Sumome Review – The best plugin to grow your Email/Social audience

Sumome Review – The best plugin to grow your Email/Social audience
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Sumome Review – The best plugin to grow your Email/Social audience

Sumome Review – The best plugin to grow your Email/Social audience

SumoMe Review

SumoMe is a set of very useful tools that helps to get free traffic and improve your visitor’s experience within your website. From list builder, heat maps and social media share buttons, SumoMe offers an integration of must have tools for every website all in one single set. In this SumoMe Review I’ll show you why you should give it a try. If you want to get started I’d like to let you know you can get many of the detailed features explained below with a FREE account right here.

As I mentioned before, SumoMe is a toolkit for bloggers which help to accomplish different growth targets of any website.

Its set of tools include:

  • List Builder: Get email subscribers with a lightbox.
  • Heat Maps: Notice the most clickable spots in your website.
  • Share: Encourage your visitors to share your content with floating share buttons.
  • Image Sharer: Make your images shareable with sharing buttons.
  • Highlighter: Allow people to share easily meaningful content on your site for them.
  • Scroll Box: Get email subscribers showing a call to action to your visitors when they are reading your content.
  • Smart Bar: Get email subscribers showing a call to action bar at the top of your site.
  • Content Analytics: See how far your visitors read and watch your content.
  • Google Analytics: See at a glance your Google Analytics important data in SumoMe Dashboard.
  • Welcome Mat: Get email subscribers using a full-screen call to action.
  • Contact Form: Allow people to contact you showing them a contact form.
  • Discover: Get free traffic promoting others sites in yours while others promote your site in theirs.
  • Buy Button: Sell anything within your website.


In this SumoMe Review I’ll explain the functionality of each of the SumoMe Apps, but first we are going lo learn how to Install the SumoMe in your website.

SumoMe Free Trial

The SumoMe Free trial includes all the SumoMe Apps with basic features, but that doesn’t mean you cant take advantage of these great tools to grow your website professionally. I used the free trial for a couple months before moving into the paid version while learning everything about it. So by all means get started with the SumoMe Free Trial first.

To Install the SumoMe Free Trial, you have to create a SumoMe Account first and then you have to add a website to your account in order to active the SumoMe Apps inside your Website.

  1. Go to and click on the green “Sign Up” button at the top right.
  2. You’ll be asked to Create an Account, adding your Website URL, an Email Address and a Password.
    Sumome Free Trial
  3. You’ll be provided a line of code that you have to add in the <head> of your website.
    How to Install Sumome Free Trial
  4. Notice that below the code text, you can choose from different brands that match your website in order to make the process easier and faster. Click on the desired platform to install SumoMe Free Trial faster. Since me and many bloggers out there are using WordPress, Squarespace, blogger, etc they have different tutorials and installation processes for each one.
    Sumome Free Trial WordPress
  5. Click on the green button “Install SumoMe” to install. It will lead you to your own website dashboard, don’t forget to activate it in order to add the SumoMe Apps.

SumoMe Pricing Scheme

The SumoMe price for the pro version increases depending on the monthly website visits, this way it doesn’t costs the same for all sites. Something great is that you can enjoy all the SumoMe apps from the basic plan (SumoMe free trial) and start testing all the apps from the beginning for free.

In the other hand, the Pro version includes some very useful tools that allow you to test different app types and designs to realize which works better with your visitors. It also comes with premium design templates without showing SumoMe branding and 24/7 VIP support.

I really recommend you to try the SumoMe Free Trial and test some of the apps that can help you to achieve your business goals.

Sumome Price

How to add SumoMe Apps in your Website?

In this SumoMe Review I’ll show you how to install the apps:

  1. Open your website where you already installed SumoMe and inside the dashboard you’ll find a blue tab at the top right. Hover over the tab to show the SumoMe icon(blue crown) and click on it. At this point you’ll be asked to login in if you are not already logged in.
    Sumome Review
  2. You’ll be shown the SumoMe Dashboard with all the available apps and the status of each one. Notice that when you click on the tab, it also shows the Notifications menu, the SumoMe Support shortcut and the Close tab.
    Sumome Review Dashboard
    When an App is in use, it indicates that it is “ON” in green. Hover over the Switch to activate or deactivate it as you need. This is a fast and easy way to pause an app.
  3. To active an app you have to Switch On the button. Then, click on the app icon to launch the app dashboard. Each app has different settings and shows different information.
  4. When you are ready to try an app on your website, don’t forget to save the settings you already set.

