Try these 7 blogging things at your own risk

Try these 7 blogging things at your own risk

Blogging trends are changing fast. Earlier a lot has already changed after Google’s series of brutal updates with animal names. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird; I am afraid next time maybe Owl.

Google updates’ key purpose is to make higher standards for blog and website rankings where quality should rule the quantity.

Now all parameters of blogging success revolve around quality.

For example:

  • There is no guarantee of success if you write hundreds of mediocre posts. Only 30 to 40 top quality posts are now sufficient to make Google know the presence of your blog. Backlinko is its glaring example.
  • You can’t win the heart of Google (if it has one) by getting thousands of low quality backlinks with blind submission of your URL into huge number of directories, bookmarking sites and forums. Now you just need to get backlinks from high PR and relevant sources to impress the Google bots.
  • You can’t be sure to get traffic by following all SEO rules if you fail to impress your readers with the quality of your post.

blogging thingsPast trends are history, say goodbye to them

It means now several things have gone out of fashion and if you still follow them you would just waste your time.

In some cases you may harm your blog if you just follow the herd instinct of previous era of blogging.

This I am insisting because most of the pro bloggers started their blogging career in early 2000’s when everything was based on quantity.

If you read their success stories (most of them are not updated) you would read quantity as the leading factor contributing to their success.

If you read their latest articles about new trends of blogging obviously they are also talking about quality but their early blogging life was mainly focused around quantity.

Facts are after all facts either one admits them or not. But here the main issue is not to discuss the pro bloggers. Here the main issue is to discuss the blogging things that are quite risky now.

So don’t try these things now else you would just be struggling forever to become a successful blogger.

1. Long posts with no diversity

People are fed up of reading lengthy sermons in text form. They want to get more benefits in shorter time. They want to get more by doing less.

So writing lengthy posts of thousands of words could be impressive for Google but not for people. They want value in lesser space by spending lesser time.

So your post should not be like a text-book lesson. Neither in tone nor in formatting. It should have a lot of charts, tables, images, gif, videos, graphics and audio.

In short your text matter should have support of every tool that can make your readers get more and more quite easily.

2. Non-responsive template

Ours is an age of a step ahead of laptop. Now tablets, Iphones and smart phones are replacing the huge and small size of laptops.

We must keep in mind that our most of the visitors come to our site through a small gadget.

blogging things

So we must make the design of our blog that can easily fit into a small screen of the little goodie gadgets. These types of templates are called responsive templates.

There is no dearth of both free and premium responsive templates for both WordPress and Blogger.

Google them and get the one of your choice. Now you must keep this factor on top while selecting a template for you blog.

3. Dandy design

Mostly no one directly arrives on homepage of your blog. Your visitors first directly land on the post that was linked somewhere or Google bots have put it on top of search results.

So you need not much worry about colors and design of your blog. It should be as simple as possible to let visitors navigate it conveniently.

So visitors’ convenience should be more important for you. Secondly the stress on post quality has been made so much so that now the design of blog should be so simple and easy to navigate.

This is mainly required because of increasing readers’ engagement that has also become a criterion to get higher page rank.

4. Frequent posting

If you read the initial blogging days of several blogging icons of today they used to write more than one post daily. A few of them got the title of content machine because of their frequent posting. But now that is not important how much you write.

The more important is how good you write to make visitors stay on your post for a longer time and take them to other posts of your blog as well. That reduces your bounce rate and that is also a main factor to up your page rank.

Ultimately you can convert them easily once they are influenced by your blog contents.

5. Small posts

Look at the job postings that were shared a few years ago for the job of content writers. Every employer used to need a writer to write a 400 to 500-word post. It was almost a rule of thumb to write a post of that many words.

But now there is no rule for the length of post. You just need to communicate fully and give every necessary information you want to give.

If you do so in 400 words its fine otherwise you can go up to thousands of words to make it a quality post. Blog posts of Steve Pavlina are an ample proof of this fact.

6. How-to type of posts

If not thousands, I am sure hundreds of blogs are just making how-to type of posts. Most of them have coined their URL by putting the tag of “how-to” into it.

It means much has been written in how-to style. After that a lot has also been written on how-not-to style.

blogging things

So now there is need to come out of this box and communicate the tips and trick in an innovative way.

So think beyond this and make headlines with exactness to let people know what you are going to tell them with fresh ideas.

7. Tiny list post

This is also a saturated way of writing a post. Nothing in blogging is as much shorter that you can narrate in 4 or 5 points.

Secondly it now brings slight boredom and readers just read the sub-headings and understand what a writer means to say.

So develop curiosity in readers by entirely changing this way of writing to enhance their level of engagement.

Create a lengthy list worthy of bookmarking. Every solution is available in huge number so compile it in a lengthy list instead of offering solutions in piecemeal.

So these are seven blogging things that are quite risky now. Try them at your own risk. I am sure you will not.

But mind it these are not sins and nor Google will punish you if you follow them. Who would like to be an old-fashion blogger in this age of stiff competition? So let’s become an up-to-date blogger.

How you found these blogging things. Do you think you can still achieve success by trying all or any of them? Do share your views in comments section below.

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Try these 7 blogging things at your own risk

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