The Shocking Truth About Time

The Shocking Truth About Time

Cloning Bloggers

Bloggers need a clone to keep up with everything they need to do.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars”

Do you feel there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything you need to do?  If you are a blogger, you know there isn’t.

Bloggers are two people, the blogger who needs to do all the tasks that blogging entails, and the person outside of the blogosphere–the family member, the friend, the employee, the pet owner.

If I could clone myself, I would not be those two people.  Instead, I would be Blogger 1 and Blogger 2 because the time demands on bloggers are so great, we need two people to do the tasks that blogging requires.

Is this post going to be whining about all it takes to live in and out of the blogosphere?  No!  This post, like the best of Reflections, will solve the pressure on bloggers to be two people by suggesting just how to manage time.

The Cat in the Hat had Thing 1 and Thing 2 to help him.  If we could clone ourselves into two different bloggers, we should be Blogger 1 and Blogger 2.

Blogger 1 would do everything that had to be done today.  A favorite expression in my house is that we do what we have to do before we do what we want to do. Your inner Blogger 1 should be responsible for tasks that must be done sooner than later.  Your Blogger 1 should take care of prioritizes.

  • Your Blogger 1 should maintain your editorial calendar so you never miss a deadline.  You should set blogging deadlines for yourself.  Thanks to my editorial calendar, I stick to a planned schedule.  I know when to research, write, promote, and when my Linky party and guest posting obligations must be met.  In my post 17 Time-Saving Tips for People Who Are Rushed, I discuss the importance of scheduling.
  • Your Blogger 1 should maintain your No Thank You list to ensure that you don’t take on too much.  Blogger 1 should be tough.  People wouldn’t want you to be spread too thin, after all.  Bloggers have to accept limitations.  We just can’t do it all.  We need to focus on just a few activities that give our life fulfillment.  My post 6 Ways Bloggers Can Stay Focused discusses the importance of a Stop Doing List.
  • Blogger 1 should research, write, and promote your blog posts.
  • Your inner Blogger 2 should reply to your blog comments.  This is definitely a must, but not time-sensitive like the responsibilities Blogger 1 would fulfill.
  • Blogger 2 should make Email folders.  My Gmail has way too many Emails in it.  Blogger 2 should make folders, so you can categorize the Emails for when you have time to look at them.

To make a folder in “G-mail” click More.  Under Categories click Manage Labels.  Then, type the name of the folder you want.  Drop and drag your Emails into the folders and sort them that way.

  • Blogger 2 should go into Twitter and thank people for retweeting your post links.
  • Blogger 2 should go into Pinterest and follow new pinners.
  • I was advised by a fellow blogger to keep tabs open on my laptop that I don’t have time to read.  If I want to read a blogger’s post, for example, but don’t have time, I keep the tab open all day on my laptop.  You should send Blogger 2 to read those posts.

Your Blogger 2 would do a great job taking care of important, but not urgent, matters.

I hope this sounds ideal to be two bloggers instead of one, so you could be twice as productive.  The truth is you can be those two people.  Be Blogger 1 and take care of your priorities first.  When Blogger 1 is finished with what must be done first, let Blogger 2 come out and take care of lesser important matters.  That is the truth about time.  By prioritizing, you can take care of it all.

Readers, please share, so others can benefit from the value of prioritizing.

Do you have any time-saving tips that have worked for you?  Please comment, so I can possibly use them in future blog posts like some of the suggestions I shared here.  I look forward to your views.

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The Shocking Truth About Time

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