SumoMe List Builder

In this SumoMe Review I’ll dig deep in the best features of all the SumoMe Apps. The first and one of the most useful SumoMe tools is the “List Builder”. For those who doesn’t know, building an email list of your website visitors in order to send them emails is one of the best practices to get free targeted traffic to your website, which is the most valuable you can get. Why? Because by sending emails to your subscribers, you can notify the people that have already shown interest in your business about your brand new product or post. This way, you encourage your old visitors to come back to your site and check out your new content.

For those who are serious about their websites, building an email list is a must, and that’s why tools like SumoMe list Builder is for. The best part of it, is free!.

To get more email subscribers, the SumoMe List Builder shows a lightbox that incites your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. It can be shown depending on your visitor’s behavior, e.g. When they are about to leave your site. This way, you convert one-time visitors into lifelong email subscribers.

The List Builder app is very easy to manage and the lightbox is completely customizable to make it match with your website design. The lightbox pop up is also mobile-optimized, which is a must nowadays.

sumome review list builder design

List Builder transfers the email subscribers you get into your email marketing service like Mailchimp, Aweber, Get Response, etc.

List Builder allows you to make different campaigns with different designs and triggers, this way you can identify which design works better with your visitors.

sumome review list builder campaigns

The List Builder App is available in the SumoMe Free Trial which is perfect for you to try it right now. With SumoMe Pro you can test different pop-ups to optimize your conversion rate and get access to custom-made premium templates without branding which you can edit by adding additional text fields and modifying design features.

Whenever you’re using the SumoMe Free Trial or the Pro Version, adding this plugin to your website will increase your subscribers immediately.

List Builder works along with complementary apps that helps to increase email subscribers with different strategies.

The Scrollbox is also a lightbox that pops up when your visitors are reading your content and they reached some specific point. It has the same objective to incite your readers to subscribe to your newsletter.  You control when the call to action trigger is fired. e.g. When your readers reached the 70% of your post.

Another complementary app is the Smart Bar, which shows a call to action bar on the top of your website that encourages you visitors to subscribe. It is a good way to do it without taking to much space on your screen, over all if you set it to show always at the top. You can also choose to show it when a visitor scrolls up or moves as a visitor scrolls. you might have seen this bar in huge websites such as QuickSprout and incomeDiary.

sumome review smart bar

At last, the Welcome Mat App is a tool that shows a full screen call to action that invites your visitors to take an specific action when they land on your site.  As all the SumoMe Apps, the design is completely customizable and the Pro Version allows you to upload pictures, gifs and videos.

With Welcome Mat you can encourage your visitors to subscribe your email list but you can also invite them to visit an specific page on your site. A few examples of websites using this strategies are Netflix, Spotify and AirBNB.

sumome review welcome mat

This app is very useful to get more email subscribers because it is shown to people that is already interested in your content, which means it is more likely for them to subscribe. For those who aren’t interested, they can simply scroll down and the Welcome Mat will disappear.

If you think it will be annoying for your visitors, you should know that you can show it only to non subscribers and you can also deactivate the Welcome Mat for people who has already opted out.  You can also set the frequency in minutes, hours or days and you can also remove visitors ability to scroll down which actually doubles the conversions.

All of these complementary apps are available in the SumoMe Free Trial, but you can also go for premium features like premium templates and A/B testing your call to actions to find out what works better for you, which is the best way to keep improving your website. Remember that the SumoMe PRO Version also offers 24/7 support and no branding shown.

