Should I Promote Amazon Products on My Blog?

Should I Promote Amazon Products on My Blog?

If you are a blogger and have become successful in receiving a good regular traffic from search engines and social media, then you might be thinking about some way to earn money from your hard earned traffic. There are tons of ways to earn money from your blog or website. But the two most important, effective and proven ways are CPC Ads and promoting other’s products (Affiliate marketing). For CPC Ads there are many options like Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika Ads. For affiliate marketing most common affiliate networks are Amazon, Clickbank, and Ebay etc. Read more about CPC networks here and here.

In this post I will focus on Amazon affiliate network and will discuss whether it is suitable to promote Amazon products on all types of blogs or not.

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Amazon Ads and links convert best for reviews based websites and NOT for informative blogs and websites.

I have done many websites for my clients and for myself. Some of these websites were able to get around 500 visits per day from search engines and some other were getting around 150-200 visits/day. In the start I was using Adsense on all of my websites and was getting good revenue. Then I decided to try Amazon on these websites too. The results were as follows:

1) The websites that were informative websites like health, fitness, fashion, beauty etc were converting poorly for Amazon. For the websites with over 1000 visitors per day, I posted Amazon Ads above fold for maximum exposure. Again there was almost 0% conversion. People were clicking on Amazon Ads but were not buying anything from them. For these websites, Adsense was working great for me. So i decided to remove Amazon Ads and just used Adsense for them on permanent basis.

2) Some of my websites were reviews based websites, where specific products from various categories were reviewed. These websites were getting very low traffic like around 100 visitors/day. I edited all posts of these websites and after every review, I added recommended products links from Amazon. These recommended products were related to the review. For example while reviewing Cannon cameras, i posted a link to latest Cannon Camera from amazon with its images.

The results were amazing. The conversion was around 15-20%. About 50% of my visitors were hitting Amazon links to visit Amazon site and 10% of those were actually buying some stuff. After looking at these great conversions, I completed removed Adsense and other Ads from these review websites and only used Amazon links and Ads.

Conclusion: The Amazon links and Ads work amazingly great on websites that are review based websites. You need to put recommended products links and images in your reviews to get sales. Also don’t use Adsense or other types of Ads for better conversion.

The Adsense type Ads are great for informative websites that are not review based websites.

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Should I Promote Amazon Products on My Blog?
Should I Promote Amazon Products on My Blog?

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