Web video has a prominent place in the world of business MakeWeb video

Web video has a prominent place in the world of business MakeWeb video
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Web video has a prominent place in the world of business MakeWeb video

Make Animated Web Video And Earn Money 

Web video making has a prominent place in the world of business.  Browsing through the content pages and gathering information is no doubt a tedious job in itself since it needs more of our time.  People are so busy with their daily chores most often they may not get enough time to read a length content.  But at the same time, here comes the importance of a visual image or for that matter, a video.  It can tell it all few thousands of words content in a few minutes video.  Indeed visual media is getting more attention of the viewers and it can play an important role in the field of communication.  More and more people are now using the video as one of their marketing tools.  A nicely presented animated video can convey the vital information about your business activities in a few minutes video.

A Powerful Video Can Do Wonders In Your Business

Yes, another year has just started and I am sure this year 2017  will be the year for the video revolution for the small and other business groups.  Even the bloggers can make a lot of profits by way of making online videos.  In any business promotion or marketing is a vital part.  No doubt there are multiple choices in doing the promotion, but an animated video can tell or reveal more of your business in no time. Here comes the help of an informative video.

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Reasons To Create WebVideos:

A Web video can bring in more sales: Your video presentation of your resource or product placed on your landing page will give a boost to your sales. This is a proven method of telling the story about you and your product or resource.  It ultimately converts into amazing and unexpected sales.  A statistics reveals that an average of 75% of visitors who watch an intro video become the buyers of that product.  So no doubt it is time to start a video of your own about your product, or other services you provide.  It is important to note that a reliable video can bring solid traffic along with good, relationship with viewers/clients for a further engagement in business activities.

Web Video can Easily Be Made:  It is a proven fact that a well created animated video can bring the invested amount in a short span of period.  Though a few years back creating a video was an uphill task and lot of money and time needs to invest or put behind.  But now as the technology is developed in a tremendous way and the earlier trend is not visible.  And now we can make any number of videos without much effort and time with the usage of some of the wonder-working new software or video editing tools.

Videos can bring Trust Among People: In the web world, there are different kinds of scamsters roam around to cheat their clients through different means.  Due to this many consumers are gripped in a kind of fear to buy through online.  In such situation, we need to create a kind of trust or faith in our customers, here our promotional videos can easily develop trust among such people.  If we present our products and resource through a pleasant and genuine way I am sure such videos will give them courage and confidence to buy online.


Google the Search Engine Loves Videos:   The web videos created and presented on our web pages will give more time spent on your websites.  Extended stay by the visitors on your pages give trust and it gives the signal that your site is carrying valuable contents.  It is another proven fact that if your content carries an amazing video there are a great chance to show up your page on Google’s landing page.  It is has been noted that the major video creating platform YouTube is owned by Google and this, in turn, has been a tremendous increase and impact on search engine rank.


Videos Are Watched Through Mobile:   The tremendous growth in mobile production by different companies and its use by the youth are increased wonderfully in the recent times.  This growth in the usage of mobile made more people use their mobile to watch videos.  There is a great increase in mobile users in the recent times and a good number of people use their mobile to read web pages and to watch videos through their mobile phones.  In such condition videos has a bright future and its viewability is no doubt increased day by day.   It is estimated that mobile viewers rate has increased to a great growth of 400%.  In such a situation creation of informative videos have a better chance to watch by the smartphone users.

Even A Busy Person Can Enjoy Video:  As I mentioned in the introduction, the lifestyle of people has changed to a super busy life.  In the midst of all such activities and busyness where is the time to read a long text review of a product or a service.  In fact, today’s customers want to see a live demo of a product or service.  He can surely share few minutes to watch such videos.

In short making web videos and publishing through YouTube can create a great impact on all levels.  Yes, our videos can make money through web presentation.  Here below I am posting an informative infographic on this subject.  It tells almost everything about How to make money via YouTube.

A recent survey conducted by wyzowl reveal that an estimated 63% business houses are solely depending on animated videos as one of their top marketing tools.  The survey reveals a lot more in this regard. Check out the results in nutshell.

83% of businesses believe that video gives them a good ROI.

97% of businesses said that their explainer video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

91% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service.

78% of businesses that have used Facebook Live, said it was an effective marketing tool.

95% of consumers believe that a video should be less than 2 minutes long.

In short web video is the key word of 2017,  One need to concentrate on making eye capturing videos in relation to their businesses.

Then comes the question, the big hill task of How to make an eye capturing animated video.  Don’t worry! Here comes the answer too for this BIG Question!

MAKE WEB VIDEO Check Out This Amazing Website

Make Web video is online animated video production service which helps to create actionable web videos for big and small business owners.

It has many different amazing templates which can use and give your videos a nice look and feel and it also help you to create beautiful whiteboard videos.

Here are some salient features of this amazing platform and the tools it provides:

Anyone can Sign-up for free and make your own promo videos using the templates available for free.

You can also make professional videos by using its paid option at the rate of   $89 – $99 and the basic option is available for $29.

You can pick any template and can change it’s color according to your like, and any layman can use this and no technical skill is required.

Anyone can Sign-up for free and make your own promo videos using the templates available for free with MakeWeb Click To Tweet


Animated Videos for Business:  Here is a website which provides a software, which can create amazing animated videos at an affordable rate. Yes, any layman can create wonderful animated videos by using this online animation maker and video production service provided by MakeWeb Video. With this tool, you can make videos in 30 minutes.  With this animation video maker you can create test videos at no cost and if you are fully satisfied with if you can go for the full version for an affordable rate of $29, it is important to note that with this version you will be getting a fully automated version, no manual work is involved.  Check out the page here in this link: video production service. 

How to make Promotional Videos

As notified above our promotional videos can do a reliable job promotion in few minutes.  MakeWeb Video can develop such amazing videos.  Any layman can easily create these animation videos with the help of MakeWeb videos.  To create this video it takes only 30 minutes.  Check out this online marketing video maker.  With this video maker, you can create a file which is ready to publish, share and embed on your website or other social media sites.  MakeWeb products video software works well with all major browsers like Windows, Mac, and Linux etc.

Whiteboard Animation

As we know Whiteboard animation videos are very popular these days and this is made available with this platform and can create your own animated videos.  These whiteboard videos are an effective medium of promotion of your products and services.  

This is indeed easy to make and promote, the video for your business.  It is an effective way to promote your service, product or website.  Through this, you can explain your major points of business, products or service by using hand drawn cartoons.

MakeWeb is adding new whiteboard video templates with handmade drawings on a continuous process, the updates are available for the users.  The expert team at MakeWeb is available on at your service to create video animation at your will.  Contact them for the price quote and for other consultation.

Also, the talented team at MakeWeb will provide Web Video Production. Check out this link for more information on this line.  web video production

You can make your own Explainer Video Maker by using this tool.   In this link, you can find how to create and explainer video, animated commercial video or business sales video in 3 easy steps.   Our website lets you make your own video in minutes, from within the web browser. It’s no longer necessary to hire freelancers or an explainer video company or learn expensive video editing software to produce a professional animated web video that will help increase sales or help you launch a business, product or website.

With this simple and user-friendly tools, any layman can create their own videos in minutes by using the web browser.  With this tools, you need not go for another expert or a freelancer to explain or to do your job.

Check out more about this amazing platform by clicking on the below link: MakeWeb Video

With this simple and user-friendly tools, any layman can create their own videos in minutes via MakeWeb Click To Tweet

Check out this informative infographic on Making Money From YouTube:


Source:  Infographic:  AllTechMedia.Org

Image: Pixabay

Web video has a prominent place in the world of business MakeWeb video

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