Using Online Attraction Marketing Systems Like MLSP

Using Online Attraction Marketing Systems Like MLSP
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Using Online Attraction Marketing Systems Like MLSP

I noticed that there are a lot of people who frown on using an online attraction marketing systems. You may have been told that you don’t need to invest in them. You may have been told that these systems are a waste of your time and it’s just come up with your own marketing funnel. This is true if you’re a seasoned marketer, but how many of you ever looked into them for yourselves? In this post I’m going to give a break down of these systems and use MLSP as an example of how much it’s been beneficial for me…


Online Attraction Marketing Systems “For a truly effect social campaign, a brand needs to embrace the first principles of marketing, which involves brand definition and consistent storytelling.” ~ Simon Mainwaring


I have to admit that as soon as I heard of online attraction marketing systems that can help and teach you how to market online, I jumped on the opportunity! I was a beginner back then, just getting into marketing my home business online, and I wanted to make the best of my online journey!


I have to admit that I was really confused about making these systems useful to promote my primary home business! Yes I was listening to a lot of so called ‘successful’ people on blogs and social media on how these systems will help you promote your main business opportunity, but yet I didn’t know how to put it all together.


Constantly I saw that you must use these systems to promote value on the front end of your marketing campaign to get leads, then once they get into your marketing funnel you can promote your main opportunity on the backend!


Of course I didn’t get a good understanding at first!


These systems also had their own email messages for you to incorporate in your email autoresponder. It was recommended that I come up with my own email messages, but the problem was that I didn’t know how to write sales copy. But I made the effort and I failed miserably at it!


I also got involved with other online attraction marketing systems. I ran into those marketers that promoted them and just so happened they mentioned that these systems will do all the work for you. Desperation had taken over at that time which is a no, no and can warp your thinking! As a result I believed the hype, and of course, I failed at them too!


How many of you can honestly say that you used these systems, promoted them, and were confused by how to benefit from them which ultimately resulted with you failing miserably?


I think a lot of us can admit to this!


You know what else marketers, particularly offline marketings,  were saying which also frustrated me?


These systems are just a waste of money and there’s no way that anyone can find success online with them!


Now it is true that you don’t need these systems, but what I like about these systems is the tools that you’ll need to market and build your home business are already packaged up within the majority of these systems. More importantly their aim is to guide you step by step on how to put these tools and strategies together which results in creating a powerful online marketing campaign.


In My Previous Post I briefly mentioned 3 Basic Online Tools that you will need in order to start having the success that you want online. I highly recommend that you read the post so you can get a feel on how to start building an online marketing campaign with the use of these tools and social media.


Now can you imagine having an online attraction marketing system, integrated with your online marketing campaign? When the two comes together, magic starts to happen and you get a better feel of what you need to do to be successful online. Click Here to see the benefits of having online marketing campaigns.


So let’s look at how online attraction marketing systems can benefit you whether you are a beginner or have some years of experience promoting online.



If you really don’t have to use online attraction marketing systems, then why would you want to incorporate them in your marketing campaign anyways?


Unless you are a seasoned online marketer with already possessing all the tools to marketing any products, services or business opportunities, then this is a great question to ask yourself.


But here’s probably the biggest problem that a lot of newbies will come across, especially if they don’t have a live mentor:


It can get quite confusing and you can become unorganized trying to put a great marketing campaign together with all the tools and strategies that are out their on the internet!


This is like telling someone to go make a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner by giving them all the ingredients, but not telling them how to put it all together for it to come out right!


This would give you more of a reason to use Online Attraction Marketing Systems as a recipe book in order to help put your tools and strategies together for you so that you can get the best results. So in a sense, it acts like an online digital mentor.


Is it true that you can get these systems to run by themselves to build your home businesses and get sales conversions? The answer to this would be yes and no:


Yes this can happen only if you put in the necessary work to get to this level.


No, because as the internet changes, people change, and with this change you will have to figure out how to re-adjust your online marketing campaigns towards these changes.


We are in the business of people, and this is why it’s important to keep interacting and engaging people online! This is important to Search Engines, especially if you want to start getting traffic, specifically organic traffic!


Without traffic, you get no leads, no sales, and you have no business!


In This Other Post I talk about the 4 V’s which are the criteria that blogs and static websites want to meet in order to get organic traffic! These V’s are Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity.


In order to get the most out of these, they must meet this challenge in:


  • In Content
  • In Social Media Profiles
  • In Social Media Interaction
  • In Social Media Engagement
  • In Website Traffic
  • In Mentions Across The Web
  • In Links
  • In User-Generated Content


Make sure to Click Here so that you can see why it’s vital to keep engaging people on social media, email, and on blogs in order to keep generating organic traffic!


