How to Network Even If You’re Not An Extrovert

How to Network Even If You’re Not An Extrovert

How Bloggers Can Meet Other Bloggers

Bloggers can network by attending conferences, classes, support groups, and blogging events.

Do you find the pressures of life in and out of the blogosphere demanding?  Can you relate to the following conversation?

When @PlaguedParent, @ContessaLysa, and myself were talking on Twitter about Pinterest, @PlaguedParent commented that promoting posts on social media, just one of the many demands of blogging, is like a full-time job.  We both vehemently agreed.

When new bloggers are asked what most surprises them about blogging, “time pressures” is one of the most common answers.  If you can relate to feeling overwhelmed by these demands and more, this blog post is for you.

Since many well-meaning people who don’t write don’t understand the pressures on a writer, ideally, you should find well-meaning writers as a support system.  Networking is crucial.  My post Secrets of Successful Bloggers is erroneously named.  There is only one secret, and that is networking.  There are many ways to find a network.


There are various ways to find out about conferences.  I am a member of

An arrow leading to the blogging conference

Networking is the key to blogging success, so bloggers should attend conferences.

several Southern California Facebook blogging groups that notify me about local conferences.  My posts How Bloggers Can Focus and 6 Ways Bloggers Can Stay Focused detail the information I received while at a recent conference.  I not only received support as a result of my attendance, but my skills increased.

There are many online conferences too known as webinars.  Boost Blog Traffic and Blogger Babes are two of the organizations that I know of that hold them.


Today, many writing classes are offered online.  WordPress currently holds many online classes.  Blogging 101 is one of them.  In the few short weeks I was enrolled in the class, I gained ninety new blog followers.  There is just no substitute for networking.

The first place writers should look for a class is a traditional classroom setting.  Obvious places to look would be community colleges and adult schools.  I recently took a free photography class in hopes of improving my blog photos.  Our community Parks and Recreation program offers classes for all ages.  That’s how I found the photography class.  I read about it in their brochure.

Online Support Groups

Lidy Wilks holds an online support group for insecure writers.  I checked online and there are others as well.

Blogging Events

There are Twitter parties held just for writers.  Search the hashtag #writerwednesday and you’ll find many online writers.

In addition, bloggers go to WordPress blogging events, meet new writers, network, and in this way gain more followers.  WordPress has a daily prompt, for example, where bloggers come just to see how others responded to the Daily Prompt.

The SITS Girls hold linky parties on Saturdays that are world famous.  By networking with them, bloggers get a wealth of resources and information.  I even hold a linky party, also called a blog hop, on Mondays.

Networking just can’t be beat.  I maintain it is the Number 1 key to successful blogging.  As an emotional support system, as a way to improve skills, and even as a way to get a question answered, networking solves it all.

As part of my expert-round up post, …19 Experts Share Their Secrets, I interviewed Suzi81, creator of #SundayBlogShare.  She says networking is the best tip she can offer a writer.  For all these reasons, I agree.

Readers, if you think others could benefit from networking, please share.

What are your experiences with networking?  Are there any other ways to network you can think of?  I look forward to your views.










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How to Network Even If You’re Not An Extrovert

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