What Should I Do After My Adsense Account is Banned?

What Should I Do After My Adsense Account is Banned?
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What Should I Do After My Adsense Account is Banned?

If your Adsense Account is banned and you are looking for other options then read this post. I know what you feel when you read the banned from Adsense email. This pain becomes worse if you had been getting Adsense payments regularly for many months or years. If Adsense was your only way of income from your websites, then you may be even more disappointed and desperate. I can feel all these because it has happened to me too. I had lost my Adsense account in the last year and was in the same condition that you are in, in this time.

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The best thing with Adsense is that their CTR is very high and they pay best in the market. No other company in the market is paying the same cost per click to publishers. That’s why it becomes difficult to find Google Adsense Alternative.

What are Google Adsense Alternatives After My Adsense Account is Banned?

Here I want to share with you my own experience. After my Adsense account was disabled i joined many Ad networks to check how they work and covert. Few networks i checked were clicksor, Kontera and some others. Most of them were really useless as compared to Adsense in terms of proper ads displaying, CTR and pay per click.

After checking almost all of them I recommend you the following choices.

Best Google Adsense Alternative – Media.net:

Media.net is Yahoo/Bing network that now allows worldwide publishers to join them. In the past only people from USA were allowed to join Yahoo Ad Network. Now they are available to publishers of all countries and they pay through Paypal or Bank wire to their publishers.

This is my #1 recommendation to all publishers who want a real Adsense Alternative. There are few reasons why i recommend this network:

  • They have a very high number of Advertisers after Adsense and show really relevant Ads on your website, just like Adsense do.
  • Due to their accurate and high quality Ads that are really related to your website content, their CTR is very good. This gives you ability to earn most from your website.
  • The best thing is that they pay a huge money per click. In some cases you get more money per click as compared to Adsense.

Due to all above reasons, i advice you to use their Ads. I also recommend not to use any other Ads or banners on your site with Media.net Ads.

But the big problem with Media.net is that they are not easy to join. Their rejection rate is really high and are very choosy in accepting new publisher applications. It is usually seen that websites with low traffic are not accepted by them. But you should try your luck and apply for them before looking for other adsense alternative Ad networks. If you are accepted, forget all and just go with them. You will not find better than them in current online market.

Second Option – What to Do If Your Media.net Application is Disapproved:

If you Media.net application is rejected then there is another recommendation for you. In this case your earnings will be much lower because no other Ad networks can pay same or more than Media.net. But remember something is better than nothing. If you still can earn 50% lesser than Adsense, then you are a winner.

Now let’s come to the point. The second option, after Media.net, for you is Chitika and Infolinks Ads. Use Both of them in your website. The chitika Ads should placed on all places where you previously had Adsense and Info links Ads will serve inline and intag Ads for you.

Chitika Ads:

I have used Chitika Ads on many of my websites. They pay very low. Usually their pay per click is around $0.03-$0.05. But don’t get disappointed. Stay with them for some time. After some weeks you will see rise in your pay per click and you will start getting around $0.1-$0.2 per click. Following are tips to get this higher rate per click:

  • Use at least 3 Chitika Ad units. One above fold, one after content and one on left or right side of content.
  • Don’t remove these Ads even if you get very very low money per click in the start. The reason for this low rate is that in the start your website will be silver level website with low paying Ads.
  • If your daily website visitors from search engines are around 150-200, then your website will become Gold website after few weeks. This means that you will get high paying Ads. Now your rate per click will become around $0.15-$0.2. The usual CTR is around 2-3%.
  • If your website traffic is lower then 200 search engine visits per day, then increase unique and quality content on your website to gain more traffic.

Click Here To Join Chitika Ads Network Now

Infolinks Ads:

Infolinks is a great way to add extra revenue from your website. They pay a low money per click but their CTR is very high. Their CTR is around 10-15% that makes them a best option for small publishers to earn money. Read more about them in this post. I recommend you to use their 2 Ad styles:

  1. The main in-text ads with Double underline setting
  2. Use inTag infolinks Ads in the start of your content.

Click here to join Infolinks

How Much Will I Earn From Chitika+Infolinks?

According to my experience if you were earning $100/month from Adsense, then you will be earning around $35-50/month from Chitika+infolinks, provided that your websites on Chitika network have got gold website position(means getting 200+ visits from search engines). I know that it is really low as compared to Adsense. But it is the best possible solution and alternative after your Google Adsense account is banned.

If you have some better advice or want to comment on this post, please don’t hesitate and contribute.

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What Should I Do After My Adsense Account is Banned?
What Should I Do After My Adsense Account is Banned?

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