Weight Loss Journey – Day 33 –

Weight Loss Journey – Day 33 –
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Weight Loss Journey – Day 33 –

Weight Loss Journey – Day 33


Weight Loss Journey - Day 33Good morning or afternoon wherever you are in the world. I hope today is a good one for you.  This is my Thursday update of my “Weight Loss Journey – Day 33.”  


I will be adding a Facebook Live later today announcing my success so far.  I haven’t kept up very well with my Facebook Live videos but “I AM” keeping myself accountable.


So be sure to watch  my show from my Facebook Page; Monna Ellithorpe / Author and Writer  I usually go live with my videos about 6:30 pm EST but if you can’t make it, there is always the replay. 


I know I repeat myself when I talk about the new Weight Watchers Smart Points Program (Non Aff.) but it’s hard not to when you can truthfully say that you are having fun on this “diet.”  


Now, have you EVER heard anyone say that before?  I haven’t and I sure didn’t think I would ever be saying it.

Weight Loss Journey - Day 33 April-May-

As you can see from the calendars of April and May 2017, at 33 days on the program, I’m doing very well in terms of staying within my points range.  April 13th, I couldn’t eat everything I was supposed to eat, so no blue dot.  May 6th, I went a little bit over and used some of my weekly points (which they call wiggle room but I call them Wiggle Points) and no blue dot there either.  


You can still eat pretty much what you want to eat but you need to be honest with yourself and use your SmartPhone or the computer to look up the points of something you want to eat.  


Oh, and did I tell you that going to the grocery store is the most fun thing to do now.  Using your SmartPhone and the Weight Watchers phone app, you can scan the bar codes of the items you are considering buying and it will tell you how many points it is.  


I have a confession to make but it was and has been an honest mistake.  A few things I’ve scanned and decided it would fit into my daily plan, I did forget to read and see how many servings were in the package.  For example, today I had some tomato soup.  I scanned the bar code and it came up as 7 points which is a little high but I need to make another trip to the grocery store.  


I don’t know about you but I read labels a lot of times when I’m eating.  Wouldn’t you know that container held two servings instead of one?  I had already eaten most of it, so I will be going over my daily points today but not by much. I’ll just have a salad and a tangerine for dinner this evening.


That is a lesson learned and thinking back, I’m sure I’ve done that on a few other things, not realizing it but I’m still eating healthier and less than I was, so it all evens out.


I normally do a Facebook Live video at 6:30 pm EST on Thursdays to let everyone know how I’ve done the past week but for some reason by phone is not wanting to cooperate with the Facebook Live app.  I’ve tried multiple times with no success, so I’ll tell you my results here and hopefully I can figure out what the video problem is.


I’ve been on the Weight Watchers Smart Points Program (Non Aff.) now for 34 days and I have lost a total of 15.5 pounds. The amount I lost over the past week is just 2 pounds but they tell me that is pretty normal and I am happy with that. 


Since I’ve kind of gotten off track with the FB Live not working right for me, I’ll publish this post and work on getting the technical problems worked out by next Thursday. 


Weight Loss Journey - Keep Me Accountable

If you have found my post interesting or informative, please feel free to share all around the internet.  Thanks


Monna Ellithorpe



Weight Loss Journey – Day 33 –

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