India: Floods Force Thousands To Leave Their Homes

India: Floods Force Thousands To Leave Their Homes

Monsoon rains have flooded parts of India and forced thousands to leave their homes. The floods have left at least 16 people dead. Emergency teams have evacuated hundreds while the flooding continues in some parts of India.

Rescue Teams

In recent days, emergency teams have rescued many people but have also found six bodies. The emergency teams found the bodies during a search operation in the state of Gujarat. The state has been one of the most affected by the flooding. More than 60 people have died in the state since the start of the monsoon season.

The monsoon season began last month and ends in around two months. The rains have forced more than 20,000 people to flee their homes. The situation has only gotten worse in some districts, with waters rising after days of rain. In the most affected districts, rescue teams have used boats to save hundreds of people. In some of the districts, it has rained for over two days.

Thousands of People Evacuated

The floods have left the districts with no public transportation or access to roads or highways. In Gujarat, local media reported that the highways were completely under water. The heavy rains in Gujarat have caused rivers to overflow. The situation appears to be worse in a nearby district, where dams have overflowed. The train services connecting some of the districts to the capital have also been suspended.

In one district, emergency teams have evacuated more than 10,000 people. Authorities have set up shelters with food and water for the people affected. In Rajasthan, authorities have used helicopters to help with the evacuations.

In India, the monsoon season started last month and ends in September. In 2016, the monsoon season left over 120 dead after causing floods and landslides in eight states. 28 of the deaths were reported in the Rajasthan state.

India: Floods Force Thousands To Leave Their Homes

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