Setup Floating Share Buttons with Sumome

Setup Floating Share Buttons with Sumome
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Setup Floating Share Buttons with Sumome

Setup Floating Share Buttons with Sumome

SumoMe is a useful toolkit for bloggers that help us to increase traffic to our website by setting specific apps. As seen in the recent Sumome Review, you can manage several useful tools all in one single plugin. Here, we are featuring the Sumome Share App that includes the “Floating Share Buttons“. If you want to improve your blog design and get more free traffic, keep reading to learn how to add Social Share Buttons of the Sumome Share App(including Social Share Buttons WordPress Installation), features and highlights about this useful app. If you can’t wait to try this here you can try SumoMe for FREE!

Why Setup SumoMe Floating Share Buttons?

The Share App from SumoMe is a tool that allows you to place wherever you want in your blog one or several floating share buttons in your website pages.

It is designed to encourage your readers to share your content in different social media platforms in order to spread it and get more free traffic from this shared content.

As all the SumoMe apps, it is more than easy to set up and it has a very simple and neat design. You can actually choose with social media platforms to show between the most popular and also the placement of it in your website. The best of all? You can get SumoMe for FREE!

SumoMe Floating Social Share Buttons Advantages

Settings: You can display one or several floating share buttons depending on the “Services“(or social media platforms) you choose. There is a big list of popular social networks to add and you can choose the position of each one. In the Manual mode you set the order and the Smart mode optimizes for the most shares.

You can name the shares label, choose size, style, background color and you can display the share counts if your want.

Add Social Share Buttons Sumome Dashboard

Stats: One of the best benefits you gain with the floating share buttons is that you can actually get stats from each one of the social media platform shares and you can see it all at a glance.

This is the best way to realize which platform is more used by your readers to share your content. Another valuable information you get is the exact amount of clicks one particular page got every day of each social media platform.  This information is displayed in a simple graph that you can filter by URL, date, device and service (social media platform).

Floating Share Buttons Sumome Statistics

Placement: You can choose several positions to show the floating buttons in desktop and mobile version independently. The dashboard of the “Share” App is very friendly to use and you can choose the placement you want to show your floating buttons by simply clicking on it on the “Layout” section.

You can also choose not to show this tool in the desktop or mobile version if you want by clicking on the position you already chose to activate or deactivate it (the blue color indicates the active status).

Add Social Share Buttons Sumome Placements

Display Rules: Another useful feature that the Share app provides is that you can exclude some pages from showing the floating share buttons. In the “Display Rules” menu, you can select from show the buttons on all pages by default to add a “Show” or “Don’t Show” rule on specific pages of your website.

Social Share Buttons on WordPress

First of all, SumoMe must be installed in your website to make use of the Share app. If you haven’t installed it yet, take a look in the SumoMe Review to learn how to add SumoMe and the social share buttons on WordPress.

How to Add Social Share Buttons in your Website?

Once SumoMe is installed in your website, its time to learn how to activate the Share app to add social share buttons on your web pages.

  1. Inside your website WordPress dashboard where you already installed SumoMe, find a blue tab at the top right. Hover over the tab to show the SumoMe icon (blue crown) and click on it. At this point you’ll be asked to login in if you are not already logged in.
    social share buttons wordpress dashboard
  2. The SumoMe dashboard will pop up and all the SumoMe apps will be listed in order to choose the one you want to activate and edit. You can actually edit an app while it is deactivated, that’s why when you click on the “Share” app for the first time or when it is deactivated it will notify you that the app is not active and it will ask you if you would like to activate it. You can choose to activate it right away or you can click on “No, Just continue to app” button to edit the app before activate it. Notice that this only happens if you click on the app icon without clicking directly on the switch.
  3. When an App is activated, it indicates “ON” in green. Hover over the Switch to activate or deactivate it as you need. This is a fast and easy way to pause an app. Then, click on the app icon to launch the app dashboard.
    Add Social Share Buttons Sumome
  4. The Share dashboard will be shown and you’ll be able to edit all its features. Find the “Settings” menu located on the left side bar. Add the social networks you want to show in your floating share buttons. Remember to set the number of buttons you want to show in the “Services Shown” section.
  5. Name the floating share buttons label or let “Shares” by default.
  6. Select how to sort the buttons by choosing the Manual mode that allows to arrange the buttons as you want or the Smart mode that shows the most shared social network button first.
  7. Edit a little bit the design by changing the background color, the size of the buttons and choose from the square, rounded and circle style.
    Add Social Share Buttons Sumome Dashboard
  8. Another feature you can display is the share counts, it can be displayed the total number of shares and also each social media shares.
  9. Set the mobile version width, you can actually set to switch to mobile mode when the browser width is less than an specific amount of pixels.
  10. Set the placement of your floating share buttons in the “Layout” menu. Simply click on the white bars with a gear at the right to activate or deactivate the location of the buttons in desktop and mobile version.
    Add Social Share Buttons Sumome Placements
  11. Go to the “Display Rules” menu if you want to deactivate or activate the floating share buttons on specific web pages. There you can add a “Show” Rule or a “Don’t Show” Rule to a specific URL.
  12. Remember to always click on the green “Save” button at the right button every time you edit a feature. Open your webpage to check that the floating share buttons are showing correctly.
    floating share buttons desktop

Don’t Forget the Stats!

At last, you can see the stats of your share app inside the “Clicks” section located on the left sidebar menu. Keep in mind that this will show you the amount of clicks your share links got in a specific date or time range of a singular webpage or your website in general. You can display these stats results by social network and device. This results will be very helpful to realize from which social network you are getting the most traffic.

Don’t forget to take a look on the recent SumoMe Review to know all the apps and features that SumoMe offers for FREE!

Setup Floating Share Buttons with Sumome

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