How To Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress

How To Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress

1. Design and load time

Like in real life, first impression is most important. When a visitor lands on your website, the first thing he will notice is your blog’s loading time and design of your blog.

2. External site opens in new tab

It’s a good idea to make all external website links to open in new tab instead in current. You want to keep visitors on site.

When you are linking to any site (Wiki, YouTube, Amazon or any other), select the option which says open in new tab. You can also charge plugin to do it for you.

Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin  

3. Easy to read articles

Make content in posts clear and easy to read. Try to give it a style by adding headings (H2, H3, H4). Make sentences shorter, grammatically correct and understandable.

4. Related posts

Showing related posts is very important. Once a reader is done reading the article, show him more similar topics.

There are many WordPress Plugins which make possible to add related posts if your WordPress theme doesn’t have that feature built-in.

5. Easy navigation

Your blog should be easy to navigate from one page to another. Visitor should always know where they are located and what they are looking for.

6. Search box and relevant links

It’s always recommended to have a search box which is easily visible. Visitors sometime prefer to search for articles about topic they are interested in.

If you want to reduce bounce rate make sure that you link only relevant articles with each other.

Irrelevant articles might irritate visitors and make them leave site.

7. Internal linking

This is important factor from SEO aspect as well as in reducing bounce rate. Try to interlink blog post as much as you could.

Wikipedia interlink SEO strategies and example can be your guiding point.

Interlinking also helps in boosting search engine ranking if done with proper anchor text technique.

8. Keep pop-ups to a minimum

Pop-ups come with a proven track record of improving subscriptions. But if you over do it, they can be big turn off for site visitors.

9. Splitting up long posts

You can split long articles/posts into multiple pages using the WordPress tag in post.

Simply add it wherever you want and your post will be split into multiple pages.

You have to be very careful when doing this. If you do not have a sufficient amount of content on each page, then the user might get pissed of.


Reduce bounce rate WordPress plugin

Yes, there is a plugin in WordPress for almost anything.

While doing research for this post, I stumble upon Zero Bounce WordPress plugin. This plugin is for every type of self hosted WordPress blog and you can use it in various ways to make blog profitable.

One of the biggest reason for high bounce rate is due to visitors hitting the back button.

If you have a blog/site where you get traffic from search engine or Facebook, chances are that people would read the article and simply hit the back button or exit button.

What if you could redirect these users to page of your choice when they hit the back button or exit button?

No annoying pop-up and no annoying message. Simply get redirected to any page of your choice.

This is what Zero bounce rate plugin does. This plugin is easy to configure and you can quickly install, activate and put into work.

That is lite version of plugin. In Zero Bounce PRO you get many more features.

Once you have purchased, installed and activated the plugin, you can access the setting from settings > Zero bounce and start configuring the settings.


The very first thing which you would do is choose the link on which you want your visitors to be redirected after hitting the back or close button:

  • You can use single URL or multiple URL which will be rotated automatically. This way you can also do an A/B testing and find the URL that works the best for you.
  • You can activate this feature based on referrals. For example, activate the plugin feature only for search engine traffic or traffic from Facebook or traffic of your choice.
  • You can deactivate the plugin for readers who have spent X amount of seconds on your blog.
  • You can select if you want your desktop or mobile or both traffic to be redirected.


You also have an option to configure it for individual posts from the post editor. You can use it for those posts which are getting high traffic but have really high-bounce rate.

You can configure it to redirect them to another similar post or may be to a product page which converts and increase your sales.

You can redirect visitors who are about to hit the back button or exit button to your landing pages.

These landing pages could be your free eBook page, resource page or anything which converts most for you.

Zero Bounce Plugin

Zero Bounce Plugin

Reduce bounce rate in WordPress

Reduce bounce rate in WordPress

Of course, you can always redirect to affiliate products, offers or any other external site. Also you have an option to exclude certain part of your blog like “Home-page” “Posts” or “Pages.”

You can even redirect users to specific page based on their geo-location. This is useful for niche site, where you want users to land on specific geo-targeted pages in order to increase the conversions.

Another feature in Zero Bounce is the ability to redirect if your visitors wants to close the window or browser.

Personally I think that’s a little too forceful for a personal blog, but if you’re using this plugin on a sales page or niche site, then this feature might prove to be a useful one.

The final option on this page is whether you want to redirect a visitor only once.

If you are an into affiliate business, I’m sure you must have figured out the smart use of this plugin. In case if you haven’t, you can use this plugin to redirect users to one of the affiliate products you are promoting.

Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin  


Zero Bounce WordPress plugin summary

Even if you can’t keep visitors on your website, you can do your best to ensure they will return by giving them links accessible throughout website, to social media profiles, newsletter…

If they leave your website but become a fan of your Facebook page or start following on Twitter, you will still have a chance of bringing them back vs if they leave and have no way to connect with you otherwise. Consider applying above mentioned tips.

You could also try to reduce bounce rate using WordPress plugin Zero Bounce. I would recommend using it on your affiliate oriented sites.

Zero Bounce Lite

Zero Bounce Lite

Zero Bounce PRO

Zero Bounce PRO


Zero Bounce WordPress plugin Lite Vs PRO Comparison


  • Price

  • Global redirect URL

  • Load Javascript inside HTML

  • Redirect to multiple URLs

  • Disable Redirect for Homepage / Post / Page

    Ability to disable redirects on all pages, posts or homepage only.

  • Exit Intent Technology

    Automatically detects if the visitor is trying to close the browser or leave the page and instantly redirects him to another page, offer or optin page.

  • Manual On/Off Switch

  • Dynamic Redirect Rotation

    Automatically rotate several redirect URLs

  • Selective Redirect

    Only redirect visitors who come from certain sites

  • Automatic Timed Deactivation

    Turn off and not redirect visitors if they’ve stayed on your page for longer than a certain time such as with longer sales letters, landing pages, etc.

  • Mobile/Desktop Toggle

    Choose to redirect only desktop or only mobile users

  • Redirect only X percent of visitors

    Set what percentage of traffic you want to redirect.

  • Single Post/Page Advanced Options

    Below each post and page in your WordPress admin area you will see specific options for that post/page.

  • Redirect by Country

    Set different redirect URL for traffic from specific countries.

  • Redirect by Referer

    Setup specific redirect based on where the traffic is coming from

Zero Bounce Lite

  • Single site license $14.95

    Unlimited site license $47 (current on sale $19.23)

Zero Bounce PRO

  • Single site license $47 (current sale $27)

    License for 50 sites $97 (current sale price $37)
    Unlimited site license $149 (current sale price $37.67)

Hope after reading how to reduce bounce rate in WordPress blog/site helped with some valuable tips. Zero Bounce plugin may also prove useful for affiliate marketing.

How do you reduce bounce rate? What do you think about Zero Bounce plugin? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in comments below.

And as usual if I made any mistake, feel free to unleash your rage on me.

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