Update On My New Book ‘The Demon Diet’

Update On My New Book ‘The Demon Diet’

Hey, friend.

Every month that goes by, this blog continues to GROW.

Traffic increases, more emails from readers come in, and profits are on the rise.


But, with success comes bumps in the road.

My next book, The Demon Diet, was originally scheduled to be released this Wednesday, March 29th.

And I know that I have MANY readers waiting for its release.

Unfortunately, it’s not ready.

Sure, I can just JAM-PACK all the information into the book by tomorrow night and release it Wednesday morning, but that’s not my style.

You know me, I don’t release a product unless I feel it’s PERFECT.

I simply won’t do it.

I don’t care if it cost me sales or readers.

So, what exactly prevented this book from being perfect by its original release date?

A couple of unplanned events occurred in my life that forced me to step away from the project.

The new release date for The Demon Diet is May 1st, 2017.

I hate to make you wait, but trust me that it’ll be worth it.

This will be the LAST diet book you’ll ever need to read.

Everything is going to make sense and you’ll finally understand why you’ve struggled with weight-loss in the past.

I’m going to debunk all the ideas and beliefs you have around dieting, and have your body melting fat FASTER than anything you’ve ever tried.

No, you won’t be doing any crazy dieting or eating a ton of weird food.

No, you won’t be spending money on supplements.

No, you won’t be doing any insane workouts that risk injury.

Yes, you will burn fat EASILY, COMFORTABLY, AND FAST!

For now, if you’re in a hurry to drop some fat, start with my Steak and Eggs Diet article.

However, even though that diet will help you, The Demon Diet will turn your body into a FAT BURNING FURNACE!

Stay tuned!

Talk soon,

Alexander Writer

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Update On My New Book ‘The Demon Diet’
Update On My New Book ‘The Demon Diet’

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