How to Rank Higher Without Chasing Backlinks?

How to Rank Higher Without Chasing Backlinks?

The very common question and problem for every new blogger is how to rank their websites higher in SERPs. Around 2 years ago or even 1 year ago people were following the classic method of creating bulk of backlinks using their choice of anchor texts to rank higher. They used:

  • commenting on other blogs,
  • directory submissions,
  • article submissions to article directories,
  • getting side bar or footer links,
  • creating tons of websites and linking them together,
  • joining blog networks to get tons of links,
  • buying links from reputed websites
  • and many other similar methods.

The main point of focus was to get as many backlinks as possible from other websites and blogs for maximum ranking. And this method really worked like a charm few years ago.


Is this method of Getting/Buying Backlinks still Valid?

There are many bloggers and SEO guys who are still following and advocating the same method with some little changes. For example they say that you should still buy backlinks but should focus on quality instead of quantity and your anchor text should look natural. They still think that article marketing, blogs commenting and purchasing backlinks really work.

A very popular way to getting these backlinks today is guest blogging. I am not against guest blogging and I also do it occasionally. But i don’t think that Google will give these links proper weight. This is another type of paid links. I know most of guest blogging is free but there are many webmasters out there who charge for posting guest posts on their blogs. They allow one do-follow link within content of guest blog. I know some bloggers who were getting some backlinks through guest blogging and they got “Unnatural links warning” from Google. Also recently Matt Cutts from Google have said that guest blogging is not totally safe. He recommends using Nofollow links in guest blogs.

Commenting on other blogs is still a good way to promote your blog. But it should not be spamming. Commenting should be meant for chatting with other webmasters and exchanging your views. It should not be done for the purpose of back linking.

What I Think About Back linking and Search Engines Ranking?

What i think that we should not go for chasing back links from any of above mentioned methods. Google always recommends that we should focus on website quality and content. When other bloggers will find that your blog has quality and useful content they will love to link to your content and website. But most of us work in reverse direction. We start building/buying back links first and start thinking that Google will consider our website as useful because of those links.

But i think Google has become very smart. They know really well which one is natural link and which one is created link. So it is better not to waste time and money for chasing back links. Because in this way you will always be in danger with every new Google Search ranking Algo’s change.

What should be exact strategy?

I think just focus on high quality, useful and unique content.

  • Create your twitter, facebook and Google+ pages and profiles.
  • Make it easier for your website visitors to share your website content.
  • Facebook, twitter, and Google+ sharing links will be always in front of your website.
  • Just focus on content quality and quantity. Try to increase average visit time of visitors on your website.

I have seen that people love to share your content when they like it. Look at your facebook account. Your friends are sharing, every day, many videos and links that they don’t own. They share because they find it interesting. So, if you can produce good content then why your visitors will not share it.

The real facebook likes, real tweets and Google+ votes are the actual backlinks that you need in 2013. I have seen that my bloggers have got high or even highest ranking with these natural links. One real and natural link is of more importance than many manually placed links.

Make a huge website with 100-500 good quality posts and see how your website traffic and ranking goes up 🙂

I will be waiting for your comments and thoughts on this.

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How to Rank Higher Without Chasing Backlinks?
How to Rank Higher Without Chasing Backlinks?

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