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How to Make More Money from PopAds and Adfly

How to Make More Money from PopAds and Adfly
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How to Make More Money from PopAds and Adfly

I hope you know about Popads.net and also it’s features, I used this advertisement network to my other blogs to make more money, but one day I did some experiment on their code, which is completely risk free, even Popads.net allow this, I mean that’s why they have putted that option over there on their code.

What am I going to tell, which is a unique blog post and also effective because it will make you more money, which blog post you are not going to get any where in the internet, this is my promise to you, at least I did not find.

I know every blogger wants to make more money, even I!

But for this you need to do more experiments, but with free mind!

Hopefully you have popads.net account, if you don’t then get one, actually this is a advertisement network but only for pop up ads, means when people come to your blog  or website, then a popup window will open automatically.

It is obvious that your earning will increase by about 50% more and if you will use my tip in your blog  then it can increase your earning my 100%, Just try this tips and see increase earning from your blog.

I know even it will little irritate your blog readers, but there would not be any SEO effect, which I got after using popads.net in my blog for almost three months.

So, let me go to popads.net to get the code that’s why I can tell you what to do with the code, which will increase your earning, well by the same time you should have an account on Adf.ly, if you don’t have one then get one an account from Adf.ly.

In the same time I got the code from popads.net, the code is just below-

<!– PopAds.net Popunder Code for  http://www.techzaround.com/ –>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var _pop = _pop || [];
_pop.push([‘siteId’, 31240]);
_pop.push([‘minBid’, 0]);
_pop.push([‘popundersPerIP’, 30]);
_pop.push([‘delayBetween’, 0]);
_pop.push([‘default’, false]);
_pop.push([‘defaultPerDay’, 0]);
_pop.push([‘topmostLayer’, false]);
(function() {
var pa = document.createElement(‘script’); pa.type = ‘text/javascript’; pa.async = true;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];
pa.src = ‘http://c1.popads.net/pop.js’;
pa.onerror = function() {
var sa = document.createElement(‘script’); sa.type = ‘text/javascript’; sa.async = true;
sa.src = ‘http://c2.popads.net/pop.js’;
s.parentNode.insertBefore(sa, s);
s.parentNode.insertBefore(pa, s);
<!– PopAds.net Popunder Code End –>

As you can see above, I have colored with red for your better understanding a code line, we will customize that code then we will get the given below code-

<!– PopAds.net Popunder Code –>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var _pop = _pop || [];
_pop.push([‘siteId’, 31199]);
_pop.push([‘minBid’, 0.0005]);
_pop.push([‘popundersPerIP’, 0]);
_pop.push([‘delayBetween’, 0]);
  _pop.push([‘default’, “http://adf.ly/EJQAn“]);
_pop.push([‘defaultPerDay’, 30]);
_pop.push([‘topmostLayer’, false]);
(function() {
var pa = document.createElement(‘script’); pa.type = ‘text/javascript’; pa.async = true;
pa.src = ‘http://world.popadscdn.net/pop.js’;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(pa, s);
<!– PopAds.net Popunder Code End –>

That means I have used there a URL, which is the URL of Adf.ly ads, hopefully now you will make more money from your blog.
But this technique must not been used these days because it is against Adf.ly terms and conditions.
You can also customize how much Adf.ly ads you want to show on your blog per day(for example if you want to show adf.ly ads 50 times per day then just add there 50 instead of zero). which is also marked with Blue color where i add 30 ad per day ads, just change the given value over there and install this code to your Website.
One more important thing, I have not share with you that is I got many times payment from Popads.net  as well as Adf.ly advertisement network, so don’t need to worry about their legit, just you need to think how would you drive more and more traffic that’s why your traffic will convert into money.

The Special feature of Popads.net-

Their minimum payment is $5 dollars and more important is they paid daily and which is an amazing offer for any blogger.
I mean I have not seen such type of advertisement network in my three years of blogging.
Like the same Adf.ly also having minimum withdrawal amount is $5, but they give payment monthly basis.

Hopefully this tip will make you more money from your blog, I will suggest you to use this system to make more money from blog.

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