Swiss Police Issue International Arrest Warrant For Attacker

Swiss Police Issue International Arrest Warrant For Attacker
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Swiss Police Issue International Arrest Warrant For Attacker

A handout picture released from the Schaffhausen Police shows a man, believed to be a chainsaw-wielding loner who is on his way to an insurance office and injuring people, in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, Switzerland July 24, 2017. Courtesy Schaffhauser Polizei/Handout via REUTERS

The man who attacked five people with a chainsaw at a health insurance company is still on the run. Swiss police have released a new image of the suspect and issued an international arrest warrant. The attack, which happened in the town of Schaffhausen, left one person seriously injured but authorities have confirmed that the victim is now out of danger.

The suspect has been on the run for more than 24 hours and authorities believe the man might still be armed with the chainsaw. Yesterday, police said the suspect has two previous convictions for weapons offences.

Residents have told local media that the suspect had already been reported to police in the past. The reports happened after he verbally attacked people. According to residents, the man had been living in the area for around two weeks. Earlier today, police released a new photo of Franz Wrousis, who is wearing a green jacket. Another picture shows the suspect carrying three bags, including one that police say might contain the chainsaw.

The search for the suspect began shortly after the attack on the office. Police dogs have searched the area but have not found the man. The town is located near the German border and authorities there have also searched. German officials have said that there is no evidence that the suspect has entered the country.

According to police and residents, the suspect was living in the woods before the attack. Police found his car a few hours after the attack. Police released several photos of the suspect yesterday.

The chainsaw attack happened on Monday morning at around 10:30 local time. Five people in the health insurance office were attacked and one was seriously injured. Police have confirmed that the victim that was seriously injured needed surgery. They said hours later that the victim was in stable condition.

A police official said yesterday that the attack was against the company. All insurance offices in the town were closed for the day. Police have only found his car so far but have released a new picture since the suspect now looks different from the pictures released yesterday. The new picture shows the man with different clothes and haircut.

Swiss Police Issue International Arrest Warrant For Attacker

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