Pioneer of In Text Advertising Network – Infolinks

Pioneer of In Text Advertising Network – Infolinks

Infolinks is a worldwide advertising company that offers different ad formats and solution for website owners and help them to earn money. I have been using their inline and other Ads on some of my websites, for last 2 years.

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In the start i was only using Adsense on my website to earn some money. Later i implemented Chitika Ads on my website. In the start I was reluctant to put Infolinks Ads on my website due to some possible issues like:

  1. I thought that putting infolinks Ads with other Company’s Ads may not improve earning
  2. I had also heard that Infolinks company does not pay well

In order to check these issues i added the Infolinks Ads on one of my websites. After few days i noticed that my earning from Ads of Chitika was not decreased and I also started earning extra from Infolinks Ads too. It meant that Infolinks was able to give me extra money without decreasing revenue of already present Ads on the site. This resolved my first issue about Infolinks.

It is true that Infolinks do not pay a huge price per click but it is a fact that its CTR is very high as compared to other Ad networks. I noticed that CTR for other Ad networks was around 0.5-1%. While CTR for infolinks Ads was around 10%. It means that even with small revenue per click, you can earn better money because of more number of Ad clicks. This also resolved my second issue and I implemented these Ads on all of my websites.

How to Increase Earnings From Infolinks Ads?

I have tested various Ads options and features from and have few suggestions for website publishers to increase their Infolinks revenue:

  1. I have seen that blue color converts best for Infolinks Ads. It is the default color for all Ads.
  2. There are 2 options for Link Style settings, dotted and Double. I have seen that Double coverts better.
  3. For maximum earnings, set Maximum links per page to 12.
  4. Do use inTag Infolinks Ads. These Ads have resulted in almost double earnings for my websites.
  5. If your most of traffic comes from Search Engines then by implementing inSearch infolinks Ads you can earn about 15% more revenue, according to my experience.

What is Good With Infolinks?

The good thing with Infolinks is that they accept small publishers around the world. If you have a small website with very low traffic and want to earn some money then Infolinks is the easiest and reliable option for you. Also on the other hand if you are an experienced publisher with a hugee website and thousands of visits per day, again you can go with this company to earn huge money.

There is no restriction of your country. They accept publishers from almost all countries. They pay regularly and have many payout options to select from.

In the end I want to say that I am a satisfied member of Infolinks community and recommend you to join it.

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Pioneer of In Text Advertising Network – Infolinks
Pioneer of In Text Advertising Network – Infolinks

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