My Interview, unpleasant experience with a hosting platform.

My Interview, unpleasant experience with a hosting platform.



The beginning of June marked few wonderful signs of joyous occasions! I mean my blog page activities are showing a high pitch in traffic and other activities!!!  In fact, that was indeed a double or triple joy!I mean to say that my Alexa rank increased tremendously and was showing a big traffic flow ever before! Along with that, my joy again increased in relation to a pleasant chat with an Indian-born British blogger named Reji Stephenson.   Though we both belongs to the same state of Kerala, I met Reji online recently and have developed a good rapport with him and he asked for an interview with me and  that finally turned into a blog post on Reji’s blog. Read that post by clicking the link below:


nisha postAnother joyous thing happened in the beginning of this month is the Guest post by SEO expert Nisha Pandey of She posted a wonderful post with a lot of blogging tips any blogger need to follow. You can read that post here: 30 Smart Ways to Write Traffic-Puller Blog Posts –



Yet another joyous thing is that, the kind mention of my name by a young blogger from India. He is Vashistha Kapoor from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This teenager started a blog just 3 months back and he is going to join in the company of famous bloggers through his wonderful activities in this short span of time. A visit to his page will tell you a lot about this young boy! Yes, Let me call him BOY, but am sure he is mature enough to make it to the level of a pro blogger.

He counted and mentioned me on his page as one of the wonderful (Nice) people he found in the ocean of the internet!

I really surprised to note that my name is mentioned along with a few of the top bloggers in India and abroad!

That was indeed increased my joy to a triple stage!

You can read that post here:

Thank you Reji and Nisha and of course my young friend Vasishta for your wonderful contribution in regard to Philipscom

In fact, the month of June is a very special month for me: an interview, guest post, and a young blogger

May you all have a great and profitable month of June ahead! 🙂

Thanks to all my friends who joined with me to read my posts here.

Sincerely Yours
For Philipscom



Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’


The month of June is a very special month for me: an interview, guest post, and a young blogger Click To Tweet


Very surprisingly month of June is indeed a very special month for me! Since Philip the blogger born on the month! LOL   That is indeed a great joy to note: 


Just after all these happy moments suddenly there erupted an unpleasant situation in relation to my page!

I was about to do some promotion through my social networks about the new developments in my blog but sad to say, suddenly when I clicked to open my page there appeared an unwanted or uncalled for notification or a message from our service providers!

It is so disgusting that no blogger for that matter anybody else never wants to read or get such notifications for no fault of theirs.

I still wonder how a service provider/hosting company can send out such nasty note to their clients

and for their readers, can any experienced bloggers can tell me the reason why they are showing this unpleasant placard!

Here below I am giving a screenshot of it!!

account suspension

My Interview, unpleasant experience with a hosting platform.

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