What Benefits You More in Building An Online Marketing Campaign?

What Benefits You More in Building An Online Marketing Campaign?

 When it comes to building your online marketing campaign, there are certain practices you want to do and 3 basic components you will need to implement. These are the elements that’s going to lay out your foundation in order for you to build your subscriber list and sales conversions. In the following post I will go a little more into detail about this as well as tie this into social media…


Online Marketing Campaign “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attraction.” ~ Albert Einstein!


What’s so great about having an online marketing campaign?


Well if you’re an online marketer the name “online marketing campaign” speaks for itself. At least those of us that’s been doing online marketing for a while.


Many of you are asking what’s the fuss about having a campaign anyways? Can’t you just post a link on facebook and get a bunch of people to click and buy whatever you’re offering?


Or maybe you’re a little bit more of a seasoned online marketer and you just want to buy Solo Ads and/or do PPC campaigns, get a bunch of traffic and optins that converts to sales? Is it really this easy?


We all heard about keeping it simple, but what is simple?


If it’s “that” simple then why should we have an online marketing campaign? As a matter of fact, why is marketing even a major in colleges and universities? Isn’t it about putting your ad in front of people and you start making tens of thousands of dollars  a month from the start?


Easier said than done, right?


I can remember when I just started doing online marketing. I started working with an MLM company which will remain nameless, and my mentor told me to add as many people per day on facebook. I first had to create another account for my business because you can definitely not mix business with pleasure!


So I started adding between 20 to 50 people a day! Can you believe that? This was around 2010 when you were able to do this with no warnings from facebook and no captchas you have to fill out. It was pretty easy requesting people as a friend.


But it couldn’t be just anybody. They all had to be in the MLM arena since they’re already interested. It makes sense right? That’s when I found out about having a targeted audience.


Also the MLM was tied to an online marketing system to help make things a little easier since it came with all the necessities to build a business online.


So I felt like I had everything I needed, and all I had to do was add people to my friends list and get them into my marketing funnel! It was that easy!


Or was it?


I did have some minor success with this. I was getting about 2 to 3 leads a week using free strategies, but do you think that’s enough?


Well to make a long story short, it wasn’t! As a matter of fact the MLM company I was in went belly up, but at least I got out of it before it did.


2 years later, I was more of a seasoned online marketer. So I started using PPC campaigns and did pretty good with it. I was getting an average of, instead of 2 to 3 leads a week, I was getting 3 leads a day. That is definitely a big step up.


The only problem is they were only converting to sales every 6 weeks. It’s wasn’t that bad since at least I was getting sales, but I was sure I could do better.


Now later that year all the way into 2013 I started using solo ads and another online marketing system. With the solo ads I got 60 leads within two days and on top of that out of 60, I would get one sales conversion. So in other words it would take 60 leads just to get one sale. With knowing this I bought another Solo Ad, got around 62 leads, and one sales conversion.


The only problem was that the online marketing system ceased to exist after only a year of being in business because no one was getting paid on time if not at all. But besides that, it was a pretty good system.


Now what am I getting at?


There’s a reason why people major in marketing!


It can definitely be profitable for businesses and for individuals!


A lot of marketing has to do with psychology, timing, and different types of marketing metrics to be considered when you want to generate cash online.


But what it really comes down to is How well do people know you and how appealing you are to them?


Tying In Being Social To Your Online Marketing Campaign


I was just talking to a friend of mine yesterday about how he brought his nephew into his opportunity. After about 4 days, his nephew noticed the people were posting how they made money after just being in the opportunity for a couple of days. So how did his nephew react?


Well lets just say he got frustrated and had to go for a long walk. He wanted to know how these people are making this money so fast.


For a lot of us, we’re either skeptical about these posts or curious as to how they made money so dam fast! As for me, I chose not to be “Real” as in “Real Negative” about if they made money or not,  but wonder about the possibilities of making money in a short time. I guess you can say that’s the positive mindset training kickin’ in!


One thing I noticed about people that have the greatest possibility of making money is that they are EVERYWHERE! You see them on every social media site (Well at least the ones I’m) and on top of that, they’re so engaging. And because they are so engaging, they have a big following. This following are a specific target of people they choose to engage with.


This definitely triggers Search Engines.


If you haven’t already, check out my post How Do You Generate Traffic From Social Media


Since I’m more of a facebook user this is what I noticed of why they have a big following


  1. They talk about their Pets
  2. They’ll put up a bunch of pics of what they did for the weekend
  3. They’ll make a video of how they feel
  4. They ask random questions about anything
  5. They post mindset quotes
  6. They’ll show funny videos
  7. Then they will talk a little about doing home business and their offers


What did you notice here?


