Oregon: Truck Transporting Eels Overturns On Highway

Oregon: Truck Transporting Eels Overturns On Highway

An Oregon highway was closed after a truck carrying eels overturned, spilling the animals and slime over the road and cars nearby. The accident happened on Thursday afternoon and while no one was injured, the cleanup forced part of the highway to close. Multiple cars were covered in slime during the accident. The truck overturned when it was unable to stop stop as it approached road construction. The truck was heading north with more than ten containers holding the hagfish. According to police, one container flew off the truck bed to the other lane while the rest spilled onto the highway. The container that flew off hit a car, which caused four other cars to crash into each other.

Truck Was Carrying Hagfish

The fire department said the animals are actually hagfish, which are eel shaped animals that produce slime. These animals are found in the state and are exported to other countries, including South Korea.

Police gave updates and had a good time on social media, tweeting about the strange accident. Pictures posted by the Oregon State Police showed the road covered with hagfish and slime. On one of the pictures, a car involved in the accident can be seen partially covered with slime. One video shows the hagfish still moving around the road as they clean the area. The truck was carrying around 7,500 pounds of hagfish when it overturned on the highway. Police opened one lane shortly after the accident.

Cleanup Completed

The cleanup took some time as the slime was all over the road. The fire department used water to remove the slime. Another video of the cleanup operation shows many of the hagfish still sitting on the side of the road. Police opened both lanes of the highway at around 4 p.m. The hagfish on the truck were reportedly being shipped to South Korea.


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Oregon: Truck Transporting Eels Overturns On Highway

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