SumoMe Heat Maps

Heat Maps is also one of the main tools of SumoMe that helps you to improve your website in order to offer the best experience to your valuable visitors. Heat Maps is a tool that shows you the exact spots on your website where your visitors are clicking more. It shows you with colors the areas where people tend to click more and this way you can understand your visitor’s behaviors in every page of your website. Being aware of the amount of actions taken by your visitors in each area of your website will allow you to get valuable information to make smarter decisions related to your website design.  With this information, you can identify opportunities and you can modify your website design to improve your visitors experience by showing them what they want to see first. E.g. Relocate “Call to action” buttons to make it more visible. This also helps you to realize which plugins are not working as you expected.

You can actually test recent modifications and additions on your website by setting a Heat Map that will show you feedback in real time.

sumome review heat maps

Heat Maps is available in the SumoMe Free Trial but when it comes for websites that receive more than 1,000 clicks per heat map it should be upgraded to SumoMe Pro, which lets you track unlimited clicks and unlimited pages. As mentioned before, SumoMe Pro Version doesn’t show branding in it’s apps and it also offers 24/7 customer support.

When using Heat Maps, one thing to consider is the fact that your visitors will behave in a different way in each web pages of your site because there is different content to show, event if it is a product page, each product has different impact on people. Start testing your pages with more traffic for at least one or two weeks, those pages will show you more specific information based on more visits than their pages.

If your site receives fewer than 10,000 visits per month, it is better to run your heat map for 3 or 4 weeks. When time comes to analyze the results, you must take advantage of this information to make better decisions than before. Depending on your goals you must check, for example, if your #1 objective is the most clicked spot on your page, which areas of your website are being the most clicked, what type of images are the most clicked, etc. Understanding why this happen will allow you to implement a better design that makes your visitors engage better with your website.

SumoMe Share

Share is a social media toolkit that encourages your visitors to share your content to spread it and make it viral by placing floating share buttons on your website pages. This way, you get free traffic and the chance to get new subscribers.

sumome review share buttons

Its well designed sharing buttons make it very easy for people to share your content in several social media platforms. These buttons are also shown in mobile version and it is very easy to manage and relocate the sharing buttons to any place of your site.

sumome reviw share buttons placement

This app allows you to realize which social media platform is most used for your visitors to engage with your type of content, that way you can be more active on it. You can also analyze your results with the stats that shows you the shares by social media platform.

sumome review share manager

It’s a matter of testing it to realize the increase of shares and traffic you get for free. On the other hand, SumoMe Pro offers no branding and advanced features like UTM tracking that shows you in Google Analytics where your traffic is coming from in every social media platform. This way, you are able to realize which social media platform is driving you more traffic. This helps you to show first the sharing buttons that really work driving traffic to your site.

The UTM Tracking is a very useful tool that allows your to see exactly where your social traffic is coming from.

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Click on “Acquisition”
  3. Click on “All Campaigns”
  4. Click on SumoMe

You’ll be shown where your SumoMe Share traffic is coming from.

sumome review share utm tracking

Image Sharer

The Image Sharer of SumoMe is a tool that allows you to make all your images shareable in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the cooking app Yummly.

It works slightly different on desktop compared to the mobile version. When your visitors are reading your site from their computer, they tend to scroll down your content passing the cursor around. When the cursor is placed over the image it will show the share buttons in 1-2 seconds. You can choose in which area of the image the share buttons are placed.

sumome review image sharer desktop

When your visitors are reading your website from their mobile devices, they scroll down while reading and no matter if they touch the image, the share buttons will appear as they continue scrolling down.

sumome review image sharer mobile

Making your visitors very easy to share your images helps you to drive free traffic to your website because those images link back to you. You can watch your Image Sharer results in the app dashboard, remember that analyzing your results will make you learn more about your visitors behaviors for you to make smarter decision in the future.

sumome review image sharer dashboard

When you realize which social media platform you visitors use most to share your pictures, you cane make the decision to be more active on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The Image Sharer is available in the SumoMe Free Trial but if you want to avoid branding you better upgrade to the pro version.


