Make Money Online From Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Make Money Online From Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing


Amazon KDP program allows all people from around the world to publish their digital books and earn money online. You can upload as many books as you want and earn unlimited amount of money from this method.

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On What Topics Should Your Write Your Books?

There are lots of categories on KDP but according to my experience you should start by publishing books in following categories:

  • Self Improvement
  • Health
  • Food and Cooking
  • Make Money Online
  • Children Educational Books

What Should Be Length of Your Kindle Book?

You don’t need to write very long books. You can write 5000 words long books and publish on KDP.

What If you cannot write on your own?

If you cannot write or don’t want to write, simply hire a freelancer writer to write a book for you. You can get a good book written in just $50. You can hire a good writer from

What are Other Requirements?

You need a good and attractive book cover for each of your kindle book. You can hire a good designer from to design your book cover for just $5.

Earning Potential:

If your book price is less than $2.99 then you will earn 35% revenue. If your book price is $2.99 or greater then you will earn 70% revenue from each sale.

Earning potential is huge. You can scale your business by publishing multiple books in different categories. By selling only 5 books at the price of $2.99 you can earn $10/day easily. I know many people who are earning $1000+ every day. They are earning huge money because they have published hundreds of small books on KDP.

More Reading:

For more details and tips about earning money from Kindle Books please visit Kindle Publishing section. Also consider reading my book for step-by-step guide for earning from this platform.

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Make Money Online From Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Make Money Online From Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

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