Step by step guide for creating affiliate website with Rehub theme TechzAround

Step by step guide for creating affiliate website with Rehub theme TechzAround
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In this article, we will show you some tips and all settings which can be helpful for creating profitable affiliate website. You need to have Rehub theme for this tutorial

This tutorial is made for our products. You must have one of our
wordpress theme to use information from this tutorial

Types of sites and strategies

Before you start a site, you need to know that there are several types of affiliate sites. You can mix all of them in one site or concentrate on one type. Our theme supports all of them.

In few words, logic of affiliate sites can be next:

  • Deal affiliate site (the same as shop, but has external links instead of “add to cart” button)
  • Coupon site (usually, the same as deal site, but also has coupon codes and expiration date of post)
  • Comparison site (when each product has several links on different shops with different prices)
  • Comparison directory – it’s deal site, but you compare specification of different products instead of price comparison
  • Recommendation site – the same as deal site, but has more content where you recommend something. Usually, such sites also have Expert’s and User’s reviews.
  • Deal communities – the main difference from regular Deal site is that users can also submit deals, has own profile, reputation system.
  • Expert blogs – it’s the same as recommendation site, but has articles from one or several experts and deep research of niche.

Depending on type of site, there are also different technical logic. Usually, sites can be:

  • Manual posting (when you post each article manually)
  • Autoposting (when you use some kind of autopilot instruments, schedule posting, etc)
  • Bulk import (when you make bulk import of deals, usually from xml product feed, which you can get from affiliate systems)

Also, site can be about one niche of products or multi niche.

To get money from site, you need to use shop’s affiliate programs or register in one of CPA networks.

Depending on type of site, you can also use different structure of wordpress. For example, you can create article section, where you can write reviews, deal section where will be simple, short deals, woocommerce section, where will be store.

As I wrote, our theme supports all of affiliate type of sites and several instruments(plugins) for affiliate sites.

I will show now more details for each type of site.

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Ways to add offers for deal sites

This is most easy type of site and you can try it on start. There are several ways in theme to create deal site.

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Manual creating of deals

If you have very unique deals and not a big number of deals – you can use manual adding deals. For this, use Post offer section of post. When you add post offer section, theme will save data and assign Offer data to post, so, you can use some extended functions.

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Bulk adding from product xml feed

All affiliate systems allow you to get link on xml feeds of product data. It’s very good if affiliate system allow to sort and choose categories of products to include in this data and get direct link (not zip file) on xml feed. Then, you can use our extensions for WordPress All import plugin which are made special for deal sites.

If you need wordpress all import PRO plugin, you can
request installing. You must be official buyer of theme for this. We provide installing of current version WPAI PRO on one site, without providing license of plugin, so, if you want to use it on multiple sites – you need to buy license separatelly.

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Using woocommerce

This is not the best way, but it can be very useful if you have some plugins which can import offers inside woocommerce. Read details about this way

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Adding offers with Content Egg or Affiliate Egg

You can know details about plugins in docs: Affiliate Egg and Content Egg. We recommend to use these plugins, because they are from our partners and we also take a part in their development and make advanced combinations with plugins. This means, that CE and AE are not required for theme, but you can get next level of site with plugins. Also, plugins can work without theme, but other themes don’t have such level of customizations for these plugins.

One of big advantages in using these plugins are automatic price updates, price history, price drop alerts, etc.

Theme has bundled free version of Content Egg which you can use for start. Content Egg has several modules, each module allow to use different affiliate systems. Each plugin adds offer box inside post, but with help of theme, you can also synchronize plugin with Post offer section. To do this, go to Theme option – Affiliate – Save data from Content Egg to post offer section and choose modules which you want to synchronize. After this, offer with lowest price will be choosed automatically. Or you can choose offer which you want for synchronization in Post offer section.

So, logic in plugin is next. Add text, use keyword to search deals inside enabled modules, choose offer which you want to add to post(you can choose one or several), then save post. You will see that Post offer section will be filled automatically with data of offer.

Content Egg uses API of affiliate systems and search inside API by keywords. After you choose deal, you can also use different output shortcodes to place offer inside post. There are also some Post layout in theme, special for Deal sites which enables another Post design (read details below).

Affiliate Egg uses direct shop parsing. List of available parsers are here. If you use Affiliate Egg, I recommend to enable it’s integration with Content Egg, so, it will be more easy to configure everything from one place. For this, go to Content Egg – Affiliate Egg integration and enable integration there. After this, you can use Affiliate Egg modules inside Content Egg and use synchronization for them.

Inside fields for Affiliate Egg modules, you can use also direct links on product pages from external shops. Plugin will parse data and will save it on your site. Price update, price tracker will be also available.

Both plugins also have useful function to save featured image of post automatically from offer images. To enable this, edit Module settings and find this option

You can also set Redirect (cloacking) in each module