Is Twitter Any Good? Now You Can Be Absolutely Certain

Is Twitter Any Good? Now You Can Be Absolutely Certain
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Is Twitter Any Good? Now You Can Be Absolutely Certain

#Bloggers can get 299,000 Twitter followers. Click to see how.

Would you be shocked if I told you today’s guest author has over 299,000 Twitter followers?

Would you be even more shocked if I told you he is only 18 years old?

In addition to all his other credits, 18-year-old  Marc Guberti is an instructor. He teaches young entrepreneurs how to be a success, and he is here today to explain to you how you can be a successful blogger using Twitter, a popular social media site.

In this case study post, you will learn the methods Marc used to get the 299,000 followers, so you can follow his steps to increase your own Twitter following and increase your blog traffic.

How I Get 100,000 Twitter Followers Every Year

By the end of the summer, I’ll have over 300,000 Twitter followers. It’s a big milestone on a social network that has been critical to my success.

Twitter alone has resulted in over 237,212 people visiting my blog. If you are not using Twitter to get more blog traffic, then you are missing out on a valuable platform.

Getting that many visitors each year requires a large, targeted audience. I gain approximately 100,000 targeted followers each year. It’s important to achieve the balance of tending to your current audience while expanding further.

Growing your audience requires a consistent effort carried over a long period of time. You won’t suddenly go from getting a few follower each day to a few hundred followers each day. With patience and effort, you’ll get there.

Here’s how I get 100,000 Twitter followers every year:

#1: Follow The Right People

While I am approaching 300,000 Twitter followers, it is also worth noting that I am following over 200,000 people. I have been following people and getting some of them to follow back.

Anyone who hasn’t followed me for more than two weeks gets unfollowed to preserve my ratio.

However, I am not following random people who have good follow back ratios. I am taking the traditional idea of follow for follow one step further.

Read the next paragraph very carefully.

Follow the followers of successful influencers in your niche (over 100K followers). When following these people, make sure they are active and look like people who would follow you back.

Rinse and repeat over a long period of time and soon enough you’ll have 100,000 Twitter followers. You may end up gaining 100,000 Twitter followers each year.

#2: Post Valuable Content

I define valuable content as content that your targeted audience believes is valuable. The definition of value differs for each person.

I define social media marketing articles as valuable. A blog post about gardening isn’t as valuable to me, regardless of how valuable it would be to a gardener.

You only have to create content that your targeted audience will appreciate. Don’t go too far outside of your niche. I like to analyze my tweets every month to see which tweets are getting the most engagement.

Engagement (i.e. retweets, likes, and interactions) are like votes. Your audience is voting on which type of content they want more of. Your job is to then provide your audience with more of that content.

This decision will result in more engagement for your tweets which results in more reach and therefore more followers.

#3: Post Consistently

I schedule my tweets in advance with HootSuite every day. By posting consistently, your audience will remember you, and you’ll begin to build a loyal audience.

Posting valuable content consistently will give potential followers an additional reason to follow you. Your Twitter profile and tweets are the pitch you present to your potential followers. If a potential follower likes the pitch, that person will click on the follow button.


One of my goals on social media is to get over 10,000 YouTube subscribers. Although this may seem unrelated to Twitter, there is a correlation.

I watched a bunch of YouTube videos about how to get thousands upon thousands of subscribers within a short amount of time. Guess what? The same tactics were covered in almost all of those YouTube videos.

If you have been searching for methods you can use to get thousands of Twitter followers each month let alone over 100,000 new followers each year, some of these methods may look familiar to you. Implement the methods and you’ll start seeing an increase in followers.

Just stay strong throughout the journey, and one day you will reach a point in which you are gaining over 100,000 Twitter followers every year in as little as 15 minutes per day.

Author Bio: Marc Guberti is a teenager entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and author. He is the co-founder of Teenager Entrepreneur, a movement that educates and empowers teens worldwide with the knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Twitter and Marc Guberti by visiting his blog

Admin Blogger’s Commentary: Marc reported Twitter alone resulted in over 237,212 people visiting his blog! Clearly, Twitter is a valuable site for sending traffic to your blog.

Many readers comment that they don’t have time use Twitter because they are focusing on other social media sites. More than 237,000 people went from Twitter to Marc’s blog. Marc explained his techniques take 15 minutes a day. Certainly, that is a good return on your time investment.

Readers, please share, so others learn the value of using Twitter to win traffic to their blogs.

What is your opinion about Marc’s methods? Do you think they have merit? How successful have you been in getting traffic to your blog from Twitter? Is the site one of your top referrers? I look forward to your views.

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Is Twitter Any Good? Now You Can Be Absolutely Certain

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