SMART Blogging Plan for Successful Blog and Bloggers

SMART blogging plan for successful Blog

A son of a Dentist and a Psychiatrist knew that opportunities are waiting across the river. All he needed was a boat but he planned and thought for the long future so instead, he started to build a bridge. His bridge made him access to opportunities every time he needed after few years and became the youngest billionaire in the world. He is no other than the founder of the Facebook, “Mark Zuckerberg”

Whereas in  most of our case, we choose the boat. We don’t think of building a bridge to the future so that it becomes easier when you need to cross the river again. Doesn’t make sense?

Well, sailing on the boat is “immediate action”. We grab the opportunities too quick, but for a short period of time. In another case, building the bridge is a “plan for future”, we can grab opportunities easily and for a longer period. That’s how Mark Zuckerberg became the billionaire, he had built a bridge with a great plan.

Today, how simple it is to open a WordPress blogs. Buy a hosting and domain, install WordPress and can immediately start blogging. Even a 7 years old child can do that. But how far will you go? How much success is it going to be? Does it make you a real blogger? That is a question we need to ask yourself.

There are probably 101 planning guides written on blogs, Entertainment website, magazines, and e-books, everyone telling different things. Which one to choose? Which tactics to follow?  It is really hard to choose from thousands.

When I first started blogging, I felt my WordPress dashboard as my new home. And we all know, how we need to treat our home and how it feels like to be at home.

We know better about our home, like where things are, what to buy, how to arrange furniture, when to throw garbages and all. Likewise, it is your blog, your second home and you know the best about it than any other person. Moreover, no one can make your blog successful, it will be only you who can make it best.

Let us think about Mark Zuckerberg, Did he follow any tips? Did he refer to any guides on the internet while buying the domain “”? A big “NO”. Rather he had his own plan, strategy, and his own goal.

You now know, how important it is to have a goal and a plan. But how you are going to plan? This question must be in your head spinning. Well, it is simple, be SMART.

By SMART, I mean to be S-specific, M-measurable, A-accepted, R-reasonable, and T-time-bound. A piece of cake right?

SMART Blogging plan

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SMART blogging plan

Though it sounds simple but it is one of the most successful strategies one can ever say. To have a SMART blogging plan for your blog can make you a very successful one. Let me jump in then.

1) Specific

First and most important of all. We need to be specific. This involves selection of the niche and the style of content writing. Most of the bloggers in the beginning, including me, choose to write on multiple topics. Of course, it is easier than writing on a single niche but won’t be a successful one in the long run.

Mr. Harsh Aggarwal shouts on his blog site, that it is bad for Readership, SEO and making money. He has nicely crafted the advantages of a single niche over multiple niches.

Therefore, you need a specific niche rather than focusing on multiple niches.

Now the style of content writing with a specification. Most people write a very lengthy post losing their specifications. They focus on writing quantity content rather than on quality.

Douglas Kar explains about writing less content on Marketing Tech Blog. He explains how quality is important for future SEO. Though in some point, Google might index your post on the first page for writing a lengthy post but in future, it is for sure that it will be decreased. That’s the new algorithm of Google.

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The time your visitors spend on your site, bounce rate, subscribers, and conversions are important. This will be the top priority of Google in future.

Moreover, let me explain in another viewpoint. Having 1000 visitors might earn few dollars from AdSense and other ads. But writing with a specific topic with good quality content, the visitors are more likely to subscribe and convert them to the service. Seriously, even with a single conversion, you will be earning more than 100 dollars.

If you are into affiliate program and selling hosting server. Who would read a very lengthy review? Rather they will browse and check for another site with more specific and less content and land up with few cents from Adsense.

Therefore, be specific on niche and content writing.

2) Measurable

I hate the word “ABOUT”. And has no match with SMART blogging plan.

I am going to write about 3 blogs a week. I want to earn about 100 dollars a week. Such sentences, with the word “about”, does not explain the amount. It is just an estimation.

This won’t’ work as a blogging plan. Never do an estimation rather be measurable. Like, This year, the company will increase the annual guest arrivals by 20 percent from 1,500 guests to 1,800 guests.” You would definitely be able to measure these goals within your target timeframe.

For example, I will increase the monthly visitors by 20 percent from 1,500 visits to 1,800 visits. That explains the number of visits which is in the measurable term.

You would definitely be able to measure the success with these measurable goals. Basically, it is a tool or instrument to measure your success.

Let me relate this situation to our daily life. Will you trust your vegetable vendor, if he gave you few potatoes saying it is one kilogram? I am sure, you will not. But what about, weighing potatoes in the machine? That answers how important it is to have measurable goals.

Like vegetable markets, your blog should also have measuring instruments. This is due in letting your visitors trust you as well as to measure how successful your blog becomes.

Use digits, numbers charts, graphs, and tables. This is tools for bloggers to measure the blog’s success.

3) Attainable


One arrow cannot hit two targets at a time, we all know that. And planning to hit two targets with an arrow is unattainable. There is no way that, such plan can ever achieve.

Likewise, whenever we plan for blogging we need a target and make a goal that is attainable.

Seriously it is not possible to get 1 million visitors overnight. It takes time and needs to climb step by step. We need to make a goal that is attainable. Moreover, as a newbie, it will be a craziest plan or goal to built 1 million visitors overnight with one blog post.

Make a goal, like 50 visitors a  day at first, then 100 visitors, thousands, hundred thousand. Even regard with earnings, first 10$, 100$, 1000$ and so on.

Don’t make a goal and plan to become “Mark Zuckerberg” next month. Think attainable, plan attainable and attain your goal in a steady way.

4) Reasonable

This is my favorite from SMART blogging plan. Being reasonable.

A Doctor writing a blog on Car repairing or computer repairing. Does it sound reasonable? Will his blog become successful one?

Or let us imagine, Bill Gait writing blogs on Human Anatomy and Steve Jobs on Therapeutic exercises. How weird it sound, right? And there is no way that their blogs gonna be successful one. But what if they write on marketing, programming, and entrepreneur. I am sure, their single blog can earn more than a billion dollars. That’s what it means by being reasonable.

Writing within your knowledge base will be a right choice if you want to become a successful one.

In being Reasonable, there  are other things to consider too. Like, you cannot expect to increase your visitors with 6 digits within a week. And it will be unreasonable blogging plan.

Increasing your visitors by 20% in 2 months is reasonable.

5) Time-bound

The last from SMART blogging plan, and very simple too. Let me just cut down into few sentences.

Plan your blog in a timely manner. Monday, I will research keywords. Tuesday I will collect materials and images. Wednesday First draft, Thursday second draft, and Friday I will publish. That is kind of timetable and we need to have one for our blog.

Some other examples of time-bound are; I will publish 2 posts every week. I will comment 5 blogs every morning. Every Saturday, I will repost my previous blogs on facebook. Well, those are time-bound planning.

Give a timeframe for your blog and make a goal with the timetable.




As I promised in the beginning, SMART blogging plan is simple. All you need is act now.

Sit back, grab a pen and a paper, and start laying down your plans.

Like other blogs, I won’t promise you that next month you will be earning thousands dollar. Coz it is unreasonable. But one thing I would like to say is, it is your blog and you know the best.

SMART blogging plan is neither a tactics or tips for attracting millions of visitors. But a brilliant idea of planning, setting goals and targeting success.

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