My Top 6 Blog Posts For May and June: Short Videos, Google Analytics, Monetize Blog, Guest Post Traffic, Research Next Blog Post, Long Tail Keywords

My Top 6 Blog Posts For May and June: Short Videos, Google Analytics, Monetize Blog, Guest Post Traffic, Research Next Blog Post, Long Tail Keywords

My Top 6 Blog Posts For May and June: Short Videos, Google Analytics, Monetize Blog, Guest Post Traffic, Research Next Blog Post, Long Tail Keywords

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Summer is just right around the corner and many of you are making plans for a summer vacation. That’ll be the time for you to rejuvenate yourself and to come back fresh and open minded for some new ventures and of course better results.

We all want better results, and sometimes we must make those necessary changes and adjust to new ways, new tools, and new strategies that’s going to be the reason why we propel with our blogs and our businesses. Some of you may be stuck, or just feel stuck where you feel like there’s no other options out there.

But when it comes to blogging and online marketing there are always different options that are within your clutches waiting for you to take advantage of them. Sometimes it takes a while for your to find the right strategy or tool to bring you the success that you always wanted.

This is why I like to introduce you to more options and ways to do what needs to be done for you and started these types of roundup posts which i started in the previous month. I like showing you what I have been running across and implemented so hopefully these things will help you along your journey.

So without further adieu, heres the 6 Blog Posts for the months of May and June that I consider good quality and valuable posts that may be the options that you’ve been looking for.


10 Top Tools For Creating Short Videos That Rock

Kim Garst We’ve all heard the cliche that Content is King, but the one thing that you want to focus on is what type of content you want to implement within your blog posts. Content isn’t just about writing an article, but also displaying other types of formats and layouts as a way of mixing it up to keep the interest of the different types of people that come to your blog.

With that said, Video is one of those types of content that a lot of people resonate with. It’s said that at least 60% of people are visual learners and communicators. If you didn’t know, now you know and this would be a great opportunity to take advantage of this fact.

This is why I like to introduce you to a great post that Kim Garst put together when it comes to intriguing your visual learners. Her posts on Tools For Creating Short Videos is one post you don’t want to overlook because she provide 10 tools that you can explore for yourself and see what fits best for you and your audience.


A Crash Course in Google Analytics For Anyone Who’s Sick of Feeling Like An Idiot

Casey Kluver When I first started blogging I read many blogs that highly recommended the use of Google Analytics. For some reason at the time I really didn’t see a big benefit of why Google Analytics or any type of analytic tools would be that important, But i went ahead and took the bull by the horn and created an account.

When I first saw and tried to comprehend Google Analytics, not only was I bewildered but it was so convoluted. These bloggers made it seem like it was very comprehensible and easy to implement, but at the time I beg to differ. So I put it to rest for a year until a couple of years ago I made it a goal to learn it.

I finally learned the basics, but I keep finding more bloggers who are like how I was with Google Analytics. So, to help all of you who still feel bewildered about Google Analytics and what features will be important for you to use, I ran into this blog post by Casey Kluver where he gives a Crash Course in Google Analytics for all of you that really want to learn the basics of it.



60+ Ways To Make Money On Or With Your Blog

Paul Back Remember when you were told that you could make money from blogging. You probably was unsure or maybe you were all ears and ready to learn how you can do it.

Well there are endless possibilities that you can choose from. But you know you don’t want to be like an octopus on rollerskates with information overload do ya? Or maybe you do. Maybe you do want to get all the information you need, bookmark them and use them as a reference.

Well if you want to be ambushed with great information that will knock your socks off, then you must check out this post by Paul Back. He doesn’t give just 1, 2, 3, or 10 ways to monetize your blog, but he gives you at least 60 different ways of doing so. Who says that you’re limited when it comes to blogging?



Why Your Guest Posts Don’t Drive Traffic To Your Blog (and What To Do About It)

Tom Southern Ok, so far I’ve done two blog posts and they turned out to be great! I love being able to expose my knowledge to a different audience where they can come back to my blog and get to know me a little more and see what type of posts I publish.

Now the bad part about for some of you is that, although you’ve written some great blog posts (Well at least you thought they were great), you got very little to no traffic back to your blog. What’s up with that? You’re guest posts are stellar! Or is it really stellar to their blog audience?

Well don’t fret because Tom Southern has some valuable information he wants to share with you just in case you’re not getting the traffic you want. He asks you Why You’re Not Getting Traffic From Your Guest Posts. Tom tells you why you’re probably not and gives you some stellar solutions that will change that!



How To Research Your Next Blog Post

Mark Curtis Back in the day, when I found a blog post or website I really like I would bookmark it on my desktop computer. I’m sure that you do this also. But what happens afterwards? Do you actually go back to that bookmark, or do you forget all about it?

Well this is common. But what’s worse is when you have a bunch of bookmarks and you can seem to find that one, true bookmark that will answer an irking question of yours. It was just that one blog post that will make your day brighter again.

Well there is a solution for that! And the answer to this problem was introduced on Mark Curtis’ blog post. I just hate it when i have a blog post that I want to reference to that I bookmarked 2,3, or 6 months prior but yet can’t find it. Well Mark presents a tool that will change that and will aid you Research for Your Next Blog Post.



How To Search Long Tail Keywords For Your Posts

Nikhil Ganotra Ok, you’re about to do your next blog post. You’ve read on many blogs that you need to do keyword search so that search engines can rank you well. But it can’t be just any type of keyword. It has to be a Long Tail Keyword.

Now the problem with most bloggers is that they don’t know how to search for those Long Tail Keywords that’s going help get their blog posts found on the internet. And you probably read some blogs that were very generic when it came to this topic, right?

No worries, because Nikhil Ganotra has your back. In his post How To Search Long Tail Keywords he provides 6 different ways that you can use to find those really great, attractive Long Tail Keywords that’s going to make your SEO even better!


How Did You Like These Posts?

Yes summer is amongst us, and it’s a great time to reflect on what you’ve been doing in regards to your blog. You can look back on what you have improved on, and what improvements you need to make to get better results

I can tell you that they have been helping me, especially the one blog post by Nikhil with Long Tail Keywords. I have seen improvement in traffic and subscribers. But when you combine all 6 of these posts together and implement what you learn, you’ll see a big positive difference.

Please comment below and let me know how’d you like these posts. Have you read them already? If not, what have you learned from them? If so, have you applied any of these tools and strategies and what have been your results? Don’t forget to share this post with all of your friends and acquaintances that are looking for something like this!

My Top 6 Blog Posts For May and June: Short Videos, Google Analytics, Monetize Blog, Guest Post Traffic, Research Next Blog Post, Long Tail Keywords

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