The Reversal of Writer’s Block: Information Overload

The Reversal of Writer’s Block: Information Overload
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The Reversal of Writer’s Block: Information Overload


Information overload

I am not sure what to do but I am often hit with the information overload…

And that the writers often get hit by one thing; writer’s block.

That means the writer is experiencing the lack of ideas to write on.

And being the ‘content’ blogger, almost everyone is the victim of writer’s block.

But what if any of the writers face the opposite. The reverse effect of writer’s block?

The information overload?

Yes, that’s entirely possible.

The information overload in the writing

It happens when one is consuming more than expressing.

To simplify it, when the ‘content’ blogger reads more and writes less. He is then simply overloaded with the information to express out.

Then that’s the time he gets hit with the state of reversed writer’s block due to having lots of information and the mind then denies to pick the topic.

His heart also plays with him to think through the different topics and not pick just one to write on.

It is like you’re sitting into the Indy 500 race’s circuit as a spectator and watching the racing cars whipping through your eyes and you cannot concentrate which car to glue your eyes.

So, about the same happens when you’re so overloaded with the information.

You’re reading so much and not sharing that information.

So being the content blogger, it is our duty to spit out the outcome of the consumed information.

Reading is so essential, and I don’t doubt that, but only reading and reading will only fill up your mind with so much information.

Then speaking and writing is the best ways to make the balance between consuming the information and delivering your thoughts back to the society.

So, deliver what you consume. And don’t get hit with the state of information overloaded.

Your turn

Are you the victim of information overload?

If so, how are you coping with this state?

Is that really the reversal effect of writer’s block?

Let’s share your thoughts with the world.

The Reversal of Writer’s Block: Information Overload

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