Serendipity – A Premium Tumblr Theme

Serendipity – A Premium Tumblr Theme
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Serendipity – A Premium Tumblr Theme Free Download

Serendipity theme is a minimalistic, fashionable and multipurpose tumblr theme. While designing and developing this theme our main goal was to keep the layout uncluttered and user friendly.


Social Links – There are eight accessible social networking links in this theme. Enter your ID and you’re good to go!

Google Web Font Support – This theme uses open source fonts from Google.

Disqus Commenting System – Add your Disqus Site Shortname in the options to enable comments for your site. Click here to register for a Disqus site account.

Google Analytics ID – Google Analytics tracking built into the theme, all you need to do is add your site ID to this option.

Logo or Avatar – Upload an image that represents your profile picture or your logo related to your blog.

Background (Cover Photo) – Upload an image to be used as the header’s background. Keep in mind that the image area is only 300×300 so size your cover photo accordingly.

Options – The custom options lets you change your desirable font and background color the reason behind this is because the theme should have a consistent look although you can implement your custom CSS.

Version Log

Fixed Answer Posts
Fixed Padding Issues


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Created by: kellogstaher
Last Update: 2017-04-13T19:57:35+10:00
Rating: 3.67
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