I will Never Attempt to Do It Again If I’m to Start Blogging New

I will Never Attempt to Do It Again If I’m to Start Blogging New


Revealed: I will Never Attempt to Do It Again If I'm To start Blogging New

This is the guest post from one talented guy and my friend, Theodore Nwangene, and I am honoured to have his excellent piece published on my place.

Let’s hear him loud!

Revealed: I will Never Attempt to Do It Again If I'm To start Blogging New

Revealed: I will Never Try This Again If I’m To Start Blogging All Over

So you want to build a 6-figure/year blog right? You’re planning to quit your day job once your blog starts making say 10k/month and above so you will have enough time with your family and won’t take those unnecessary orders from your boss again.

Well, this is the same thing every blogger want I mean, who doesn’t want to live a boss free life?

A life where no one will be managing your time for you.

A life where you can travel anytime and to anywhere you like without been told when to report back to the office.

Yes, every serious bloggers ultimate goal is for his blog to replace his 9-5 someday so he can tell his boss to go pound sand☺.

The good news is that all these are very possible. Your blog can give you all the good things you want in this live, ask guys like Matthew Woodward, Ryan Biddulph, Harsh Agrawal and Jon Haver; they will tell you more.

However, the bad news is that not every blog have the capability of achieving this for you. Even though you desire it, and you’re dreaming for it to happen someday, a blog that’s not built on a solid foundation will never be able to replace your day job, go write this down somewhere.

The aim of this post is for me to tell you how not to build your blog starting from day one. Most of us started blogging the wrong way, and it took us several years and efforts before we’re able to position things in the right order.

The tactics we used might be working 5-10 years ago but follow those same tactics to launch a new blog today and you’ll fail even before you register your domain name.

The Old Way of Building Blogs: Avoid This Like a Plague

In the past, building blogs were very easy; it was a fairly easy way to get $100 a month in a short period. As long as you get an eye catchy exact match domain, host and install WordPress on it then, start writing and publishing articles upon articles targeting different long tail keywords.

Once you have about ten short articles on the site, it will start ranking for different keywords, and you will start making a couple $100 from AdSense. Try this same approach today and you will be disappointed at the end.

Those days, the advice was that you should be updating your blog with fresh posts as often as possible, and once you’re done publishing each post, you should head over to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and share it with your friends so they will see it.

After that, you should also post it on Bizsugar, Blokube, Inbound, etc for more exposure and don’t also forget to visit and comment on other blogs, the more you comment on other blogs; the more people will come and comment on your blog. In the end, you will be having lots of comments on every post you publish.

Back then, one of the best ways to judge a blog is by looking at how many comments it gets per post; this is what Jon Morrow called “vanity metrics.”

This was the same approach I had followed for many years before I realized how much of a fool I’ve been. I did it for over three years without any significant thing to show for it.

And I’m afraid that lots of people are still following this same God forsaken approach today. I’ve seen lots of bloggers complaining bitterly of how they’ve been putting all their time on their blog but when they look at their Google Analytics and bank accounts; it will look so empty.

When I ask them to tell me what they’ve been doing, I will find out they’re also doing it the same old way.

Believe me, unless you change how you’ve been blogging, you will still be getting only a few comments and social shares from your family and close friends, and that will never be able to pay the bills. The next thing you’ll then do is to quit and get a job. This is one blogging mistake I’ve seen a lot of new bloggers making even as i type this.

So what’s the solution?

The New and Recommended Way Of Building Blogs in 2016 and Beyond

If you’re still with me at this point, it means you want to learn how best to build blogs that will have the potential of replacing your day job. I will show you that in a very simple and concise manner.

Just like every other thing in life, there’s a science behind every popular blog out there; there are things they’re doing which you don’t know, and that’s also what you should be doing if you want to be like them.

So what is that they’re doing differently?

I’m glad you asked, and I will tell you. “They started blogging the right way” They built their blogs on a very solid ground.

If you dream of your blog being your main source of income someday, you need to stop looking at the short-term benefits of the blog but instead, look more on the long term benefits.

If I’m starting a new blog right now, what I will do differently is this…..

I will be writing lots of solid and compelling contents more than I’ve ever written before but this time, only about 3 percent of these articles will be published on my site, a greater percentage of it will be published on some of the popular blogs in my niche.

The first thing will be to discover some of the influential bloggers in your niche, bloggers that already have a good audience and then, make friends with them. Once they’ve become familiar with you, you will then start pitching them for guest post opportunities.

The truth is that it will be hard for them to reject this offer once they know you and the articles you want to publish on their site are of higher value.

Now, that they’ve accepted to publish your article on their blog, your main focus should be to build an email list. Remember these people already have lots of audiences, if your guest posts are good enough, you will be able to funnel some of their audience back to your list.

Mind you that any marketer who is not building an email list today is a big fool, and this was the highest mistake I made when I started. I ignored list building for almost three years, and I won’t like you to make same blogging mistake.

Therefore, you have to take list building very serious; it’s the most important weapon of every good marketer on the internet today.

Interestingly, the best way to build it is via guest posting. Just make a list of 10 popular blogs in your niche that accepts guest posts and start connecting with them.

Like Jon Morrow suggested, stalk them until they become familiar with you. Follow them everywhere and make it a duty always to share and comment on their posts.

When you think they’ve noticed you, start pitching them and make sure your post is well written such that it will be very difficult for them to reject.

After they’ve accepted your guest posts, build a good looking landing page offering a very relevant incentive for their readers to join your list then, include a link to this landing page on your bio.

Not only will these influential bloggers publish your posts on their blogs, but they will also be sharing and tweeting your blog posts once they know and liked you, but this will also give you lots of exposure on the internet. Think of when Brian Clack or Neil Patel tweet your post. Once this happens, your blog will experience a traffic surge.

If you do this very well, you will soon have a good number of email subscribers and money will not be your problem again.

Now, give this a trial and let me know the result.

If you have any question on this, let me hear it in the comment area.

I will Never Attempt to Do It Again If I’m to Start Blogging New

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