They were more focused on being social than they were on their home businesses. On top of that, the majority of their friends are the targeted audience that have an interest in home business. Now how do you accomplish this?


Marketing has changed, especially with the advent of the internet. Yes we all want to look Professional and speak with a “Professional Voice” but does this really attract people to us on Social Media?


Apparently not if you’re making videos about what your dog ate 5 minutes ago and then  a couple of hours later you ask a random question like “Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why was he/she?”


Yes marketing on social media has become a bit more humanized within the home business community. Even titles of some of the blog post catches the attention of many.


Instead of using:


Generate Organic Traffic Through Google Semantics


You may see something like:


How Can You Be The Don of Internet Traffic!



Being up-to-date on the latest slang and pop culture will definitely help to keep you from being the “Square” in town!


Keep in mind you do want to be a bit professional with your online marketing campaign, but on the same token you want to keep it fun. Especially on the facebook platform.


Being relatable with not only with people within your country but also from around the world makes you more attractive. You definitely want to keep up with with some of their current events and be open to their cultures. On the same token, again, keep it positive and fun!


One thing that gets me is when people do a CTA (Call To Action) on every other post on facebook. And not only just a CTA, but they put pictures and videos of them splurging their money and letting you know how much the opportunity you’re involved with sucks!


I don’t usually knock the hustle of people, but if you’re marketing on social media like this, then I have to knock your hustle. I do believe if you market like this, the best thing you can do is to use paid advertising like PPC or Banner Ads. Other than that, your CTA posts are more likely going to get ignored.


Social Media is a place that was meant for us to be social.Duh! Right? If you’re going to add social media as a part of your online marketing campaign, the goal is to find people you can relate to and build the relationship well enough to even take the relationship offline!


3 Basic Tools Needed For An Online Marketing Online Marketing CampaignCampaign


Let’s say that you have a really good CTA, and you post it on your wall once or twice a week, and also you want to use it for paid advertising campaigns. What do you really need in order to get the best results?


Well I’ll tell You!


  1. A way for your target audience to optin
  2. Sales Page
  3. Email Autoresponder


The problem with a lot of those newbie and some oldie online marketers is that they’re always putting their CTA in front of people’s face. How many times have you heard these lines when you just met someone on social media?


Hi (Your Name), how are you doing? I see that we have some friends in common. Could you do me a favor and check this out for me. I like to get your opinion on it.”


“This opportunity is about to explode. Don’t get left behind. Get in now before the price goes up”


“What opportunity are you in? That’s a great company. How much money are you making? Why won’t you tell me? You must not be doing so great.”


“What opportunity are you in? I heard so many bad things about your company. Nobody is making money from it and the products are too expensive. You ought to check out the opportunity I’m in because we have a great compensation plan and great leadership”


“How are you generating leads. Why are you using that Online Marketing System? Well you ought to check (Whatever online system they’re using) out. It pays much better, a lot more simpler, and it has better training!”  


Does any of these ring a bell?


I thing that gets me is when people make a strong effort to argue about how much their products, services, or even opportunity are the best and nothing else compares,  and try to belittle what you’re doing. After doing this, they leave a link to their offer!



Why belittle anyone’s choice of what program they decide to get into? That’s not very tactful or empathetic towards the other person, let alone it makes you less of a person you want to do business with.


Check out the post The Art Of Persuasion: Using Tact And Empathy To Be More Attractive.


But here’s the realization that a lot of us tend to skip when we use the 3 basic tools. They’re first and foremost there to build a better connection with those that decide to optin. The optin is the start of the process of those that decide to optin to get to know your offers and more importantly to get to know you better.


Lately I’ve been thinking of it being another stream of income. That is, an incoming way of you becoming much more well-connected with you and why you’re doing the things that you do. In this way, through your email autoresponder you can build up your online marketing campaign by not only talking about your offers, but also embellish around it with what’s going on in your life as you would do in Social Media.


Now days, people want to see how similar you are to them. They want to see if you’re going through the same frustrations as them, have the same dreams, have the same triumphs, and set backs. You’re a reassurance for them and if you hit all the right emotions at their moment in time, they will definitely be more willing to listen to what you have to say.


Now It’s Your Turn!


In this post I wanted you to realize that humanizing your online marketing campaign will draw more attention to you. So how are you letting people get to know you as a person? Do they know why you do the things you do? How much do you believe your target market knows you? Please share your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to read them!


Sherman Smith is a home business entrepreneur who is driven to share valuable tips from his own experiences and from what he continuously learn about driving traffic, generating leads and sales conversions. Through his own struggles with building a business, he understands what many are going through in this venture of online marketing. More importantly he also noticed that it all starts with the mindset and in order for one to be successful in anything, their mindset have to be adjusted as necessary.

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What Benefits You More in Building An Online Marketing Campaign?

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