NDA (National Defence Academy)

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NDA (National Defence Academy)

NDA-A prominent institution

NDA stands for National Defence Academy. It was founded on 7TH December 1954. NDA is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. It’s an iconic institution with historic and Hallmark to provide global excellence in the sphere of military education.


The National Defence Academy will continue to be the premier joint training institution and centre of excellence in the world for producing junior leaders, for the Indian Armed Forces, and Armed forces of friendly foreign countries, equipped with mental, moral and physical attributes required to cope with the challenges in the near future battlefield and capable of leading troops to victory, in conventional, non-conventional and asymmetrical conflicts.

For any vision to fructify, it requires a well laid out plan action, a mission to accomplish and zeal to preserve despite all odds.

The Mission:

In NDA they provide highest standards of focused training in the professional, intellectual, physical and leadership spheres as also moral and ethical grooming to cadets using innovative concepts, technologies, corporate and modern practices with a view to providing the Armed Forces, competent potential junior leaders with a high standard of integrity, equipped to function in the battlefield of the future and capable of leading troops to victory.

They ensure maintenance and further enhance the infrastructure of the Academy thereby providing a suitable environment for all existing and future requirements. They encourage individual growth, promote welfare enhance the quality of life to make NDA family happy and spirited.

They are provided with language labs, high technology equipment to perform better at the war front.  The ultimate motto of the institution is “Service before self”. All in all a beautiful environment is provided to all junior and senior cadets with top quality services to make everyone feel proud of them.

NDA is the most prominent institution of India which produces people who are not afraid of anything whether it’s bullets or people of enemy countries. NDA recruits people through entrance exam which is conducted all over India.

Awards Provided to NDA Cadets:

Alumni of NDA include 3 Param Vir Chakra recipients and 9 Ashoka Chakra recipients. It has also produced 27 service Chiefs of Staff till date. Current Chiefs of Staff of the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force are all NDA alumni.

The Administrative headquarters was named as Sudan Block, in honor of sacrifice of Indian Soldiers in Sudan theater during The East African Campaign. It was inaugurated by Ambassador of Sudan of India, Rahmatullah Abdulla, on 30 May 1959.

Admission to NDA is through entrance exam conducted by UPSC, followed by extensive interviews by SSB covering general aptitude, physiological training, and team skills with physical and social skills along with medical tests. About 4, 50,000 students sit for this exam each year.  About 320 cadets are accepted to the academy each semester. Maximum age of the candidate should be 19 and half years and minimum should be 16 years.

Before they are accepted they go to extensive training academies for a year according to their fields such as:

  • Army Cadets go to IMA (Indian Military Academy, Dehradun).
  • Air Force Cadets go to AFA (Air Force Association) at Dundigal, Hyderabad.
  • Naval Cadets go to INA at Ezhimala, Kannur, and Kerala.

Cadets are imparted with indoor and outdoor training with practical training. Alumni of the Academy have participated in numerous conflicts in which India has participated. They have a record of numerous awards as well such as:

Ashok Chakra, Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra and much more are awarded to countless cadets. A documentary film My Flag, My Life has also been made on the life of cadets.

It’s a Golden chance for anyone who wants to serve the country in a specific way and lead in the front.

NDA (National Defence Academy)

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