What To Look For When You Join Social Media Groups

What To Look For When You Join Social Media Groups

If you want to generate traffic to your blog, then one strategy is to join social media groups. But if you want good, quality traffic to come to your blog, then you want to be more so on the finicky side. Why? Well in this post I will go further in detail on why and what to look for when you’re perusing these groups….

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“Social Media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence” ~ Sean Gardner (@2morrowknight)


When it comes to finding your niche market, one way to do this is to join Social Media Groups. But the first thing you have to figure out is who is in your niche?


Many people join Social Media Groups with the intension to generate traffic to their site, but the problem is they don’t accomplish this.


As a matter of fact, I’ve seen in the past that many promote attraction marketing, but yet they’re not attracting anyone to their sites. There’s many reasons to why this is so!


Here’s some that I came up with:


  1. Their Headlines aren’t attractive to their perspective target market
  2. Their content is very generic
  3. Their blog doesn’t look very professional
  4. They’re always trying to sell you something in their content
  5. They don’t promote their blog post to their target market
  6. Their content isn’t formatted for their blog readers
  7. Their content isn’t geared for SEO
  8. They don’t use an analyzer like Google Analytics to make improvements
  9. They’re not reading and commenting other blog posts


Yes, there’s more to it than just “blogging”.

When I started blogging I thought that once I get the hang of writing blog posts that many people would start to flock to my posts. Little did I know it was more to it then just writing content and sharing!

I feel that a lot of people who come into the blogosphere with some type of goal of financial gains, have the belief that it’s just about writing and posting. Especially when they join Social Media Groups.

When it comes to writing and promoting your post, you have to be on the same vibe as the audience you’re promoting to and writing for. If not, your blog is going to be like a vacant, deserted parking lot!

But how can you get past this?

Thinking about joining Social Media Groups, that’s a great start. But there’s more to joining Social Media Groups than just being a member and posting content.



Have you ever joined a group and although there maybe 10 thousand people within the group, yet no one is benefitting?


When you first join these groups you figure that the bigger it is, the more people you will be exposing your products, services, and opportunity.


But let’s be real when it comes to this.


Everyone that joins these groups have the same thinking. Everyone is promoting, but no  one is looking at what each other is promoting whether is be a blog post or opportunity.


As a result, whatever you post gets drowned and lost with the other posts. So what gives?


Well what gives for the most part is the thinking! You want to think like a marketer instead of the average person!


And just to give you a head start when it comes to Social Media Groups, here is a list of things I came up with from my experiences for you to consider before you join a Social Media Group:


Figure Out Your Niche


You’ve probably been told to figure out who your target market is right? But how many of you figured it out but yet you still weren’t getting the results you wanted?


You know what that means?


That means you haven’t done any digging.


Just because you’re in Network Marketing doesn’t mean you should focus on all Network Marketers, no matter what industry they’re in (Health and Wellness, Telecommunications, Numismatics, etc…)


our goal is to figure out what industry they’re in, and what strategies they’re using to promote. If you’re a blogger, blogging as a network marketer in whatever your company promotes are topics you want to focus on as well as this type of audience. You’ll get much more out of it than if you focus on Network Marketing in General.


You don’t want just any type of traffic. You want Quality Traffic! Read This Post where I talk about why I wasn’t getting any quality traffic but yet I knew my target market and promoted to them.


Focus On Smaller Groups


I read somewhere, I think it was Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” where the population of a tribe of people get’s over about 150 on average, one of the members goes off on his/her own to start another tribe.




Because the average person can only have a strong connection with up to 150 people according to studies.


What does that say?


As I mentioned before, if you’re in groups of 10 thousand (hypothetically speaking), then whatever you’re marketing is going to get drowned out in the crowd, which will prohibit many people to even start to develop a strong connection with you.


If they do, it’s from pure luck! This brings us to the next point!


Active Engagement


Groups of 10K are usually not into Active Engagement as oppose to smaller groups.


From my experience, the only time I see any type of engagement is when someone posts that they’re looking for a new opportunity.


Well this person just opened up a can of worms of people promoting their opportunity to them.


Try it sometime. Say that you’re looking for an opportunity and see how many people swarm you with their opportunities where they say  how it’s the best thing on the planet.


But you definitely want to focus on Social Media Groups where the members actually talk to each other. Or at least read and share each other’s blog posts.


Members Are In Other Active Groups


This is an indicator that you are on the right track!


I’ve seen for myself that whatever active groups I’m in, I can find the same people in other active social media groups.


And all of you that are into “The Secret”, this runs along the lines of the Law Of Attraction.


As the old cliche goes “Like Attracts Like”.


When you’re “like” those that are doing the similar things than you are, then you are on to something. If you’re not, then the best thing you can do is to see how you can pattern yourself after those serious bloggers.


You don’t have to be just like them, be yourself. But see how you can emulate their patterns. Figure out what they’re doing to get the traffic, conversions and sales and do something similar!


Members Are Commenting On Each Other’s Blogs


Although there are different strategies out there that’ll work besides commenting, but this is the one strategy that has been working for me.


I don’t comment just to get traffic or sales although I also focus on this. I like to learn and show my appreciate to the author of the post. I also like to connect so I can see what they’re all about.


I’ve met some great people just from commenting on blog posts. I also make the effort to go to the blog posts of other commenters too.


This is one way to start building relationships and as a result you start to build your business. Especially if you have genuine relationships with other bloggers. This helps in the long run!


Members Actually Write Quality, Helpful Content


Some people blog, just to have content there.


While there’s other who get excited about sharing great quality content.


It gets to the point where you can tell the difference.


Now who do you think is going to get the most traffic. Those that write quality content but post once a week, or those that write bland content and post everyday?


So yes you maybe in a Social Media Group, but if you’re not promoting quality content (That is quality content to the members), then the majority will overlook your blog.


So word of advice is to figure out what everyone is interested in within the group and write about similar topics pertaining to their interests. It will definitely work out for the better!



Now It’s Your Turn!


When you join social media groups, what is your criteria? How do you determine the quality social media groups? Are you in a lot of groups? Is there anything you would add to the list? Please share your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to read them!

What To Look For When You Join Social Media Groups

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