREVER.

“Quality” can’t be achieved in a day.

It doesn’t happen in a week or month.

The creation process for an quality product requires time and patience.

How much time and patience?

Allow me to explain…

6) Deadlines create diamonds

Deadlines are what create a “diamond product”.

It maximizes quality because time is of the essence.

When time is of the essence, you constantly think about your product.

When you constantly think about it, you tap into your creativity and attract ideas on how to make it great.

“Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.”

– David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big

This is one of the greatest secrets of success.

The law of attraction doesn’t just mean: “Think about something and you’ll get it”.

Here’s what it really means: “Think about something and you’ll attract the exact ideas and plans on how to get it.”

Deadlines help you develop a stronger respect for your product.

Without a deadline, your product isn’t a priority.

As a result, you don’t work as hard because there’s no sense of urgency.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry.

Just know that a deadline will do nothing but great things for your product.

My rule of thumb is that you should commit a minimum of 100 hours.

Whether you invest 10 hours daily for 10 days, or 1 hour daily for 100 days, is up to you.

How you split up the time isn’t too important.

What’s important is that you commit 100 uninterrupted and focused hours on your product.

7) Premium Prices

I see eBooks all the time for $2.99, $1.99 and $0.99.

Are you kidding me?!

With all the hard work I put into my eBooks, I’d give them away before selling them that cheap.

Cheap prices are for cheap products.


Most people assume that lower prices will result in higher sales.


Lower prices attract cheap customers that question every penny they spend.

Listen, I have nothing against cheap people.

I actually admire and respect their financial discipline.

However, when it comes to MAXIMIZING profit, they’re not the customers to target.

Whether your product is $99.99 or only $0.99, they’ll overthink it and talk themselves out of buying almost 100% of the time.

Cheap people require an unfeasible amount of convincing, even if you offer a 90 day money-back guarantee like I do.

You don’t need to rip people off, but you should charge a fair price.

If you help someone solve a BIG problem, you deserve to profit.

Doesn’t a surgeon profit for saving someone’s life?

Doesn’t a lawyer profit for keeping someone out of jail?

Doesn’t a personal trainer profit for helping someone lose weight?

Yes, yes and yes!

Shouldn’t you profit if you help someone?


At the end of the day, people don’t pay you for information, they pay you for saving them time.

Let me explain.

People buy your product because you have the answer to the result they want.


Instead of wasting time and effort learning, they pay YOU to teach them.

Like the famous saying goes, “Time is money”.

When your price is very low, it doesn’t fool anyone.

It works against you by making two things obvious:

1) Your product lacks value

2) Your desperate to make sales because no one buys it

Do you think you’ll make a respectable amount of money if that’s the perception you give people?

Put in the time, create a quality product, charge what it’s worth, and profit.

That’s how you make REAL money on the internet, not with those weak $0.99 prices.

It’s been proven MANY times that people experience better results when they pay premium prices.


Because they respect the product and apply themselves more than they would for a cheap product.

It’s true.

So, I ask you, which would you rather do:

1) Charge a low price, make low profits, and barely (if ever) help people

2) Charge a premium price, make good profits, and help people a lot of people

The choice is simple.

Wow, this article is intense!

I should have charged you a premium price for it. (Ha-ha)

8) Master Copywriting

People who master copywriting will NEVER need to worry about money.

It’s a skill that brings in truckloads of cash.


Because good copywriting converts sales without your presence.

People can visit your sales page at ANY TIME and be persuaded to buy.

No matter what day or time, your sales page is active and ready to generate money without you doing anything.

That’s the power of the written word.

Take a look at the copywriting for my Demon Diet sales page.

That page converts sales NON-STOP!

A good copywriter knows how to create an experience for the reader.

They get them to use their imagination and visualize achieving the end goal.

Copywriting builds rapport with people, makes them feel understood, and convinces them that you have the answer/solution to their problem.

I study copywriting DAILY because no other skill has made me as much money.

Here are my top 5 favorite books on copywriting:

1) Cashvertising

2) Advertising Secrets of The Written Word

3) Influence

4) Breakthrough Advertising (Warning: Extremely expensive, but worth every penny)

5) Triggers

Read these 5 books cover to cover so you can develop your copywriting skills FAST!

You can have the world’s greatest product, but if your copywriting sucks, your sales will suffer.

I guarantee it 100%.

There are low-quality products that sell like crazy simply because of excellent copywriting.

It’s unfortunate, but true.

If you’re serious about making money, you can’t afford not to develop this skill.

For every $1 you spend learning copywriting, you’ll earn $10 in return.

Trust me.

It just makes selling so damn easy.

9) Sell without selling

No one wants to be hard sold.

I personally hate websites with endless pop-ups of products for sale.

Trying to force someone to buy your product creates resistance.

What you want to do instead is make it OBVIOUS that you have products available for sale, but don’t ask anyone to buy.

You do this is by displaying your product on the menu to the far right-hand side, and also linking to it in your articles.

Every article you publish should have a link to your product.

You don’t have to say, “Click here to buy my product now”.

Instead, link it to any word or sentence that’s relevant to your product.

For example:

“I remember when I first began losing weight, I had so much more energy that I began working on my internet business NON-STOP!”

In the example above, I’ve linked to my Demon Diet sales page.

You see that, my friend?

That’s how you sell.

People will get intrigued and click on your link.

And, when your copywriting is good, and your product promises a desired result; that’s when the credit cards come out.

10) Keep producing content

I’ve said it many times before…

The only way to MAXIMIZE your sales is by maximizing your traffic.

I’ve been online going on 3 years.

The ONLY thing that I’ve seen bring me more traffic is creating content.

Continuously adding articles to the internet is how you increase how many people find your website.

The moment you stop creating content is the same moment you limit your sales.

Keep reading, keep learning, keep applying, keep writing, and keep making money.

Got it?

Bonus: Don’t quit

Remember what I said in number 1? 


People quit because they lack patience.

I’ve received countless emails from people excited to start making money online.

They email me a couple of times, and then disappear.

What happened?

They quit.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know one important rule of success:

Persist until your goal becomes a reality regardless of how long it takes or how many times you fail.

Why does this work?

Because the more you persist, the more answers come to you, the more work you get done, and the closer and FASTER you get what you want.

Listen to me, my friend…

There’s a TON of money on the internet.

There’s so much money that the only reason you’re not making any is because you don’t want to.

Billions and billions of people are on the internet.

Make money on the internet

If you quit, you get nothing.

If you persist, you get everything.

What are you waiting for?

Talk soon,

-Alexander Writer

PS – Download my NEWEST book “How To Make $100 Every Day On The Internet” because it’s going to show you my ALL my proven ways to make money online.

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How to Make Money On The Internet By Improving Yourself: 10 No B.S. Steps That Actually Work
How to Make Money On The Internet By Improving Yourself: 10 No B.S. Steps That Actually Work

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