Starting Mineral Water Plant in India

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Starting Mineral Water Plant in India

Your interest to start a mineral water plant in India locally is a good idea, as most of the people now prefer to use mineral water. Anybody who lives in a village or a city likes purified mineral water much better than normal drinking water. Purified mineral water is very good for health also. So a good business option in this health conscious world!

However, before you intend to start a mineral water plant in India you have to do a good market research and see what are all the major things involved in such a business. As the nature of this business is somewhat complex, an expert’s help will make the things much easier. Your research will deliver the type of packaged drinking water that is to be produced, the most appropriate location, and how much the product is to be priced in your locality. Research in your locality and visit packaged drinking water supplier plant, this is give you a rough idea on how thing works.

Have A Profitable Mineral Water Plant Business Plan

After doing a good market research, your next procedure is to prepare a business plan targeting your local market. This business plan should contain details of your plans to run your bottled or mineral water plant hassle-free. This is very important when you intend to raise the required amount from investors for your business. The mineral water business plan should contain marketing strategy, financial projection, staff pattern, management team, legal procedures, and type of location that is to be selected to start the venture.

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Get The License and Business Permit

Next step is to obtain the necessary license to start your bottled water plant. Getting a license for this business depends upon the country you reside. You will have to follow the rules and regulations of the locality to decide the type of mineral water you intend to produce. Apply for the vendors’ license from the officials of the local administration. You will have to obtain the business permit from your state health department also.

Get a Bottle Supplier

Next important step is to find a suitable bottle water plant, which supplies the required number of plastic bottles. However, see that the company, which supplies the bottles, is a member of International bottled water association. Then be a member with them.

Select A Perfect Location For Your Plant

Getting a suitable building in your locality is another very important step to start the mineral water plant. There must be separate provisions for office area and production area. While selecting an area in your locality see that the market is near and water is available in abundance. You should also consider road accessibility and continuous power supply.

Machinery And Other Accessories

Next is the necessity of machinery and accessories. You can get them on hire or on long term lease if you do not have sufficient stock. Here are few items that you can consider

  • Generator set
  • Storage tanks
  • Water filling machines
  • Water treatment machines and filters
  • Conveyors, sealers and bottle loaders
  • Water sterilizers and dispensers
  • Enough number of trucks for distribution of purified water.

Hiring Employees

The business of bottling water is somewhat complex and cannot be done by a single person. So, you will have to hire persons from your locality and train them to have sufficient output and success in your mineral water plant.

How Can You Earn From Selling Mineral Water In Your Locality?

Selling mineral water in your locality will be the easiest way to grab more revenue from it, rather than competing with the big brands like Kingfisher, Bisleri, Coco Cola etc and expand your market to all over India. This can be your later step. However, initially it is always ideal to get a brand image and goodwill by selling in your locality and then expand later. Contact hotels, small restaurants, hospitals, small shops and convince them to use your packaged drinking water.

You can start with small and large bottles like 1 litre, 10 litres, 20 litres, 2-litre containers etc based on the need of the customers in your area. Also, see to it that who else is distributing mineral water in the same area. Try to provide the facilities that your competitor is not giving to the local customers. It can be a lower rate per bottle than your competitor can. To begin with, a lowered pricing strategy can be a good selling strategy. Once you make a mark in the locality with a good brand image, slowly you can increase the rates. Also, try to find the nearby places where the local competitor is not distributing and start distributing there.

Well, there are many ways that you can boost your profit and revenue from local distribution of mineral water. Below are some tips for you!

  1. First you have to organize a product launch; this will create the brand awareness in your locality for your mineral water plant.
  2. Carefully design the product and the package of the bottle.
  3. Select a marketable and good name for your bottled water.
  4. You can talk to the nearby retailers and ask them to carry your products also to the market.
  5. Mass media will be of great help for advertising the product.
  6. Social media will help you to connect with the potential customers.
  7. Put up billboards in highways and commercial areas.

Mineral Water Plant Franchise Option

If you wish to create the brand image easily in your locality for your mineral water plant, you can go ahead with the franchise from leading brands like Bisleri, Kingfisher etc. One advantage from franchise option is that you don’t have to work for marketing and building the brand image. There will be more trust from people in buying your mineral water, as it is already a branded one! However, a feasibility of it has to be judged at the initial stage, especially when you are on a low budget. Taking franchise can be little costly than building your own brand and slowly grow the market.

Franchise Procedure

Approach mineral water giants like Bisleri, Kingfisher  or coca cola for getting the franchise. Brokers or agents will help you to get a franchise.

If you have legal permissions you can definitely start the factory with your selected brand. However, the process is cumbersome and you will have to share your profit with them. Initially they will help you and provide you with all machinery and equipments. They will also provide training to the employee. In addition to that, there are some basic agreements that the company will ask you to share. The most important is to maintain specific hygienic conditions as specified by the company. Check out websites of leading brand like Bisleri, Kingfisher, etc.

Starting Mineral Water Plant in India
Starting Mineral Water Plant in India

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