Sleep And Productivity A roundup post, A Malayalam Translation

Sleep And Productivity A roundup post, A Malayalam Translation



Dear All,

Greetings from Philipscom Associates,

Mala Coll 1 I am so glad to be here again with a totally different post!  As many of my friends here know that I am Mala collage 2a multilingual blogger.  After the publication of our recent Post on Sleep and Productivity, I send an invitation to some of my Malayalam blog friends to  participate in a Malayalam Roundup post, a similar one published on these pages HERE.  Though the response was a big disappointment since many of the Malayalam bloggers are not active on their blogs since few years.  Though the situation was a bit pathetic one, about 25+ bloggers, most of them prominent writers and  bloggers in the Malayalam language.  since the response was poor I thought of translating the English version into Malayalam and in a hurry, I could translate some of the responses received on these pages, and I will be soon translating the left out responses in an upcoming post.


malayalam sleep sample from English

A screenshot from the post


I am sorry many of my friends in the previous roundup post I could not accommodate in this post.  I will be publishing a series of posts in this aspect and will be adding all the left out ones in those posts.  Please bear with me, for the non-inclusion of many of my friend’s responses in this post.

Since this is in Malayalam most of my friends here may not understand anything in it but I am sure, that you will get an idea about your responses which I just did a free translation into the Malayalam language. Nothing More, Nothing Less!

I am sure you will enjoy it by seeing this foreign language!!! 🙂

Here is the link to my blogger page: Ariel’s Jottings

Thank you all who participated in this post as well in the previous post.

With lots of love and regards

For Philipscom


Philp Verghese Ariel


Source:  Ariel’s Jottings


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Sleep And Productivity A roundup post, A Malayalam Translation

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