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InMotion VPS Hosting Review Features
InMotion VPS Hosting Review Features

InMotion VPS Hosting Review Features | TechzAround

InMotion VPS Hosting Review Features
InMotion VPS Hosting Review Features

A company with over 15 years of experience, InMotion Hosting has lots to offer with its services and dedicated staff. InMotion Hosting, based in California, USA but operates all around the world; has a great repertoire within the web hosting industry and for great reasons of course. With a staff of web administrators, each having 10+ years of experience, and also employing web hosting experts, each with a minimum of 4 years of experience; you can rest assured that your VPS service is in good hands.

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The hardware has been one of InMotion’s defining qualities in the industry, and they continue to deliver with over the top standards. This name in the community is not un-founded and is supported by the fact that InMotion Hosting was voted the best hosting service by a handful of top hosting award sites. The actual quality regardless of awards should serve as a basis of our selection quota. And how, you may ask is the quality of InMotion Hosting?

VPS Service
InMotion Hosting holds nothing back in providing a quality service to its users. The company separates its VPS packages into three main selections. Not the most wide range of choices but they generally cover most bases. But then again, a greater variety of selection with the specifications is always more beneficial to the user. Whatever the case may be, the three packages are assisted by several add-ons.

Every VPS package is differentiated by the usual specifications RAM, Bandwidth and Disk Space. But otherwise all three packages come with the following features:

  1. Free SSD
  2. Free Domain
  3. Dedicated IP Address
  4. Full cPanel License
  5. Unlimited Domains/Websites
  6. CentOS 6 Enterprise  Class Linux
  7. Free Setup

Additionally they also come with:

  1. SSH Access
  2. Unlimited MySQL Databases
  3. Reseller Access with WHM
  4. Unlimited Email Accounts
  5. Unlimited Individual cPanel Sub-Accounts
  6. eCommerce optimized
  7. Optional root Access
  8. Easily scalable solutions
  9. Unlimited FTP accounts

It is clear why InMotion Hosting is one of the best VPS service provider when it comes to server speed, uptime, and customer service. You also do not even have to worry about hidden costs as is stated clearly on their website, and is made clear from the dozens of customer reviews.  You would expect so many of these features to come with only the more expensive VPS packages. But InMotion Hosting does what few other companies do and strap these additional features and add-ons for free.

Now moving on to the specifications of the VPS packages themselves they are pretty straightforward.

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InMotion VPS Hosting Review Features
InMotion VPS Hosting Review Features

InMotion Hosting has a 90 day return policy in place as well; say if you are not satisfied with your service then you can always get a 100% refund. But with features such as free site backups, optimized eCommerce, selection of data centers, managed hosting, and many more; it will be almost impossible to not be satisfied with InMotion Hosting services.

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