Opening website is a Piece of Cake.

Opening website is a Piece of Cake.

My long-lost friend Choki Gyeltshen surprisingly messaged me last night after launching my website. He sounds pretty amazed with the work and left an appreciation message of my blogging website.  “Never knew I was that talented,” he said.

That gave me a shock.

Okay, let me get straight to the point. Designing WordPress website is just a piece of cake, even a seven years old child can design it. Click To Tweet

By reading those unexpected messages and comments from friends, I am pretty sure that, everyone thought “Ugyen has a website, he is a genius. He knows all those computers language stuff”

Hold on Guys! I am not a genius. Seriously I am shouting out again “Designing website is easy”. Thanks to WordPress though.

I was 15 years old when I was accessed to the internet for the first time. I was in high school back then.

I never had a laptop until I joined college.

I never learned computer as I was a health student. Other then, reading, watching and researching about health issues and updates, the internet was of no use.

I was a person without an idea about internet marketing, blogging, websites, online earnings and selling online few years back. And I still don’t know computer codings like HTML, Java, PHP, Python etc. I feel uneasiness to even see those codes.

Then one fine day, three years before. I accidently heard about WordPress from one of my Indian friend who was already earning through blogs. He told me, blogging is fun, promising revenues and too easy. That really interested me. I took some few steps, invested 2 to 3 thousand Ngultrum (Equivalent to $40 USD), bought a hosting and domain, installed WordPress and after few hours I was having my own website and started publishing articles.

Let me repeat the procedure of opening a website again to convince you that opening a website is a piece of cake.

  1. Get a credit/debit card which does international transactions. (I mean in USD) Most of the banks easily provide such cards, even in Bhutan (BOB).
  2. Buy hosting and a domain. If you buy these days, there is a huge Black Friday Offers going on from hosting companies. It has dropped down to as low as $7.5. Which means you will have your own website with just $7.5 (Roughly around 500 Ngultrum/Rupees.)
  3.  The third step is my favorite, installing WordPress. Have you ever downloaded a game and installed it on your phone? It is just easy as that. With one click, you can install WordPress. (Will cover up about WordPress in next post).
  4. Install Themes which is like changing wallpaper of your phone.
  5. That’s it, you can start blogging, or selling, earning, creating forums, becoming Journalist of your own website, sharing news, whatever you think of you can do it with your website.

Just imagine like mine, How proud it sounds and how proud it would be to give your website to your friends. Cool right?

To end, I just wanted to let you know that creating a website is very easy and requires few steps. So don’t take me as a genius or whatever by owning this website coz even you can. Am I right?

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