The World’s Fastest Shared Web Hosting In 2017

The World’s Fastest Shared Web Hosting In 2017

The World’s Fastest Shared Web Hosting In 2017

I always cringed recommending people to shared web hosting.

Selling web hosting for under $5/a month sets many companies up for failure as they have to overload their servers to turn a decent ROI (return on investment).

Large brands such as GoDaddy have such heavy adverting budgets they have to get really crafty to optimize each dollar they make.  I can tell you based on experience no one gets rich off domain registrations unless you’re processing millions a month (along with renewals).

We do things differently

I built Name Hero so we could do things a bit different than other web hosts.  I wanted to be able to offer affordable web hosting while at the same time offering quality web hosting that allows for blazing fast load times that can be scaled for growth.

I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task but also knew how large the demand was.

Back in 2013 I was co-owner and Chief Financial Officer at one of the largest mobile advertising agencies in the world.  I personally built all of our servers to offer blazing speed along with 99.9% uptime redundancy.  It puzzled me why other companies didn’t build their infrastructures in a similar fashion.

Fastest Shared Web Hosting

In order for us to be able to offer blazing fast web hosting I knew I had to build things out in the cloud.

Traditional dedicated servers are on their way out and while the ROI can be worth it, it’s not a viable solution when it comes to scaling.

Therefore I undertook the seamlessly impossible task of building out my own private cloud and partitioning it in a way that would eventually create one of the fastest-growing shared web hosting infrastructures in the world.

The investment wasn’t cheap.  Thankfully I was able to bootstrap the company from my own personal capital and leverage my crypto-currency investments to generate the funding needed.

Name Hero Web Hosting

Three and a half years later here we are.  Name Hero isn’t the largest web hosting brand, but I would put our month-after-month growth up against any company out there.

In the coming months the entire world will begin to hear more about us as we’re gearing up for an International, multi-channel, multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

Simply put, we want to offer web hosting to individuals and companies that are looking for high-speed, redundant, reliable web hosting. We believe this shouldn’t be an impossible task especially with the growth of the cloud.

Becoming the world’s fastest

My wife reminds me daily “there is always someone better.”  And I don’t doubt that.

My head spins every time I go to do competitive research because there is so many web hosting companies out there.

With that said, I can promise you, I’ve invested much more money than the “average” web hosting startup would in their infrastructure.

If I was in this for the money, I could be make 5, 10 times more ROI going with old-school dedicated servers and traditional software such as Apache, mySQL, etc. (instead we use LiteSpeed, MariaDB). Instead, we’re going to keep going on the course we’re on; daring to be different and offer a much better web hosting experience along with 10/10 customer satisfaction!

The World’s Fastest Shared Web Hosting In 2017
The World’s Fastest Shared Web Hosting In 2017

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