The Truth About Unlimited Bandwidth

The Truth About Unlimited Bandwidth

The Truth About Unlimited Bandwidth

In the mid 2000s web hosting companies started to offer unlimited bandwidth with their  packages and it created quite the stir throughout the industry.

Personally, I remember when Host Gator made the announcement that all of their shared hosting packages would not only include unlimited bandwidth but also unlimited disk space.

The “technical minded” audience took to web hosting discussion forums to discuss their displeasure with the offering saying it wasn’t realistic.  The casual web hosting customer rejoiced as they felt they were going to get more for their buck at Host Gator over other hosting providers.

In 2017, bandwidth is one of your least concerns

All of our Basic Web Hosting packages offer unmetered bandwidth and our Reseller hosting packages have very generous limit.  Our VPS hosting packages comes with free inbound bandwidth, only outbound is metered, which is also very generous.

The fact of the matter is bandwidth is fairly cheap nowadays and nine chances out of ten you’re going to first run out of server hardware before you start running into bandwidth limits.

Prior to starting Name Hero, I owned a number of very popular websites and only ran into bandwidth issues when dealing with streaming large media files.  Nowadays though, it’s almost best to use a service such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to host videos are they will also share your content for you, expanding your social reach.

VPS hosting bandwidth limits

All of our VPS hosting packages come with 5TB of outgoing bandwidth.  All incoming bandwidth is 100% free of charge. 

Therefore you only have to worry about the traffic coming out of your server (such as streaming media) not visitors simply hitting the site.

If you own a popular website, it’s likely you’re going to go with a VPS from the beginning as it only makes sense to have dedicated RAM, processing power, and full root access.

As mentioned above, unless you’re streaming a lot of media from your server, chances are you’re going to be well within your bandwidth limits.  We do however offer upgrades all the way up to 20TB per month.

Offering unmetered bandwidth

With all of this mentioned, we don’t meter bandwidth on all of our Basic Hosting packages, because you’ll likely run out of RAM or memory prior to hitting this limit.

The only reason why we place limits on our Reseller hosting packages is we have to make sure our customers don’t oversell beyond their ability to their end-users.  We still however allow Resellers to oversell both their bandwidth and disk space.

When we get a pre-sales question about bandwidth and I always try to reassure users they shouldn’t worry!  The average “mom and pop” WordPress website uses less than 1GB a month with popular sites averaging around 200GB or so per month.

Therefore when signing up for your next hosting plan, I’d personally dig deeper into the limitations of the package, what exactly your goal is from the hosting, and not worry so much about bandwidth.  Feel free to let our team know if you have any questions!

The Truth About Unlimited Bandwidth
The Truth About Unlimited Bandwidth

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