Off-Page Optimization, its methods and Importance.

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Off-Page Optimization, its methods and Importance.

Off-Page Optimization, its methods and Importance.

Off-Page Optimization:

Off-Page Optimization is a technique of promotion of the website in order to create it to the top of the Search Engine page, outside the platform or the page (i.e social media, linkdin, google adds, youtube, postings, creating a page e.t.c).


Off-Page Optimization is considered to be an easy and guaranteed mean to promote the product and get very high return over small investments. In this type of SEM, you would able to get reach over millions of user on Internet and get enormous amount of data related to their interest for your product and their lifestyles.

Methods of Off-Page Optimization:

  1. SMO (Social Media Optimization): Promoting our websites and advertises through Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkdin
  2. SMM (Social media Marketing): marketing means paying dollar to promote website on social media page, it is effective than free version. It is in the reach of large amount of Users and very popular these days.
  3. Blog Comment: Blog writing is cheaper and robust way to talk about your products and web sites, It can be created by many websites like com, etc.
  4. Classified Advertisement: It is form of article or any online advertisement through Internet distributed free among people, It is cheaper form of Off-Page Optimization.
  5. Directory Submission: It is done to improve rank of our website on search engine pages, the directory that is submitted should be well managed and accurate.
  6. Guest Posting: you can also write some article on page of some another website as a Guest to promote your product.
  7. Video Promotion: We can post video for our websites and product via youtube and other video sites.
  8. Forum Submission: Forum submission is a kind of writing experiences about usage of product. It is helpful in knowing user interests by their views.
  9. Book Marketing: advertisement posting through books by creating proper and attractive place to target users. Social book marketing is also very similar to it but done through Internet.
  10. Web 2.0: submitting and promoting your websites by mean of many websites which are used by most of the users like tumbler, google + etc.


Web 2.0:

  • It is known as second phase of optimization done on different social media platforms such as social networking, micro blogging.
  • Tumbler, wikis and different other sites that is used in promotion of another websites.
  • One of the most effective mean of promoting product in easy and guaranteed manner.
  • Through the reach of Internet over the World, this Web 2.0 creating a new platform as a revolution in the present competitive market and able to make them most successful.





Importance of Off-Page Optimization:

  • It gives the fast result of the money spent on Promotions.
  • It is easy and effective way to reach more and more users through Internet.
  • You can also get benefits through adds of another product promoting on your page.
  • You would able to forecast over your target user and predict future supply to some particular geographical area.




Off-Page Optimization, its methods and Importance.

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