This Is How to See 621 People at Your Blog in 1 Day

This Is How to See 621 People at Your Blog in 1 Day

#Bloggers can get 621 people to their #blogs #blogging

What would you predict are bloggers’ biggest concerns?

If you answered, “a toss-up between lack of traffic and lack of time to try to get more traffic,” you’d be right.

With over one billion websites in the world today, you have hefty competition for readership.

This post will save you time trying to increase your traffic by presenting strategies in a case study format.

The actionable tips presented in this post are free and easy to implement.

By the end of this article, you will be able to see anywhere between 509 and 621 page views on your blog’s dashboard in a single day.

Consider this a follow-up to my post explaining how to get 566 page views to your blog in a matter of hours.

Look at these comments from readers:

I want to get more and more traffic to my WordPress blog.

I would love to know how to gain a large number of audience who would read my write-ups. I’ve already been sharing links to my blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

My methods are tested and based on research. By analyzing my dashboards and following my strategies, you can see hundreds of people at your blog or website inside of a day.

How to Get 509 Page Views to Your Blog

What did I do that resulted in my getting 509 page views to my blog in one day? Let’s look.

#Bloggers can get 509 page views to their blog in 1 day

  • By looking at the screenshot, you see almost half my traffic that day came from my post How to Quickly Get 2,000 Blog Subscribers for Free. Research says to put numbers in a headline, so that’s what I strive to do. The headline has a number– 2,000.
  • In order to get traffic to old posts, you should include backlinks to your older articles in your new posts. Although this is mostly common knowledge, what’s important is where you put those backlinks. I linked back to a popular post, How to Quickly Get 3,000 New Blog Followers, at the beginning of the article. Research says if readers click your backlinks, they are more likely to click if the links are at the beginning of the article. After all, they may not make it to the end! This backlink received 26 page views that day, a significant share of the 509. According to CoSchedule’s Nathan Ellering, this analysis of your best performing content will boost results.

How to Get 558 Page Views to Your Blog

Let’s analyze what resulted in my seeing 558 page views in 1 day on my blog.

#Bloggers can get 558 page views to their blog in 1 day


Almost half the traffic that day came from my post 14 Secret Blogging Tips That Will Blog Your Mind.

  • I put a number in the headline. Are you seeing a pattern here? I hope so.
  • I have the word “Secret” in my headline. People love secrets.
  • Look at my referral traffic. I received 40 hits from Facebook. I consistently promote my blog posts in Facebook groups. also recommends promoting to Facebook groups.
  • I received 32 page views from Flipboard. Although Flipboard has 50 million users, many bloggers express to me they don’t know how to use Flipboard. My article How to Get Swarms of Free Blog Traffic With Flipboard explains how to use Flipboard for blog promotion.

How to Get 619 Page Views to Your Blog

Are you ready for some more analysis now that we’re in the 600’s? How can you get an additional hundred page views to your blog or website? Let’s see how to do it.

#Bloggers can get 619 page views to their blog in 1 day #blogging #bloggingtips

This screenshot shows my referral traffic the day I received over 600 page views.

Let’s analyze what I did:

  • My search engine traffic added a generous chunk to my page views that day. Since I have been following my own secret tip for increasing search engine traffic, my organic traffic coming over from search engines has increased.
  • Once again Flipboard provided a hefty share of my page view pie.

#Bloggers can get 619 page views to their blog in just 1 day #blogging

This screenshot shows a breakdown of my page views the day I received the 619 page views.

What did I do that resulted in a high page view day for me?

Are You Wasting Your Time Promoting At Social Media Sites? provided more than 1/3 of the traffic that day. I realize there isn’t a number in the headline. However, I made other noteworthy choices.

  • My headline was a question, and questions engage your readers.
  • My headline was negative. Negative headlines invoke emotion in your readers. No one wants to waste their time. Therefore, I had a clickable headline. I highly recommend CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer for help with analyzing headlines.
  • My post about 19 Free Google Tools provided just under 1/3 of the 619 page views. Do you want to know why or have you already guessed? There is a number in my headline. However, there isn’t just any number– there is an odd number. Research says odd numbers will catch readers’ eyes more than even numbers. 19 is an odd number.
  • I received 16 page views to a linky party that had been published several days before. Bloggers love linky parties. My post How to See Your Traffic Explode: Have a Linky Party explains how you can also throw linky parties. I host two a week because they are so popular among bloggers.

How to Get 621 Page Views to Your Blog

For the fourth and final time, let’s analyze my dashboard to see why I received 621 page views to my blog.

how to get high page views blogging


Consider these comments from a reader.  I believe they have relevance to the patterns I indicated which contributed to the high page views I received:

I agree that a good work still has to be promoted well. Sometimes, blog promotion looks similar to promoting yourself among employers by means of a resume. There is an important thing that we have to take into consideration while promoting our blog or ourselves. This is that our blog promotion, the same as our resume, gets just a tiny part of the human time. As this article says, your promotion will get 6 human seconds. I mean that if you make it through the screening to human eyes, those eyes will “size you up” within 6 seconds, and the person behind those eyes will make a decision whether to move on or to read your promotion. So it’s probably important to work on your promotion appearance first.

Why did I find his comments relevant to this article? Most of my success came from my headlines. My reader explained the importance of making a quick first impression that is favorable on your reader. He explained you only have six seconds to impress them.

What do readers see first? Your headline. Give them a headline they will want to click on, and you are already way ahead of the game before they’ve even read a word.

Nikhil Makwana of explains crafting a sensational headline is crucial for blogging success. maintains a strong headline is more important than the actual post.

(Note: I do offer a headline writing clinic and a traffic-generation service if you would like more information about these strategies.)

I hope you noticed commonalities in the analysis. The point wasn’t to be repetitious, but to show you successful patterns.

By making simple choices, like putting a number in my headline, I experienced blogging success which I equate with high page views.

Statistics are relative. I realize there are people who get thousands of hits daily. My post How To Make 1,406 People Look At Your Site in 1 Day explains the combination of factors you can take to lead to that outcome.

According to Backlinko‘s Brian Dean, most traffic strategies fail. However, the strategies shared in this post work for me. By following them, they can work for you too.

Readers, please share this post so other bloggers know how easy it is to get hundreds of people to visit their blogs in just one day.

What are your favorite tips for increasing traffic? Which techniques have been the most effective for you? I look forward to your views in the comment section.

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This Is How to See 621 People at Your Blog in 1 Day

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