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Top Internet Income Opportunities

Many individuals who are looking for legitimate Internet income opportunities are disappointed when they end up spending a lot of money for a get rich quick program. While there are plenty of scams out there online, there are some legitimate opportunities that can actually help people make money on the Internet. Being aware of some of the real opportunities can help individuals avoid scams.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most lucrative opportunities available online is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, individuals sign up to promote products that are marketed by other companies. An affiliate signs up for a program and then receives a unique link. The affiliate then puts that link in various places online. When someone clicks on the link and then makes a purchase of the product, the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale price as a commission. Most of the time, product sellers are willing to share a big portion of the sales price with the affiliate for bringing in the sale. Many different products from every industry are sold in this manner.

Online Jury

Another legitimate way to earn money online is to participate in online juries. When a lawyer has a case that will require a jury, he sometimes wants to see how his case will appear. Because of this, the lawyer may hire people to listen to his case online through a video application and then give feedback. Amounts received for working on a virtual jury can vary significantly from one case to the next and from one lawyer to the next.


When working online, there is also a potential to make money from advertising. Many webmasters and businesses are willing to pay to have advertising space on related sites or blogs. Webmasters that receive a sufficient amount of traffic can charge advertisers a certain amount per month to put up a banner ad on their site. This is one of the best Internet income opportunities because it presents an opportunity to generate passive income once the advertising space is all sold.


Another strategy that some people use to generate money online is to work in a freelance capacity. With vast improvements in technology in recent years, almost any job can be done in a freelance capacity. For example, a bookkeeper could find clients and then complete bookkeeping tasks for businesses as a freelancer. Many businesses are looking for freelance workers because it means that they don’t have to pay payroll taxes, health insurance and other benefits for employees. Instead, they can simply pay a flat fee for the services that are rendered by the freelancer. Regardless of what type of occupation an individual works in, it may be possible to do it on a freelance basis.

Top Internet Income Opportunities

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