The Highlighter tool allows your readers to highlight text from your website by sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Usually, when someone finds some text meaningful they tend to copy and save it. At this point, when someone drags the cursor throughout the text to copy it, a call to action box is shown that encourages your readers to share that amount of text they selected on Twitter or Facebook. This helps to drive traffic to your website but also it highlights popular sections for your future readers.

sumome review highlighter

Google Analytics

With the Google Analytics app you can see at a glance your important data and stats from your SumoMe dashboard within your website dashboard. Easily track your website performance and your individual pages on real time, it also shows you haw many people are on your site right now.

sumome review google analytics

Google Analytics is only available in the SumoMe free Trial, which means it is a free app without a premium version.

Content Analytics

The Content Analytics app is a very useful tool that shows you how much of each articles in your website get read. Usually we assume that almost all of our visitors read our entire articles, but the reality is that there is a small amount of our visitors that end reading the whole blog post.

Content Analytics shows you exactly where your visitors stop reading an specific article and this helps you to improve your website design and content. e.g. Relocate call to action buttons at the beginning, eliminate some text or add some pictures to catch your readers attention to keep them reading further.

Every page of your website is different and Content Analytics shows you how far your visitor go in each one.

With colors and numbers, it shows you the activity your page had while you scroll down in real time. The following picture is an example of how SumoMe Content Analytics shows you the amount of people that actually scrolls down your page to reach all your content. The red color at the top is the most seen area of your page and as you go down it becomes yellow, which means that only certain amount of people that land in your page scrolls down. It is important to know how many of your visitors actually read all page in order to improve your content. The Content Analytics app shows you the percentage of people that actually reach the bottom of your page.

sumome review content analytics

Contact Form

A Contact Form is a must in every professional blog because if your content is great, people will try to contact you and you have to provide a way to do it properly. The SumoMe Contact Form is easy and fast to install and it makes it look as part of your website.

sumome review contact form

You can use several custom templates and design it to match with your website. You can also set an auto-response message for every contact you receive.

Buy Button

The SumoMe Buy Button allows you to sell something within your site without having an online store aside. It provides you the shopping platform to integrate it in your website without leaving it. SumoMe doesn’t charge fees or commissions for this tool but as it is integrated with Stripe, the platform that handles the payments, you have to pay a small amount to them for every successful card charge. It is worth mentioning that you can place the Buy Button anywhere on your site like in the middle of a blog post. As all the other apps, you can design it according to your website appearance to make it look integrated.

sumome review buy button


At last, the Discover app is another free app without premium version, which means it doesn’t have special features and you don’t have to pay any extra for it. It was designed to get traffic for free if you feature others articles within your site, this way you accumulate credits that allow you to automatically get free traffic by being featured in others sites. Its a win-t0-win link exchange that helps both parts to get free traffic. As always, it doesn’t work the same way in all the websites, it depends on the website design and also the title and thumbnail you set to display your article. As another useful app of the whole Sumome package, give it a try to see how it works for you.

While this feature is in BETA version and thus it’s free, if it grows big enough it might have a cost in the near future. What SumoMe is doing right here looks like a Native Ads network, and my tests have shown I can get 50-300 extra visitors per day if used correctly, completely FOR FREE.

sumome review discover

The only “disadvantage” I can see at the moment is that you get points for sending traffic and pay with the same points when you receive traffic from other sites. This means if your website is completely new you won’t get many points available to later receive traffic, but since it’s completely free at this moment it might be worth a shot anyways.

SumoMe wrap up and Conclusions

There are several actions you should have been doing to improve your site and achieve basic goals like:

  • Get more free targeted traffic by growing your e-mail subscribers list
  • Get more conversions by improving call-to-action location
  • Get more free traffic by social media shares
  • Improve your website user experience design

As explained in this SumoMe Review, these are basic actions to be taken to run a profesional website and the best part is that SumoMe provides you very useful tools to improve your site easy and quick.

It is worth to mention that these apps are very easy and quick to set up but remember to look at your stats to see what can you improve in every single app features. Don’t set it up and forget about it, try to study your apps stats to see what can you improve. Remember that The SumoMe Pro apps can help you to test different designs and give you information about it and the SumoMe price for all the features you get is worth it.

Sign up for the FREE TRIAL right here and take action fast.

Sumome Review – The best plugin to grow your Email/Social audience

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