Although there is a bunch of “noise” on social media, on my next post I will talk about the six ways you can stand out from the noise which I reference the book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk.

But in the meantime, lets see how MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is a great example of  online marketing attraction systems you can use as your recipe of guides!


How Can MLSP Help Guide You In Your Online Success Online Attraction Marketing Systems


I first got introduced to MLSP in 2010 when I had just started marketing online. I didn’t join MLSP because I was already using an online attraction marketing system.


I finally joined in the summer of 2011. I do have to admit that, although the reps let me know that the system will take you by the hand to help set up my first marketing campaign and incorporate the system with my primary business, the setup was quite confusing for me. The funny thing is that I was and still am working in IT (Information Technology). So even for people in this career it can leave us in bewilderment!


It took me a while, but I was able to fully set it up. At that time, I could only imagine how frustrating and daunting it could be for a newbie who isn’t familiar with the internet and technology.


Since this was a known, wide-spread problem, MLSP revamped their system towards the end of 2012 by adding a level, catering towards those newbies that are just getting started doing online marketing!


It actually took me 2 weeks to start getting leads and sales with their high converting capture pages. When I first saw this, I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes. This has never happened to me before and it was exciting.


But even though I was getting massive leads and about 2% sales conversion, I didn’t maintain my team of people or my email lists in my email autoresponder.


This is why successful marketers say that money is in the relationship in the list!


You still have to keep engaging and interacting with your list, as well as your team of people. If you stop, then they will unsubscribe from your list, stop using the system and cancel their membership. You definitely have many options to choose from to keep the relationship strong. You can use:


  1. Social Media
  2. Blogging
  3. Individually Over the Phone
  4. Email Autoresponder
  5. Google Hangouts
  6. Skype
  7. Webinars
  8. Phone Conferences
  9. Etc…..


I now personally use Social Media, Email Autoresponder, and Blogging to let people know that I’m still alive and to stay in contact with my list and friends within the same niche as me. It all works out for the best.


So let’s see what does MLSP offer for all of us doing online marketing:


  1. High Converting Capture Pages
  2. Sales Pages
  3. 5 levels of training from beginner to advanced
  4. Marketing strategies training
  5. Ready-made system funnel
  6. MLSP Banner Ads
  7. Default email autoresponder (Just in case you don’t have one)
  8. Pre-written Emails (Rewriting these emails towards your liking is recommended)
  9. Earn between 15% to 100% commission of MLSP sales
  10. Plus more…


Some of you may wonder how long will it take to start getting leads and sales. The only answer I can give is as that there is no definite answers. It took me 2 weeks, but for others it may take a couple of days. The main focus is growing your list and developing a relationship with them.


If you’ve been doing online and/or offline marketing for a while, and your list of prospects and leads have a strong trust in you, then it’s not going to take you too long to get sales conversions. This is why you hear about people making a lot in a short amount of time.


Now for those of you that want to get involved with MLSP, there are 3 packages you can choose from. They are:


  • Academy Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • Mastery Membership


How would you choose which package is right for you? This depends on how much traffic you are getting to your sites and/or what level of an online marketer are you. Here are my recommendations as a user myself.


If you are a beginner which means that you just started doing online marketing or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while but not getting any traffic or leads, then I highly suggest that you Click Here to watch the presentation for the Academy Membership. Once you start getting traffic, leads, and sales you have a choice to upgrade to the Gold Membership or Mastery Membership.


If you are advanced meaning that you are already getting a good amount of traffic and you have a great email list of people that values the information you provide then I suggest that you Click Here for the Mastery Presentation where you can also earn 100% Commission.


Just to give you a little more background, MLSP was set up for Network Marketers who were struggling to build their businesses. It enabled them to incorporate their businesses into the system so that they could start building an email list and their team. It also gives them another stream of income from earning commissions from marketing MLSP as well.


If you don’t have a network marketing/MLM business, you still have the option to market this system and earn commissions. Just to let you know, If you ever decide to join through the links I provided for the Academy and Mastery Memberships, I will also earn commissions .


Now It’s Your Turn!


What are some of your experiences with using online attraction marketing systems? Were they good or bad? Are you using one now? What do you like most about them? Please share you comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to read them!


Sherman Smith is a home business entrepreneur who is driven to share valuable tips from his own experiences and from what he continuously learn about driving traffic, generating leads and sales conversions. Through his own struggles with building a business, he understands what many are going through in this venture of online marketing. More importantly he also noticed that it all starts with the mindset and in order for one to be successful in anything, their mindset have to be adjusted as necessary.

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Using Online Attraction Marketing Systems Like MLSP

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