How To Use Introduction Emails To Amplify Your Influencer Networking (Templates Included)

How To Use Introduction Emails To Amplify Your Influencer Networking (Templates Included)

A few weeks ago, I published a lengthy blog post about how to use influencer outreach to build traffic to a new blog.

In it, I briefly mentioned introduction emails.

What are introduction emails? Let’s say that you want to reach out to a certain influencer. The problem is that they don’t know who you are, and whatever email you send them will just get mixed in with hundreds or thousands of other emails just like yours. So instead of contacting them directly, you first look through your own network first to see if anybody knows them. If they do, you simple ask them to email the influencer for you with an introduction.

It may not seem like this would make a big difference, but it really does make a big difference.

And in this post, I want to dive in a little further to dissect what really goes into using them.

Why use introduction emails

What’s the easiest way to meet new people in real life?

Through the people you already know. When you’re at a party, people are more inclined to talk to strangers because you share a commonality through a mutual friend.

The same goes for online communication.

Send a cold email to someone, and you won’t see very good results. But have someone you mutually know introduce you first, and the results become significantly better.

I have had people send me introduction emails many times over the years.

Each time, I welcomed them and paid more attention to what that person was contacting me about.


First of all, I appreciate the fact that they took the extra step and asked for an introduction before contacting me directly. That shows that they understand how many cold emails I get, and value my time.

Second, it shows that they understand good networking etiquette. They know how to stand out. My first impression of them is someone who is intelligent, and someone who probably won’t waste my time.

Third, because a mutual friend referred them over to me, I give them more of my attention out of respect for that friend. And, I know that whoever it is must be someone that influencer can get behind. They wouldn’t ask if they could introduce me to a spammer, right?

These are all very strong reasons why introduction emails work.

How to ask for an introduction

It’s really simple.

Let’s go through an example, since it’s the easiest way to show it to you.

I’ll use my own name and blog, since I don’t want to use someone else’s name and make it seem like I’m encouraging you to hit them up.

So… let’s say that you’ve connected with me a few times. You’ve left some great comments in my blog posts, to which I replied. We’ve emailed back and forth for a bit. We know each other.

And now you’ve decided that you’re going to try to leverage your connection with me to connect with another marketer in my circle.

Here’s how to approach this.

Step 1: Find any mentions of other influencers I made publicly

The wrong way is to just ask me randomly if I have anybody I could introduce them to.

“Hey Chris, do you have any other contacts you can introduce me to?”

i.e. I’m too lazy to do my own research. Can you do it for me?

The right way is by digging through any mentions of influencers I made publicly who you would want to reach out to.

Here are a few examples:

  • Someone has guest posted on my blog.
  • I’ve guest posted on someone else’s blog.
  • I’ve mentioned working with someone, or getting close with someone.
  • You’ve seen me promoting someone’s products or services.
  • You’ve seen another influencer promoting my products or services.

All of these are strong indicators that I’ve gotten close with that certain influencer.

Step 2: The next step is to reach out to me over email and request an introduction.

This is what a good introduction request email looks like.

Hey Chris!

Hope all’s well.

You’re likely super busy, especially with the launch of your new product, so I’ll keep this extra short.

I’m trying to connect with John Doe, as I just put together a huge guide on SEO that I think he might be interested in publishing as a guest post. I’ve been reading his blog for years, and would love the opportunity to write on his site.

I saw you mention in one of your recent blog posts that you guys were friends. Do you think you can take a moment to introduce me?

Thanks a ton.


Keep it short but detailed.

Don’t email me a two-page proposal on why you think you deserve an introduction. But always mention the reason WHY you want the introduction in the first place. This is very important.

Since I’m the one who will be introducing you, I need/want to know that you’re not going to waste their time.

Step 3: Wait for the introduction

If I agree to introduce you, on my end I’ll be sending something like this:

Hey John!

Hope you’re doing well.

I wanted to introduce you to Jim, who blogs over at MadeupBlogName. He’s a great writer with a unique view on SEO, and I think he’s got a guest post idea for you you might be interested in.

So Jim, meet John, and John, meet Jim 🙂

You can take it from here, Jim.


I would email John, and CC Jim.

From there, it’s up to you to carry on the conversation and use your ninja networking skills.


You need a solid relationship with the influencer first, or else they won’t agree to introduce you.

Think of asking for an introduction as asking someone to vouch for you. Whatever relationship that develops after the introduction is made, whether good or bad, the person who introduced them is partially responsible. And because of this, people will be cautious of who they decide to introduce.

If you ask me for an introduction and I don’t know you, you need to understand that I can’t do that, even if all it really involves is sending them a simple email.

It’s nothing personal.

I just don’t know them well enough to be able to introduce them. If I introduce them to an influencer and it wastes their time, that’s on me.


Networking is essential to growing an online business. Building relationships with other influencers in your industry will pay dividends to your short-term and long-term growth.

Most people build the relationship with an influencer, but fail to leverage their network of contacts. Each person you connect with, there are dozens of other people you can connect with further.

By using introduction emails, you can amplify your networking and make more relationships with influencers.

Have you tried using introduction emails before? How did it work out for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

How To Use Introduction Emails To Amplify Your Influencer Networking (Templates Included)
How To Use Introduction Emails To Amplify Your Influencer Networking (Templates Included)

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