How To Score Free Concert Tickets

How To Score Free Concert Tickets

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I bet you didn’t even think it was possible to score free concert tickets besides maybe with your local radio station. There are tons of ways to score cheap and free concert tickets!

This summer with the recent change in working situations with my wife and me, we didn’t plan a vacation yet. However, we did plan an amazing summer full of great concerts. I guess it is something about St. Louis, MO but there are amazing shows going on there this summer and we couldn’t take the chance with missing out on any of those! We didn’t spend a fortune on them either.

Unfortunately, most of the time people get turned off from going to concerts due to how expensive they can be. This is because they don’t know of the many ways you can get cheap and free concert tickets. You have to get creative sometimes to do the things you want to do for cheap.

free concert tickets

Become an event blogger.

Did you know it is possible to go to all of your favorite concerts and events for free or maybe even get paid for it through blogging? Well, it is very much possible and hundreds of bloggers achieve this every day. The way that event bloggers achieve free admission to events and concerts is by getting a press pass. Bloggers can also make money while attending events and concerts by working remotely from their laptop using a variety of monetization strategies on their blogs such as ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posting opportunities, writing freelance articles, selling a product or service, or selling e-courses and memberships on their sites.

If you have not yet started a blog and want to, or are having trouble with where to start, check out How To Create A Self Hosted WordPress Blog.  You can get a free SSL certificate for your site (for security and boosted SEO) AND get 60% off shared hosting for your blog or website with my link. If you want more scale and options out of your hosting, check out managed WordPress hosting options with GoDaddy or WPEngine. With this link, you can get started on GoDaddy today for only $1! You can get a free domain with your hosting package if you sign up with Bluehost .

Check out the ‘Absolutely Free Tickets’ In StubHub or Ticketmaster.

Many cities have free concerts that go on periodically. For this purpose, Ticketmaster and StubHub have a section of their site and apps called ‘Absolutely Free Tickets’. Check here to see what tickets are available for free in your neck of the woods.

free concert tickets

Enter online sweepstakes for free tickets.

Currently, over at they have some amazing sweepstakes listed that are going on right now! They include prizes of free concert tickets, movie tickets and more. What is great about this site is that they publish new lists of sweepstakes currently going on almost every day. You can find millions of things to win for free, not just concert tickets. Check it out here.

Enter social media contests and giveaways.

Search for your local event and concert venues on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. request to add them and follow them so you can get any status updates on social media contests and giveaways that they may have going on.

I do this with a local venue in our area called The Pageant.  A good friend of mine won 2 free tickets to one of their concerts last summer by entering one of their Facebook contests which were a thread where you ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Comment’ on their post about the event to be entered into the contest and giveaway. The next day she was notified on Facebook via tag that she won!

Sign up to be a seat filler.

Search on Google for a seat filler company in your city or visit Seat filler memberships help venues fill their unsold seats by granting free tickets to a wide variety of events, not just concerts. For a small fee, you can gain free admission to every event or concert going on in your city!

Volunteer at the event or concert.

You can sign up to be a volunteer through the event or concert’s website or contact the venue where it is taking place.

About 4 years ago I signed up to volunteer at a music festival called Summercamp. It was an amazing volunteer agreement because over the course of a couple days all I had to do was fulfill at least 4 hours of volunteer hours and I got my admission completely free! This included free camping and parking as well. Talk about an amazing deal!

Purchase tickets online with coupons and cash back browser apps.

When you purchase tickets online with Ticketmaster or StubHub you should use one of these cashback apps and browser extensions to get a good chunk of money back from your purchase.

BeFrugal (My absolute favorite cashback site.)




Swagbucks (Swagbucks offers cashback on almost every single site known to man, and no you don’t have to do any surveys to get this feature!)

Combine a cashback extension like Ebates with Swagbucks for even more cashback potential. See how this looks in our browser when you apply both.

free concert tickets

Then just click to ‘Activate’ on both browser extensions.

Use a rewards card to get a portion of your purchase back in cashback!

Using rewards cards gets you some great savings! Now that everyone is offering them, no matter where you shop, why not get in on the action because paying full price is just throwing away your money these days.

With the Amazon Prime Rewards Card I get so much cash back every month. That is why this is the only credit card I will allow myself to have. I get so much cash back with it that any purchase I make on Amazon is free most of the time! With the Amazon Prime Rewards Card you can get 1%-5% back on purchases, depending on where you make the purchase. You get 5% back if the purchase is at, 3% back if the purchase is at restaurants, gas stations and drug stores and 1% back on all other purchases.

Use a cheaper ticket distributor.

Ticketmaster can sometimes be the worst site to go through for tickets because if you can’t find any ‘Absolutely Free Tickets’ or make your cash back apps work the best for you to get the most amount back for your purchase, then you end up paying the full price plus a load of fees.

There are a couple of cheaper ticket distributors you can go through though to make your life 100% easier. Some of the cheaper ticket sites are StubHub,, Tickets.Expert and TicketNetwork.

Sign up for TicketNetwork today and get $25 off your next purchase with them!

The best thing about Tickets.Expert is you can even score cheap tickets to sold out shows in the area. How do they do this? No idea, but it is awesome. free concert tickets

What are some ways that you have scored cheap or free concert tickets? I would love to hear of ways that I have yet to encounter!


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How To Score Free Concert Tickets
How To Score Free Concert Tickets

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